Feng Shui Bedroom In Health And Family Area

Feng shui bedroom is a type of interior design that is based on traditional Chinese Feng Shui principles. According to Chinese culture, the living space should be in harmony with nature and have positive energy flowing through it which brings prosperity to one’s health and family life.

A feng shui bedroom usually contains special items like calligraphy pieces, images of nature, calming colors and inviting furniture design which helps to create a balanced environment. It is believed that this type of design will bring peace and good luck into the home by balancing the chi energy.

Benefit Of A Feng Shui Bedroom In Health And Family Area A feng shui bedroom in health and family area can improve the life quality of its occupants. One way it does this is by promoting healing and relaxation through creating an environmental atmosphere that encourages restful sleep and supports proper body alignment.

The colors used in the decor help to create a soothing atmosphere which can help reduce stress levels in addition to bringing a sense of balance which can foster healthier relationships within families. Adding plants or air-filtering houseplants can also benefit overall health as they absorb air pollution, reduce dust particles and re-oxygenate the living space.

Other Benefits Of Having A Feng Shui Bedroom In Health And Family Area The use of symbols in decorating a feng shui bedroom has additional benefits for health and families as they represent different life elements such as love, money, knowledge, protector against negativity etc. which encourages further growth in areas associated with these symbols while balancing emotions, improving relationships between spouses as well as between family members.

The positioning of the bed itself is also influential – it should be placed somewhere away from windows or doors for optimum protection against nightmares or bad dreams while ensuring physical peace for its users too.

Mirrors are another element that adds beneficial vibes when incorporated into a feng shui bedroom as they expand any small spaces making them appear more open while also amplifying available light sources naturally so that its inhabitants experience positive energy flow throughout their home – especially those residing inside their bedrooms.

Visualizing The Best

When visualizing the best feng shui bedroom for health and family, it is important to identify which areas of the room will provide the greatest benefit. To begin, we must analyze the two primary areas of focus when employing feng shui – energy flow and the orientation of elements within the space. The prime points in this equation are energy flow, balance between yin/yang forces, and understanding proper placement of objects and colors for each section.

Energy Flow

When designing a feng shui bedroom specifically with health and family in mind, one should consider energy flow as a major factor. This means that all points in a room should be connected to each other through clear pathways or paths of energy – these pathways ensure that all living creatures receive enough nourishment and emotion from their environment.

This is typically achieved by leaving adequate space between furniture items and keeping larger pieces such as beds away from windows or doors that open directly into outside spaces. It is also important not to block any passageway with heavy furniture as this could restrict vitality within the home.

Yin/Yang Balance

The second factor to consider when speculating on how best one’s bedroom can foster health and family wellbeing is yin/yang balance. Yin/yang distinction refers to balanced combinations of energetic qualities – light vs darkness; left vs right; exterior vs interior.

Ideally your bedroom should have a mix of both qualities with different components contributing different amounts of either quality – carpets should have some darker hues while sofa throws tend to be lighter in color etcetera. Additionally, having plants in the room such as an indoor hanging garden can help promote positive grounding energies and create an overall inviting atmosphere within the home.

Proper Placement Of Elements

Finally, proper placement of elements within a feng shui bedroom is paramount for achieving familial harmony and overall good health Certain objects have specific meanings attached to them – for instance, a piece of artwork conveying joy can better elevate moods in the home while wooden figurines represent longevity or positive strength.

Beds should be placed against solid walls for greater stability while large furnishings like closets if present may need adjustments in order to prevent blockage from affecting chi flow within this area upon entering said area outside.

It is also advantageous to keep mirrors strategically placed away from beds (e.g., opposite walls) so that images reflected deflect any negative energy.

