Feng Shui Bagua Mirrors


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that focuses on the well-being of those who interact with their environment. It is based on the idea that by organizing and rearranging elements of your surrounding space, energy or “chi” can be manipulated to create a balanced and vibrant atmosphere. Feng Shui Bagua Mirrors are unique symbols that are used in this practice to invoke positive ch’i for prosperity and protection against negative energies. They involve placing a mirror in an area that reflects opportunities coming from desirable directions, as these positive vibrations will be increased by the reflection of the mirror’s surfaces.

The Bagua mirror has a distinct shape, with its main components featuring an octagonal frame divided into nine separate sections in order to represent the absolute harmony between heaven and earth. The top three sections feature divider lines which divide them further into three parts each, for a total of nine segments believed to be five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. The angles align with points in the environment where opportunity might enter or chi may get trapped/bottled up, allowing them to absorb negative energy while splitting it among the various pieces within the frame. This newly redirected energy is then sent back outwards through reflection off of the Nine segments which can help increase money luck or ward off bad luck depending on orientation or placement.

Benefits of Using a Bagua Mirror

Feng Shui Bagua Mirrors offer many beneficial qualities that help to promote harmony and balance in your environment. These special mirrors are believed to deflect bad chi, the negative energy associated with obstacles, away from a certain area of the home or office- boosting prosperity, happiness, and wellbeing. Additionally, bagua mirrors help to improve a person’s overall luck both in their professional life as well as their personal life. In addition to using it as a means of protection from negative influences, people use it to bring positive energy into their homes. This energy can bring good fortune, prosperity and joy.

The beneficial qualities these Feng Shui bagua mirrors offer can be seen in the following ways:

• Clearing away unwanted negativity – The mirror creates a reflective shield that helps protect the home and occupants from harmful energies – replenishing the space with positive vibes;
• Enhancing wealth and material abundance – It prevents money ‘leakages’ so wealth can accumulate;
• Improving relationships – it balances out any harsh sentimental energies between family members;
• Strengthening weak energies at home – placing it in key areas of the house like bedrooms or living rooms boost weakened chi patterns and improve general moods;
• Hiring harmonious energies for health purposes – These inspired energies can bring about peace and healing when ever one is feeling down;
• Attracting auspicious luck & opportunities – These special mirrors attract helpful connections that lead to success;
• Balancing out mind, body & spirit – As these Feng Shui instruments naturally form beacons for harmony & balance.

Where Should You Place a Bagua Mirror?

Feng Shui Bagua mirrors, also known as Feng Shui mirrors, are believed to have the power to deflect negative energy from a home or living space. Properly placed, Bagua mirrors are said to help protect occupants from harm and misfortunes due to outside influences or bad chi. One of the most common locations for a Feng Shui Bagua mirror is near the front entrance of a home that faces an outdoor area such as a street, pathway, alleyway or busy thoroughfare. This placemement is thought to block burglars and intruders even before they enter, while redirecting any bad energy points away from the residence itself.

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Bagua mirror placements can also be found in other strategic spots around the home—for instance, hanging them near windows and balconies facing outward (where natural light can reflect off them) can enhance both luck and protection in your abode. Some people suggest placing additional baguas on bedroom walls that face outwards towards one’s place of work—to preserve harmony between one’s personal life and professional life. Alternatively, baguas inside closets or over garage doors can help reduce electromagnetic fields in the household and keep any negative feelings at bay from those particular areas. The placement of these powerful symbols of protection also depends on whether you chose framed pieces or adhesive paper Bagua symbols; moveable items tend to offer more flexibility in terms of placement than do wall mounts which must adhere relatively accurately according to Feng Shui principles.

Types of Bagua Mirrors

Feng Shui Bagua Mirrors are a popular tool used to create balance and harmony within a space. These mirrors come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each designed for a specific purpose. Some of the most common types of Bagua Mirrors include crescent-shaped concave bagua mirrors, round convex bagua mirrors, octagonal bagua mirrors and hexagonal bagua mirrors.

Each type has its own unique design to reflect different energies in the home or office. The crescent-shaped concave bagua mirror, for example, is designed to attract positive energy and deflect negative energy from its placement. This type is often placed near the front door so it reflects any approaching negative energy away from the home or office. Round convex bagua mirrors are said to attract wealth and good fortune within its radius while an octagonal or hexagonal mirror provides protection against evil spirits, gossipers, and thieves known as “sha” in Chinese folklore. Their symmetrical designs provide protection throughout all sides of the space they occupy.

