Feng Shui Bedroom Plant


Feng Shui Bedroom Plant is a type of indoor plant often used to enhance the look and feel of a bedroom or other sleep environment. Incorporating plants into a bedroom is believed to bring in natural energy that can help create a calmer atmosphere for better sleep. Feng shui bedroom plants are chosen for their shape, size, color, and ability to create balance and harmony. They are thought to act as air purifiers by removing toxins from the air, reduce stress levels, aid concentration, and alleviate insomnia. They also can provide an inviting visual aesthetic with their range of shapes, heights, textures and colors that paint the room with life. Not only do they make styling easier when placed strategically around your house but they also make your space more alive adding cozy touches of nature that gives off genuine positivity. Consequently enabling you to enjoy enhanced good health while having a great quality of sleep at night.

The Benefits of a Feng Shui Bedroom Plant

1. Reduced Stress: Having a feng shui bedroom plant can help to reduce stress, which can improve your sleep by reducing tension and promoting relaxation.

2. Improved Air Quality: Plants are great for purifying the air and increasing oxygen—both of which play an important role in getting a good night’s sleep.

3. Increased Happiness: Seeing foliage during the day is known to increase happiness and well-being, another way to improve your sleeping habits.

4. Lower Noise Levels: Plants gently absorb sound, dampening noise levels in the room to create an environment ideal for restful slumber.

5. Calming Environment: The calming presence of plants helps create a conducive sleeping environment, one that enhances peace and stillness on all levels—physical, mental and emotional.

Choosing the Right Plant

The right Feng Shui bedroom plant can bring peace, tranquility and balance to your room, creating an environment that is both aesthetically pleasing and conducive to restful sleep. The best plants for a Feng Shui bedroom are typically calming and non-invasive. Chinese bamboo, money tree, peace lily, jade plant and ficus tree are the most common types of plants used in Feng Shui bedrooms.

When picking out a plant for your bedroom, it’s important to consider the size of the room. If your space is on the smaller side, you may want to choose a smaller variety such as a snake plant or small potted palm. Larger spaces may require larger varieties like the chlorophytum comosum (Spider Plant), which is known for its air-purifying properties.

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It’s also important to think about where in the bedroom you will be placing your plant; many sources recommend keeping it away from your bedside or near windows for optimum results. It’s also important to make sure that you can properly care for the plant by providing adequate sunlight and watering as needed. Overwatering or too much sun exposure can easily kill your chosen Feng Shui bedroom plant; so check with local gardening stores or nurseries for specific care instructions before buying. Finally, some websites suggest adding mojo bags filled with dried herbs and crystals to further enhance the positive energy of the space.

Placement Tips for the Feng Shui Bedroom Plant

1. Find a good spot in your bedroom – It is best to place the plant near a window so it can get some natural light (but not direct sunlight).

2. Remove any clutter or outdated items from the area – This will keep the space visually calm and inviting, thus allowing for optimal chi energy flow.

3. Use crystals to activate the power of plants – It is believed that energizing crystals such as selenite, rose quartz and amethyst are powerful enough to transform the energy around them and will also enhance the positive effects of having plants in your space.

4. Choose a plant with rounded leaves for optimum Feng Shui – Round leaves are thought to represent prosperity, health, and luck according to Feng Shui principles. Pick a really healthy looking one with lush green leaves.

5 . Place it at an angle away from your bed – This will ensure good luck as you sleep peacefully through the night without having any blocked energies coming your way while you sleep.

6. Make sure it’s watered regularly– As with all living things, plants need water to survive and thrive, not just sunny skies! Keeping them hydrated directly impacts how much chi they attract into your bedroom -and onto you- during sleep time which is what you want!

Other Feng Shui Techniques for the Bedroom

One Feng Shui technique that is particularly popular for the bedroom is to place objects, such as crystals or a flowing water feature that are said to bring in positive energy. Additionally, mirrors strategically placed around can help to attract wealth and abundance. Colors also play an important role in Feng Shui for the bedroom. Warm colours such as oranges and reds should be used sparingly. Blue, purple and green are considered great colours to use in the bedroom space which promote calming and relaxation vibes.

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Another thing you can do to increase the presence of good energy in your bedroom is declutter it from unnecessary items, such as too many accessories or trinkets; this helps promote a clear mind and body by encouraging calmness. The items that stay should be meaningful for you personally; having art available that positively inspired can have powerful effects on your mental health. Placing pictures of loved ones near your bed will give off good vibes into the room while also making sure they never miss a night of good sleep! Incorporating elements of nature through plants inside your bedroom upholds the importance of wood element which helps bring growth and renewal into your home.


In conclusion, a Feng Shui bedroom plant is recommended as part of creating a healthier sleep environment. This is because plants bring energy and life into the space, which helps create an atmosphere of relaxation and peace. They also help to improve air quality by purifying harmful toxins in the air. Finally, adding plants allows us to reconnect with nature, even if we’re not able to be outdoors. In summary, including a Feng Shui bedroom plant in your bedroom can help you rest easier and wake up refreshed each morning. With some careful consideration of the Feng Shui bedroom principles when selecting your plant, you will be sure to create a peaceful and harmonious sleeping environment that allows you to recharge every night and feel energized each morning whenever it’s time to get up.

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