Prepping The Bedroom

When it comes to creating a well-balanced bedroom with a good Feng Shui flow, proper placement of furniture and decor is key. To make sure you’re setting the foundation for the ideal energy in your bedroom, here are some steps you can take:

Choose an appropriate color scheme. Feng Shui experts agree that blues and greens are excellent choices for bedrooms because they are calming and promote relaxation. Orange and red should be avoided as they can create too much energy in the space.

Declutter the room as much as possible. To increase positive chi in your bedroom, remove any items or pieces of furniture that don’t serve any purpose or cannot be used regularly, such as broken furniture or decorations that no longer resonates with you. Doing this de-cluttering process will help keep things organized and clear out stagnant energy.

Identify where the health and family quarters of the room lie. According to Feng Shui principles, beds should not be placed directly across from doors or windows, since this blocks your personal energy from entering into new areas of life. Instead, focus on finding where the health (East quadrant) and family (South East quadrant) sit within your specific bedroom so you can arrange furniture accordingly.

Redirecting Chi

Making subtle movements within each part of a bedroom can allow new energy to enter without disturbing its harmony too drastically. Here is how to direct Chi in two key parts:

In the East Quadrant – The Health section – placing items such as crystals, essential oils or holistic plants will promote wellbeing within the bedroom by redirecting Chi towards healthy thoughts or feelings when used on routine basis. Mirrors should also be placed facing east creating even more abundance for one’s physical wellness or spiritual path.

Feng Shui Plants For Health

In The South East Quadrant – The Family section – adding family photos brings togetherness while energizing relationships between members old and new through powerful symbolic reminders that we are all connected by love; allowing anyone who enters our home to feel comfortable safe harbor due to those influences present in our lives already. Objects like crystals also bring protection encouraging security in whatever relationship goals may exist whether large scale like marriage plans or small like friendships circles.

Getting A Good Nights Rest

Once these adjustments are made it’s natural to experience deeper quality rest at night since having all sections furnished correctly according to their individual use provides both peace and gentle movement throughout this sacred space. Curtains may need adjusting since these elements serve an important role providing privacy along with being crucial for blocking out outside distractions while closing those doorways existing between timezones.

In order for one hemisphere to remain firmly planted on earth another must journey up towards a higher altitude, often dreams provide mechanisms necessary to record any revelations encountered during flight, generally felt through opening up eyes upon awaking. In order words, bed becomes place of ultimate comfort sense of refuge after balancing itself precisely following classically accepted routines suggesting nature reigns supreme over harsh frequencies experienced outside home environment every morning.

Designing The Bedroom

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the home, as it is where we seek peace and rest each day. Feng Shui design principles help to optimize this energy by providing guidance on how to use colors, furniture pieces, and accessories to create a sense of balance. Colors used in the health and family area of a house represent stability and thoughtfulness.

In addition, they also symbolize emotional well-being and security. So when designing a bedroom for good Feng Shui, these are some of the colors that should be incorporated:

Soft Green

Soft green helps promote feelings of renewal and energy restoration while helping to relax the nervous system. It can be used to bring in uplifting vibes that cancel out stress or tension due to its ability to promote vigor without overpowering people with too much stimulation. This color can help encourage communication between family members as it brings warmth into any room. Utilise soft green on walls or bedding items such as throws for best results.

Light Yellow & Orange

Cheerful yellow radiates feelings of happiness while orange encourages optimism. These colors are known for their brightening effects that lift people’s spirits even during tough times.

By introducing warm hues into your bedroom decor, you’ll experience an extra burst of energy which will rejuvenate both your mind and body after long days. If you prefer a subtle approach, opt for light yellow shades which won’t overwhelm your space but still exude positivity; alternatively strong orange tones will give an instant pop of vibrancy throughout the room.

Rich Earthy Brown

Brown has long been associated with grounding energy which makes it perfect for creating a calming retreat away from everyday chaos. It’s also known for its stabilizing influence that helps keep family relationships healthy and harmonious.