In addition to these primary choices, there are also pyramid-style Bagua Mirrors that feature ornate cutouts around their edges. They resemble mandalas which are believed to invoke harmonious energies into any environment they hang in. Generally speaking, these Bagua Mirrors can be hung both indoors or outdoors offering protection against bad luck as long as it does not get too wet and starts to rust over time due to moisture exposure.

Feng Shui practitioners also suggest utilizing one-way glasses when hanging Baguas indoors so as not to let negative energy enter as powerful reflections have been experienced by others using this type of creative tool in their homes or workplaces. Each Feng Shui practitioner will likely use their own style of decoration on these powerful tools with some using tassels around the edges; feathers; coins; colored stones; jade plaques; imagery like dragons or birds; cultural symbols like swastikas; tridents or even gilded vines with leaves surrounding the glass rim surface area creating different effects but all with one common purpose – balance throughout each energized room they surround.

How to Activate and Use a Bagua Mirror

1. Determine Your Intention: Before hanging the Bagua Mirror, decide for what specific purpose you are using it for. What do you want to bring into your life or do?

2. Place the Mirror: Hang the Bagua Mirror in a spot where it can reflect back anything that comes at you. This could be near an entryway, door or other area of your home or yard.

3. Activate the Mirror: Activate the mirror by invoking whatever intention you have set in step one. Behave as if everything is already working out in alignment with your intention and feel thankful, abundant and joyful while doing so.

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4. Visualize Successful Outcomes: Once the Mirror is placed and activated, pause to visualize successful outcomes achieved because of this protective shield around your space and people whom enter it alike.

5. Check-In Regularly: Don’t forget to check-in with your intent every once in awhile to make sure that it is still on track, but also to document success stories caused by using the mirror! Write these down in a journal or chart them out so that you will remember how powerful energy can be when harnessed correctly!

Tips for Maximizing the Benefits of a Bagua Mirror

1. Position your Bagua mirror in the right place. It’s important to ensure that the Bagua mirror is positioned in the right direction, at eye level of those who will be looking into it and below knee-height when viewed from outside. If possible, hang the mirror on a wall or doorway which is perpendicular to a path of energy called the Shaqi, which can bring bad luck into a room.

2. Be mindful of the size of your bagua mirror. As with any other type of decorating tool, size matters when it comes to Feng Shui bagua mirrors. If you choose one that’s too small for your space, it won’t have enough power to effect positive change in your environment; however, if you go for one that’s too large it could throw off your personal energies and create chaos instead of balance and harmony. Choose an appropriately-sized piece that nicely fits within its intended area without dominating the space or disrupting any existing Feng Shui energies around it.

3. Utilize strategic placement and multiple pieces. In some cases – such as when malicious intent has been found like an unwanted visitor – multiple Bagua mirrors may be utilized strategically to counter problem areas and offer protection around a certain premises or site according to Feng Shui principles. In these cases, two mirrors should be placed facing each other with 8 degrees between them; this will reflect all negative energy away from any area including entranceways where enemies might have easy access otherwise!

4. Hold regular cleansing ceremonies for the mirrors. Your Feng Shui Bagua mirror needs regular cleansing ceremonies if it is going to remain potent over time; try burning incense nearby or smearing a little bit of honey or molasses over its surface while chanting protective chants regularly (monthly is good timing) to keep its potency maximized!


Feng Shui Bagua Mirrors are a powerful tool for creating energy balance and harmony. When used correctly, this mirror will help to repel negative energy from your home or workplace and can channel beneficial Chi flow back into the space. It is believed that with a Feng Shui Bagua Mirror you can create spiritual, emotional and physical harmony to your life by changing the flow of energy in the room. Many people believe that by reflecting away negative influences in their lives, it is possible for them to achieve balance and good fortune. When used in combination with other traditional Feng Shui techniques, a Bagua Mirror can be an indispensable tool for maintaining positive energy flow throughout an environment. Ultimately, its purposed is to bring abundance and peace into anyone’s life—creating balance and fostering harmony among people and places.

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