Feng Shui Bedroom Door Facing Toilet

Feng shui is a Chinese system of home decorating and design which dates back centuries. It is based on the idea that the placement of furniture, colors, and objects in a house can create harmony and balance. Feng shui has been used by people all over the world to bring positive energy into homes and households. One particular aspect of feng shui that often creates debate is when the bedroom door faces the toilet.

A bedroom with door facing towards a toilet can be characterised as ‘challenging’ in terms of Feng Shui principles, for a number of reasons. This arrangement does not promote the flow and circulation of good chi energy around the room – something that is important for creating harmony and balance within a space.

Furthermore, having the Bedroom Door Facing Toilet may have an adverse effect upon relationship harmony within households – as facing towards a toilet could symbolise wealth being washed away due to its uncompromising nature.

Despite this, case studies have proven that having one’s bedroom door face a toilet does not always lead to disaster. Some say it’s possible to overcome these issues with careful adjustment of other elements inside or near the room – including placing mirrors opposite each other on either side of the doorway (this helps flow energy more evenly) or strategic placement of soft furnishing like curtains (to reduce negative impact).

Alternatively, if one simply cannot adjust such elements, solutions include investing in appropriate décor items – such as metal wind chimes or crystals – to help eliminate any obstructive energies circulating around one’s particular environment.

Overall, although challenging according to traditional Feng Shui principles, having one’s bedroom door facing a toilet can still prove successful with mindful adjustments or diligent investments into décor pieces specifically designed for this purpose.

Goals of Feng Shui

The purpose of Feng Shui in the arrangement of a room is to bring balance and harmony into the home. This is done by properly placing furniture, colors, and objects appropriate for a particular environment or design. A bedroom door facing the toilet can create an off-balance and uncomfortable environment. Therefore, it is important to consider this in order for your bedroom to be Feng Shui compliant.

In general, it is best to have your bedroom door face away from the bathroom in order to keep certain energies within their proper space. Despite this general rule, there are some exceptions depending on the circumstances of each particular house and with whom you live with. Here are three examples of bedrooms that are represented as Feng Shui compliant:

  • A married couple may face their bedroom full wall across a hallway towards a Bathroom (known as “Face-on”).
  • For small houses, the bedroom should be arranged so that it faces an open window rather than toward the bathroom or back door.
  • If living with a single elderly person or a child living alone, having one’s bed face towards the angle of wealth may be beneficial.

Additionally, rearranging certain furniture pieces can help optimize the energy flow within your bedroom space while still respecting an existing layout with doors facing toilets. For example, placing a tall Cabinet between your bedroom Door and washroom entrance will often provide enough protection against disruptive energy flow into your sleeping area as well as providing extra storage for clothes or other items.

Benefits of Feng Shui

One of the most popular benefits of Feng Shui is making sure bedroom doors do not face the toilet. This is done to ensure good and positive energy can flow from the room instead of being blocked by the bathroom. Here are some ways having a Feng Shui bedroom door facing the toilet can be beneficial:

  • Financial Benefits: Having a Feng Shui bedroom door facing the toilet encourages financial well-being and growth. It’s believed that the energy from this arrangement helps block off any negative energy, like debt or misfortune, while allowing only prosperity and opportunity to enter through.
  • Emotional Benefits: A Feng Shui bedroom door facing the toilet also encourages emotional stability. Having this type of set up can help stabilize mental health and promote overall happiness when occupying it. The strong sense of protection will even make it easier for one to relax.
  • Physical Wellness: Not only does a Feng Shui bedroom door facing the toilet do wonders for one’s wallet and mind; it can also benefit physical wellness. The stimulated flow of positive energy created from this arrangement leads people to experience an improved immune system, maintain better sleeping habits, and achieve better overall body functioning.
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Tips On How to Place Bedroom Door Facing Toilet

1. Bedroom doors should face the toilet away from it and not directly at it. This is for a number of reasons. Firstly, the toilet needs to be kept clean all the time as if the bedroom door faces towards the dirty toilet, it will bring bad vibes into the bedroom and disrupt your peace of mind.

2. Furniture color can play a part in calming or activating the energy of a space – so consider what colors you want to choose for your bedroom furniture when you plan out where to place your bedroom door facing away from the toilet.

Soft colors like blues, whites and greens are said to be calming colors – whereas brighter more vibrant pieces like yellows, oranges and reds bring an uplifting energy to help ignite passion and creativity – which could be perfect to make a romantic getaway right within your own home.

3. Feng shui suggests placing items that bring positive energy near a door facing a toilet. These items can vary from wind chimes, paintings depicting nature scenes or symbols representing harmony such as Yin Yang symbols or mandalas. Additionally, plants can also have wonderful effects boosting good vibes too. All of these are easy ways that can really help switch up any negative aura that may come from having your bedroom doorway near or facing a toilet.

  • Keep the bathroom clean
  • Choose soft colors for bedroom furniture
  • Place items near door that represent positive energy (e.g wind chimes, paintings etc)
  • Item boosters (plants) can improve positive vibes

Symbolic Meaning of Bedroom Door Facing Toilet

The symbolic meaning associated with a bedroom door facing a toilet is associated with the negative energy created when combining the bed and restroom. This arrangement is believed to limit one’s personal growth and progress. It represents an inability to overcome life challenges, stagnation of success, and difficulty in achieving one’s goals due to the clashing of energies between the two rooms.

