Feng Shui 2 Character Sheet Ghost

Introduction to Feng Shui 2 Character Sheet Ghost

Feng Shui 2 Character Sheet Ghosts are mysterious beings which inhabit the Tabletop Roleplaying Game (RPG) Feng Shui 2. They are avatars for the players to embody and bring life to as they explore the dark and dangerous underbelly of Hong Kong action cinema, full of treacherous villains, heroic martial artists, and strange mysticism.

Character stats for a Feng Shui 2 character ghost include six Traits, demonstrated by your character’s Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Attributes. These are Bod, Chi, Mnd(Mind), Ref(Reflexes), Sou(Soul), and Str (Strength). These traits also show your character’s Trait Maximums which represent how powerful your skills can be. Additionally you have a Fortune Pool score which starts at zero but is based on any number of outcomes such as luck or fate; this is used to fuel powerful stunts that could otherwise change a battle’s tide–literally!

Powers for a Feng Shui 2 Ghost come in many different forms – including chi powers called “Juices” that enable characters to do superhuman feats from making weapons out of pure chi or manipulating elements like fire or electricity – tech devices (known as schticks) like rocket launchers or grappling hooks used to get around faster-than-walk speeds – supernatural abilities like communicating with the spirits of animals & plants and boosting your own inner Chi Inertia through meditative activities like yoga & tai chi – and even more advanced techniques that provide total control over ones surroundings. All these traits combined make a Feng Shui Ghost one deadly weapon against their enemies!

History of a Feng Shui 2 Ghost began with ancient mystical arts said to be blessed by gods thousands of years ago–a practice so powerful it was feared by all who would use it. Over time stories spread across Asia about these powers being wielded by those not afraid to explore them further. By far the most iconic example comes from Hong Kong action cinema where martial artists & kung fu masters wielding gifts from beyond their world have been seen regularly for decades inspiring fans worldwide. In time this culture has woven itself into modern RPGs giving players an immersive experience rife with opportunities for adventure & epic baddies from some colorful alternate reality!

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Benefits of the Character Sheet Ghost

Players can customize their character sheet ghosts to match their play style by making simple changes such as renaming the sheet fields, assigning values like bonuses and penalties to specific variables, and organizing subtotals for easier calculations of modifiers. Players can also find pre-made template character sheet ghosts that are tailored to different gaming systems within the Feng Shui 2 universe. These templates provide players with a starting point from which they can easily alter all the necessary information. Additionally, players can customize the look and feel of the template as well with colors, backgrounds, symbols, or artwork to make their sheets more personal and reflective of each individual character they create. Ultimately, customizing your character sheet ghost allows you to create each adventurer in your party with its own unique flair and style.

Comparing to Traditional Character Sheets

Traditional Character Sheets | Character Sheet Ghost

Permanence | One-time usage |
Data Formats | Text only | Multiple formats: text, images, audio & more
Categories | Limited | Unlimited – including custom labels with no limit on content
Data Storage | Manual entries required | Constant activity-based updating of information with no manual inputs needed
Customization | Basic | Highly customizable to individual needs or preferences
Collaboration | Hard to share and collaborate on sheets | Easily shared and collaborated upon in real-time via cloud storage

How to Use the Character Sheet Ghost

Character Sheet Ghost

Character Name: ____________________________

Age: ___________________

Gender: _______________

Height: ______________

Weight: ______________

Physical Description (Include any distinguishing features): ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Abilities and Strengths (Add up to 3): _________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________

Weaknesses and Fears (Add up to 3): _______________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________

Description of the Character’s Life Before Becoming a Ghost: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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Virtues and Principles this Ghost Follows (e.g. Honesty, Loyalty etc.): ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Q: How do I use the Character Sheet Ghost to create a character?
A: The Character Sheet Ghost is designed to make creating your character much easier. Simply select a class and fill out the form with all of your desired stats, abilities, and equipment. Once you have saved your character sheet, you can easily access it from any device connected to the internet. Additionally, the Character Sheet Ghost provides tools for quickly rolling dice in-game and editing character sheets at any point during the game session.

Q: Does the Character Sheet Ghost provide any additional support such as tutorials or helpful hints?
A: Yes! The Character Sheet Ghost comes with several tutorial videos that walk you through creating a character from start to finish. In addition, helpful hints are provided throughout each section of the form to assist players in understanding their options and making informed decisions when filling out their character sheets. Furthermore, experienced adventurers can search our extensive library of guides on best practices while playing Feng Shui 2.


If you are looking for more resources or tips for using the Character Sheet Ghost, there are a few different options. The official Feng Shui 2 website offers some helpful advice about how to use the Character Sheet Ghost, as does the Feng Shui discussion forum. Additionally, there are numerous fan communities with experienced gamers who can provide help and answers to common questions about using the Character Sheet Ghost. The RPGGeek Wiki also provides a comprehensive look at Character Sheet Ghosts and includes use tips from experienced players.

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