Feng Shui Blue Color

Feng Shui Blue Color

Feng shui blue is the color of water and is used in many feng shui practices. This color represents wealth, knowledge, and power. It’s a very calming color and has been used for centuries to create a harmonious atmosphere.


Feng shui blue is associated with serenity, peacefulness, and clarity. In the practice of feng shui, the blue color is used to suggest the flow of water and to foster good fortune. This color can also promote good communication, trust, and understanding. It’s believed that having a blue environment can reduce stress and help create a peaceful atmosphere.


Feng shui blue provides several benefits. It can create a sense of tranquility and can also inspire creativity. It’s also known to bring good health, relaxation, understanding and communication. Additionally, blue is said to bring good luck and fortune.


Feng shui blue can be used in various ways, some of the most common include:

  • Paint colors: Feng shui blue can be used to create a peaceful atmosphere by painting a room or part of a room such as an entryway or window with a blue color.
  • Clothing: It is also believed that wearing blue can bring good luck and fortune.
  • Decorating: Decor items such as candles, pillows and fabrics that are feng shui blue can be used to create a more peaceful and fortunate atmosphere.
  • Accessories: Adding accessories such as mirrors, vases and artwork with feng shui blue motifs can help promote better luck and fortune.


When using feng shui blue it is important to pay attention to safety. Feng shui blue should never be used near sources of heat, such as a fireplace, or near electrical items. Additionally, it’s important to protect against ultraviolet radiation that can cause fading of the blue color.

What colors are associated with Feng Shui Blue?

Feng Shui Blue is most commonly associated with the water element, which is symbolized by shades of blue from electric to navy. The color blue promotes relaxation, clarity, intuitiveness and calm. Additionally, the colors of silver, white and gray are often used in conjunction with the hue.

What elements are associated with Feng Shui Blue?

1. Serenity.

2. Tranquility.

3. Wisdom.

4. Trust.

5. Longevity.

6. Royalty.

7. Intuition.

8. Inner-Peace.

9. Spiritual Awareness.

10. Clarity.

What colors go well with Feng Shui Blue?

Feng Shui Blue pairs well with a range of light neutrals like white, beige, gray or cream, as well as with brighter accent colors like pink, yellow, violet or green.

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