Decorate your bedroom floor with wooden boards to inject this natural colour or add comfortable furnishings made from wood to achieve a similar effect. Rich earth tones like deep brown are great ways to promote relaxation so pick cushions, blankets, wall art, rugs – anything really – until you have reached desired aesthetic balance between dark hues and lighter accents.

Adding Accessories

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice which dates back thousands of years. Its goal is to create a balance in life and living areas by arranging furniture and accessories in ways that promote positive energy flow, or Qi (Chi). Incorporating decorative elements to a bedroom can be very helpful if trying to align with the components of this process. Here are some ideas for adding feng shui accents to your bedroom:

Plants And Stones

Plants are often used as the base for creating a strong foundation and generating fresh energy within your bedroom. Place potted plants in the health area(s) of your bedroom; this will promote good health, vitality and protect from negative energy. You can also place crystals or stones near the four corners because they represent grounding energies that are helpful in providing stability.

Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are believed to emit calming frequencies and bring about luck and serenity to their environment. Placing them at windows or near doors are said to protect one from negative vibes while moving through the spiritual paths. You could display them anywhere inside of your room, focusing primarily on the family area when doing so, as they’re known for strengthening bonds between spouses/family members.

Paint Colors

There is an abundance of colors that can be used to reflect feng shui principles but it’s important to select colors that evoke feelings conducive towards helping reach desired outcomes like fortune/career luck-related goals or relaxation/romance ambitions.

Generally speaking, cool colors such as blue and green have calming benefits which can be useful when looking to facilitate better sleep patterns whereas oranges help with energizing creative juices during day-time activities – both warm and cool hues echo respectably within healthy energy boundaries when selecting paint color choices for bedrooms’ walls.

Growing Positive Energy

Decorating a bedroom with feng shui practices by placing certain items in it, has the power to attract positive energy and promote luck. There is an emphasis placed on the placement of the bed and selecting colors that serve to maintain a balance within the room.

But there are other elements that can also be added into a feng shui bedroom in order to boost good health and strengthen relationships. Symbols such as pink flowers or images of loving families, or paintings that depict natural beauty, can all contribute to bringing about a strong sense of vitality and harmony in the space while promoting connections between family members.

Chimes And Terracotta Water Fountain For Soothing

Incorporating soft wind chimes or gifting an artificial aerial terracotta water fountain with its sound of running waters is known for having tremendous benefits for people both emotionally and spiritually. It brings about a feeling of relaxation and facilitates bonding moments among family members that can result in deeper bonding experiences. As well, having strategically placed mirrors which reflect natural light, help to open up even small living spaces providing clarity thus appealing visuals and stimulating moods simultaneously.

Mystical Light Enhancing Meditation

When combined together these various elements create an altogether different energy field where ideas flow freely, conversations get more meaningful, worries seep away gradually allowing individuals to just breathe in the harmonic ambiance prevailing the place.

How Feng Shui Affects Mood Health

Accentuating your feng shui experience further will require you equip your resting corner with mystical lighting fixtures including aromatic Himalayan salt lamps so each time one enters this sacred space there awaits a comforting sensation awaiting along with spiritual insight aiding meditation endeavors all through day or night time.

Furniture Placement

Feng Shui tells us that meaningful placement of furniture in a Bedroom that falls within the Health & Family Area can be beneficial. Proper placement ensures good energy flows, fortune and luck – as well as a beautiful aesthetic. Here are some tips to ensure your bedroom looks great and feels comfortable:

  1. Choose harmonious colors – Introduce soothing colors and textures in shades of green, blue, deeper purple and calming yellow.
  2. Keep clutter away – A clean, uncluttered room not only harbors positive energy but also clears away confusing, stagnant energy
  3. Bed Positioning – Keep the headboard against a solid wall (ideally away from the door but parallel to it). The foot of the bed should face into the room with plenty of space between the bed and the walls
  4. Position night tables on either side of the bed for balance.
  5. Include Furniture for Good Energy Flow – A dresser or chest of drawers against another solid wall creates a visual anchor, provides extra storage, and creates an optimal energy flow in and around your bed.