Sleep Impairment

When this arrangement is present, it may signify that one’s sleep pattern will be adversely affected. A poor night’s sleep can lead to fatigue and lack of mental focus during the day. Therefore, having this bedroom configuration will potentially have an effect on daily activities such as focusing at work or school, being able to make sound decisions, and having enough motivation for daily tasks.

Financial Insecurity

This particular arrangement may also be related to financial difficulties because it can cause blockages in creating wealth due to its representation of a stagnant life full of struggle and poverty. One’s income source may remain limited even after putting in extra effort due to the restriction caused by this awkward arrangement.

For those who rely on bonuses or tips as a regular part of their monthly income stream, those finances may remain low or stop completely under this circumstance.

Relationship Issues

Another consequence of this setting might be difficult romantic relationships if its symbolism isn’t taken into consideration and adjusted properly. With an imbalance in energies between these two sacred areas (i.e., the bed & restroom), conflict or disharmony may arise within couples living together where they will struggle with communication problems as well as feelings of unhappiness coming from both directions.

Also, depending on one’s overall view towards self-development, relocation/traveling opportunities might prove difficult to achieve due to feeling boxed-in within this uncomfortable set-up where external change/growth seems far away or almost impossible.

Guidelines for Maintaining Prosperity

The Feng Shui Bedroom Door

Having the bedroom door facing the toilet is a form of feng shui known as “wind and water”. It is believed that this arrangement draws in energy that encourages wealth, health, and abundance. All of these virtues can be maintained by having the bedroom door facing the toilet. However, it is important to take caution when utilizing this technique. In order for prosperity to be maintained, certain guidelines must be followed.

Creating Balance and Harmony

Maintaining balance and harmony should be prioritized when using this type of feng shui. To keep positive energy circulating, make sure nothing obstructs or blocks the flow from entering or exiting the space.

Objects that are placed between the toilet and the door should not be too big or too small; they should neither overpower nor take away from the representation of duality needed for balance. De-cluttering could also help to enhance feng shui energy circulation within this arrangement since it enables positive energy to move freely throughout the space.

Feng Shui Bedroom Flowers

Pure Atmosphere

As plenty of research has emerged about how aromatherapy affects wellbeing, it is advised to introduce pure aromatic smells into this setting in places such as an essential oils diffuser. Aromas like lavender relaxes one while citronella opens up your senses allowing inspiration to permeate more easily into your home environment which goes hand in hand with cultivating prosperous living opportunities using feng shui techniques.

Having calming music can also further improve on keeping negativity away which results in inviting virtuous fortune at all times around your household where bedrooms are located preferably near doors facing toilets in accordance with what was described earlier using correct protocols accordingly.

Common Misconceptions of Feng Shui Bedroom Door Facing Toilet

While many people are familiar with the practice of Feng Shui, not everyone understands its intricacies. In the bedroom arrangement, one common issue is not knowing if it is ok to have your bedroom door facing a toilet. There’s a lot of conjecture that makes this an issue of confusion for many and so it’s important to understand the reality behind these false assumptions.

  • False Assumption #1: A bathroom should never be directly opposite a bedroom.
  • False Assumption #2: Toilets must be kept hidden from view when inside a home.
  • False Assumption #3: It is necessary to keep bathroom doors closed at all times when opening from the interior bedrooms

The thing is, Feng Shui isn’t about hiding or avoiding the bathroom altogether; instead it is all about the positive and negative flow of energy which can be affected by various factors, such as an open doorway. The truth is that while an open doorway isn’t ideal, it doesn’t mean that your bedroom will suffer any sort of negative Feng Shui balance when facing a toilet.

Instead, what actually matters more in this particular situation relates to the cleanliness and atmosphere of both rooms as well as how you lay out furniture in order to take advantage of good energy flows.

  • Real Meaning #1: Toilet layout must fit in with overall design plans – colors, furniture sizes and shapes.
  • Real Meaning #2: If there are windows, make sure natural light can enter both rooms regularly during daylight hours.
  • Real Meaning #3: Avoid overcrowding or clutter in both rooms which can block energy flow.


Feng Shui bedroom arrangement typically has the bedroom door not facing the toilet. This is because according to traditional Feng Shui beliefs, having your door face the toilet creates a negative energy flow that can disrupt sleep and disturb peace of mind.

It also carries the potential for negative health issues. However, as modern living spaces become more confined, it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to arrange their bedrooms any other way then with the door facing the toilet room.

Believers in traditional Feng Shui suggest that if you cannot move your bed away from a room with a toilet, there are certain steps you can take to minimize negative energies and promote healthy life balance in your home. First of all, keeping doors closed when not in use can help avoid psychic pollutants circulating through the bedroom space.

Mirrors and artwork should also be avoided on walls directly across from the toilet room; this is especially effective at nighttime since mirrors deflect energy much like crystal balls absorb energy.

Another way to invite positive energy into your environment is by adding plants such as bamboo or money trees near your bed. These plants will act as natural filters for energies flowing throughout the area and will add a peaceful ambience to any bedroom space.

Finally, engaging in lifestyle changes such as avoiding excessive working hours or limiting arguments between family members may prove useful when trying to create a prosperous living environment. Living intentionally and being mindful of our choices are important steps we can take to help align our home with natural elements of good fortune so that we are granted rivers of abundance in all areas of our lives.

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