Feng Shui Bedroom Colors For Love

Feng shui bedroom colors for love is an ancient Chinese system of placing objects and using special colors to foster a balanced, calming atmosphere in homes and other buildings. This practice promotes positive energy and good luck by enhancing the flow of qi (life energy) throughout the space.

Red and pink are the most traditional feng shui bedroom colors for love as these shades have long been associated with passion, romance, and health. These bold hues can be used in many different ways to create a sense of vitality within a room.

Incorporating feng shui bedroom colors for love into a design scheme is based on the idea that colors influence human emotions, moods, and behaviors. By strategically choosing color combinations that work together harmoniously, it encourages feelings of peace, connection, pleasure, and contentment in the space. Additionally, studies have documented that certain colors can stimulate physical responses in humans such as reducing stress levels or promoting alertness.

Popular color combinations to cultivate a romantic atmosphere with feng shui bedroom colors for love include white or off-white walls with vibrant pink accents or rich red bedding complemented by creamy neutrals. Peach is also associated with commitment and stability so adding a few peach touches to your wall hangings or pillows can balance out bold red tones while still conveying an air of love and intimacy.

Other ideas include utilizing shades of orange to evoke an uplifting sense of joy or incorporate aqua blue pieces for added depth and emotional closeness – just remember to strive for balance by limiting your color palette to two or three complements to avoid overwhelm visual clutter in the room.

Color Meanings and Symbolism in Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment. It guides one to keep balance in life by creating harmony and encouraging positive energy flow between our physical space and those around us. Since colors can have a profound effect on an individual’s wellbeing, they play an integral role in the practice of Feng Shui. Each color holds its own unique symbolism, allowing it to represent different aspects of our lives.


Red is seen as a powerful and energetic color that evokes feelings of passion, action, courage and strength. When used in Feng Shui it can increase ambition, intensity and confidence as well as stimulate energy in a room. A dark shade of red will bring more restful moods while every version can be used for protection and grounding energies too. Red also helps to create harmony between couples; making it an ideal representation for love bedrooms.

Pink & Beige

Often referred to as the ‘romantic colors’, pink and beige provide feelings of gentleness, comfort and peace when used in Feng Shui bedroom schemes. Both these colors create romantic atmospheres that are inviting, warm and calming – ideal for enjoying moments of togetherness with your other half. Pink also helps stimulate femininity where beige has a more neutral effect on spaces bringing stability to them where desired.


Taking inspiration from nature green should be included in any Feng Shui color scheme designed around encouraging love into a room. Green is capable of providing a tranquil yet strong presence which further promotes healing energies able to soothe anxious minds as well as calming people down whenever tensions arise between two people or groups of people in general.

Moreover, Green’s connection with nature further allows it represent fertility – something essential when attempting to make a space better suited for finding true love with someone special.


Red is the most obvious choice for a romantic Feng Shui bedroom color. Red and pink tones radiate a feeling of love, intimacy, and passion. The intensity of the red color makes rooms feel warmer while at the same time providing protection against negative energy.

Orange: Balance and Harmony

Orange is believed to be one of the best Feng Shui colors for bedrooms as it helps to generate balance and harmony between partners in a relationship. Orange helps to brings out emotions such as warmth, enthusiasm, happiness and joy into relationships. This color also aids in creating social connections between couples by making them feel more comfortable with each other.

Green: Rejuvenation and Renewal

Green is an important colour in Feng Shui for bringing about renewal and rejuvenation in specific parts of our lives such as relationships. It represents growth, which when it comes to relationships can often lead to improved communication or understanding between couples. Green can bring relief from stress and being overworked so that couples can reconnect with each other on a deeper level.

Pros of Using Feng Shui Love Colors in Bedrooms

  • Enhances feelings of love, passion, comfort, balance and harmony.
  • Creates a positive environment full of energy.
  • Helps relieve stress while nurturing relationships.
  • Increases communication within relationships.
  • Pink

    The color pink is often chosen for its strong associations with love, sweetness, and sensitivity. Within the realm of Feng Shui, pink is believed to bring about balance in your relationship and create a warm and inviting atmosphere. It evokes feelings of romance, compassion and affection which will undoubtedly help bring positive energy into any bedroom.

    Choosing this color to adorn your walls can ignite passion between partners while calming those who are exhausted from all the hustle and bustle that life brings. A pink bedroom will encourage open communication between couples and allow them to be vulnerable with one another without fear or judgement.

    Other shades such as light blush or rose are terrific alternatives for people looking for subtler yet still romantic colors that can be used in their bedrooms. These pastel pinks might be more inviting for people who feel overwhelmed by vibrant colors and hues but still want an airy, girly ambiance in their room.

    Feng Shui Bed Placement For Love

    Pinks are not only calming but also incredibly soothing – perfect for those moments when you just need to relax or clear your head after a long day full of stress.

    Finally, adding cool neutral accents like white trim, furniture or bed linens serve as the perfect complement to a bright pink space. This creates a relaxing combination of lightness that speaks volumes about the elegance of your bedroom’s interior design without pushing anyone away with loud colors or garish motifs. Furthermore, pairing white with pale pinks adds softness to any room while producing an overall good vibe for a positive relationship dynamic between partners who inhabit it together.


    Green is the color of balance which it why many people believe green to be a good choice for feng shui bedroom colors relating to love. Rich forest green tones make one think of lush meadows that offer a calming and soothing feeling. Whether used as wall color or in other furnishing, it can lead to positive sensations for couples in their boudoirs.