When selecting furniture for a Feng Shui bedroom it is important to remember proportions. Choose pieces that are proportionate to the size of the room. When overwhelmed by too much furniture it can create an “overcrowded” impression even if everything fits within physical boundaries. You don’t want your room to feel over filled or cluttered; allow enough space between items (bedsides tables) for suffiient movement.

Mirrors should also be taken into consideration when designing a feng shui infused bedroom as they can sway with good or bad energies depending on their size, location and type. Too much mirror exposure could bring about restlessness which is why they should be placed behind doors or hung high up on walls instead of on facing zones such as alongside beds or desks.

Lastly keep windows unobstructed so that natural light can shine through freely this will bring more feeling strength & warmth to any environment without creating ‘too much’ energy influx – making guests feel welcome.

Connecting With Family

Feng Shui is a practice which provides physical and emotional well-being. It is often used in the bedroom to create an environment that both refreshes and supports its inhabitants. Placing particular items within the designated health and family area of the home can bring energy to promote nourishment, renewal, balance, and harmony with others. Here are some tips for feng shui in this important part of your home:

  1. Opt For Neutral Colors

    According to feng shui beliefs, selecting a palette of colors that reflect nature-or neutrals such as cream, taupe, gray, or white-can create a calming atmosphere. This is especially helpful in bedrooms where family members may want different color schemes. A soothing wall paint can be both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

  2. Create Balance

    Natural elements are key when adorning a bedroom with feng shui principles in mind. Wooden furniture pieces can provide structure for the room while also keeping it grounded. Place an item on each side of the bed for balance and even extra symmetry.

  3. Clear Out Clutter

    Clutter within any given space invites chaotic energy according to feng shui teachings; it would be wise to avoid collecting excessive amounts of clothes or accessories that might distract from the peace of the room. To truly benefit from every inch of space possible, invest in multi-functional pieces that can store things away or open up more floor space.


The bedroom is one of the most important areas in your home to consider when incorporating Feng Shui. Because so much of our daily lives and health are tied to the energy that we have in our bedrooms, it’s wise to specifically focus on this space for positive Feng Shui.

Applying principles like organizing the furniture, clearing clutter, and creating a calming atmosphere are all necessary aspects to achieve harmony and balance. Other practices such as placing a painting or photo of a healthy family tree or symbol of luck can promote greater feelings of peace, positivity, and connection with those you love.

When considering color selection for your room it’s important to look into colors associated with health such as blues and greens which symbolize well-being, freshness and peacefulness. As well as soft whites which can act as a powerful supportive tone for mounting energy in other parts of the home.

There is also opportunity to draw from appropriate bold colors associated with your particular Chinese elemental make-up may help strengthen certain areas that you want to emphasize in terms of energy management.

Finally symbols are great additions to any space but even more so when optimizing for health. Consider finding symbols that will bring caring, nurturing energy into your space like caring animals such as birds or horses; flowers that represent fertility; stones associated healing properties such as obsidian; or images from nature like mountains or bubbling waterfalls – all can create an inviting atmosphere especially suited towards promoting health awareness within yourself and loved ones.

Equally important is paying attention to who sleeps nearby and their energetic needs – bringing luck into the life of anyone who may get lost along way through use of luck symbols (coins, mandarin ducks etc). It’s essential whether living alone or not that everyone involved feels supported via visuals they relish each day.

Feng Shui is about more than simply an orderly room – it’s about energizing an area according how it is used on almost spiritual level with colors, decorative elements and proper positioning taking centre stage in supportiand promoting positive outcomes related to improved wellness,happiness and peace. It demonstrates what mindful individuals intuitively know: That personal environment influences moodstate greatly – making attention worthy priority when crafting room conducive towards daily pleasurable experiences derived though living life harmoniously.

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