Feng Shui Cure for Sharp Corners


Feng Shui is an ancient practice from China that has been used to promote harmonious energy flow in homes and other spaces. It focuses on the belief that the arrangement of objects, furniture, and design elements affects a person’s well-being. One area of Feng Shui that often draws attention is the importance placed on sharp corners. According to the principles of Feng Shui, sharp corners can cause negative energy to become stuck in those areas, preventing it from circulating properly and leading to disharmony throughout a living space. To combat this problem, various “Feng Shui cures” have been developed over time to counteract the effects of sharp corners.

Scientific Basis

Sharp corners in space can create negative energy because of the powerful cutting chi (Qi) that is emitted from them. According to the principles of Feng Shui, where Chi goes, so does energy. When Chi is sent in sharp angles it goes at speeds that are too fast and don’t dissipate before reaching a wall or door. This creates an imbalance which can cause feelings of unease or trapped energy in individuals who occupy the space.

One way to counteract these feelings of negativity is to use Feng Shui cures such as hanging a mobile in the corner or placing art on the wall nearby. Hanging mobiles can help to slow down and diffuse incoming Chi because they act as barriers, limiting its travel. Items like artwork are also beneficial since they remain stationary and spread out whatever directional forces that may be present. If a more decorative approach appeals more, plants, crystals, singular objects and wind chimes can be used instead. All these items can redirect negative energy from coming off sharp edges and bring balance back into the space again.

Tips for Creating a Feng Shui-Friendly Space

1. Use round area rugs: Round area rugs are known to have a calming effect. Place them in busy corners or even right at sharp juncture points between walls and floors. Not only will they soften the angles, but they will also create a more peaceful feeling.

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2. Place furniture with curved lines: You can easily place pieces in such spaces that block off the corner while still being aesthetically pleasing. Couches with curved edges, armchairs, ottomans and circular coffee tables are prime examples of furniture pieces that don’t add any harshness to a room.

3. Hang an interesting artwork: If you don’t want to completely block off the corner by using furniture, hanging an intriguing piece of artwork may effectively distract from its sharpness instead of amplifying it.

4. Place an indoor plant: Placing an indoor plant in the corner you want to soften is a great way to make use of innate energetic properties that plants possess and introduce some much-needed life into your space! Choose leafy foliage plants as these work best for Feng Shui purposes.

5. Consider adding Feng Shui cures: Another option if you wish to outright prevent negative energy or redirect it away from sharp ley lines is by placing special Feng Shui cures – like crystals, balls and even mirrors – in strategic locations throughout your home or office space


Example 1: One way to incorporate a Feng Shui cure to reduce sharp corners in the home is to have curved furniture and rounded wall frames. For example, a family may replace their sharp-cornered furniture with pieces that have smooth edges and curved lines. They could also place curved mirrors on the walls or hang tapestries to eliminate the presence of sharp edges.

Example 2: Another way to reduce sharp corners with Feng Shui is by placing large plants in pointed areas of the home; this will help soften the area and block its negative energy. A great example of this is placing a tall potted tree near a corner window which can help diffuse the harshness of it. Additionally, adding other soft decorations like sculptures or art works can balance out the hard elements for optimum feng shui flow.

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Using Feng Shui to reduce sharp corners in the home is an effective way to improve your overall health and well-being as well as the relationship between you and those around you. When sharp corners are present, they can act as indirect energy disruptors, resulting in tension, stress, and anxiety.

The application of Feng Shui cures for sharp corners can bring feelings of balance and harmony into a space. This can help to reduce stress levels within a household, leading to improved physical health. In addition, it can also promote better well-being by helping those who live or work in the space to have more harmonious and connected relationships with each other. Furthermore, reducing sharp corners can create a calmer atmosphere conducive to productivity and creativity.


Using Feng Shui to reduce sharp corners is a powerful way to help create harmony in your home and bring balance to your life. Sharp corners can disrupt the chi energy in your environment, causing disharmony and even health issues. With Feng Shui, you can use a variety of remedies to minimize the negative effects of sharp corners and create a more harmonious atmosphere in your home. Whether it’s using soft furnishings, symbolic objects or simply clever placement of furniture, there are many ways to enhance the positive energy of your space with Feng Shui cures for sharp corners.

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