    Another positive impact of green is its representation of revival and renewal. This makes it an excellent choice for those struggling with intimacy problems either through sickness or distress.

    Couples undergoing financial troubles or bouts of depression may find relief and hope in their bedroom if decorated with some hues from nature such as light jade greens and emeralds. It pairs amazingly with white for a natural look that speaks out joy and inner-renewal when seen on bedding sheets, quilts, drapes, etc.

    Last but not least, Green is the subtle hue that can represent sexuality – especially in forests when two people get lost among its trees and meadows. This symbolism can bring passion back into a stale marriage or make a new one blossom even faster. Some popular shades include teal, olive and kelly green which complement red decor quite nicely and can add a little spunk into neutral colors such as whites and browns.

    Purple: Spiritual Love And Fun

    Purple often finds itself on romantic bedrooms because it perfectly embodies spiritual love as opposed to physical attraction which red often does. Therefore, this hue tends to balance out the emotions in daters who might be having second thoughts about each other due to physical relationships involving hormones and chemicals surging through their veins while connected physically in intimate positions (e.g., kissing).

    Many people also consider purple to represent fun between two lovers who want more than just sex but are also keen on playing along together under the sheets or outside them too. Various bright lavender tones mixed with purplish pink combinations create various warm spaces which boost creativity during foreplay activities whether that’d be acting out fantasies or role-playing games while still being connected on an emotional level as well.

    A darker shade like eggplant purple swathed all over walls & furniture offers depth & drama while still keeping intercourse light & steamy at the same time.

    Pink: Willingness For Commitment

    Primarily feminine in colour yet versatile enough that men would enjoy wearing it too; pink brings forth the willingness for commitment between two partners who are deeply connected romantically without self-rating or expectation pressures within their relationship circle(s).

    Gentleman find themselves naturally drawn towards this hue when courting female companions mainly because pink radiates feelings of caring & nurturing which suggests loyalty all around – particularly useful when thinking ahead about long-term dating goals/agendas rather than jumping straight into sexual activities bundled with flings & onsie times.

    Also partner up smartly; baby pinks go amazingly well together with rich magenta colures while salmon shaded colors uplift richer maroons ideally designed for couples hoping clarity sans clouded judgements from any past encounters.


    Blue is one of the classic feng shui bedroom colors, representing water and serenity. It’s said to bring a feeling of calmness and help couples feel relaxed and connected. Painting the walls in a light blue shade or adding some blue accessories around the room are great ideas for creating a tranquil atmosphere. Blue can also help to foster better communication between couples as it is associated with compassion and understanding.

    Adding Shades of Green

    Green is another feng shui bedroom color that has positive associations for love. This hue relates to growth and stability which adds a sense of security to the environment. Hanging green wall art or including some lush plants in your decor can be effective ways of introducing this color into your space.

    In addition, with its natural shades, green is also great for promoting balance in the relationship. Your partner may feel calmer when there’s a balance between masculine and feminine energy within the room; something that green can help achieve.

    Introducing Pink

    Pink usually evokes thoughts of romance so it makes an excellent addition to your coloring scheme. It helps encourage feelings of love, plus it provides warmth and vibrancy as well as having universal beauty appeal across all genders.

    Opting for pastel shades for wall paint is one way to use this hue or you could go all out with furnishings in bolder pinks to provide an added splash of color around the room. You don’t have to keep it solely within furnishings either – adding touches like pink night lights or lamps will create beautiful reflections within the room when in low lighting conditions – perfect for setting a romantic atmosphere.

    Examples of Bedroom Design Ideas Utilizing Feng Shui Colors for Love

    Red and Yellow

    One way to bring love, warmth and energy into a bedroom is using red and yellow together. According to some Feng Shui practice, this combination helps invoke passion, gratitude and excitement in our lives. The contrast of the two colors creates a balanced feeling of dynamic and warm energy. Design ideas for this include painting two walls with red, while painting the other two walls with yellow or utilizing matching furniture in these complementary colors.

    Feng Shui Fish for Love

    Pinks And Blues

    Using an appropriate pairing of soft pinksand blues in your Feng Shui bedroom can increase the romantic vibes of your space while providing an inviting atmosphere that would nurture your relationship with someone special. These calming shades have a cooling effect on the surrounding environment making it comfortable for both partners to relax without feeling overwhelmed by clutter or too much intense color palette.

    Pinking hues in bed linens are great starting points while adding light blues-toned walls complements it perfectly completing the look while bringing in tranquility and peace to your home.

    White With Touches Of Pink

    The use of mostly white with subtle touches of pinkis another great Feng Shui design idea when trying to create a more loving environment for couples’ bedroom spaces. White as a primary color provides purity, innocence and peace, perfect for grounding any relationship between married couples or lovers alike while pink can add hints of romance invigorating life into any room design; creating an effortless harmony between both partners while accentuating special moments shared when spending time together.

    Adding white furniture items makes it easier in completing this look as well as having minimal but meaningful decor pieces such as paintings or plants with subtle pinks shades throughout the space that represent love and positive energy progression together.

    Creating a Balanced and Harmonious Atmosphere with Feng Shui

    Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice of creating harmony in the home. While most people use Feng Shui as a way to create a more balanced atmosphere, there are some specific colors that can be used in the bedroom to promote feelings of love and connection.

    The colors chosen depend on the orientation of the room in question; for example, south-facing bedrooms should implement pink and peach tones to evoke calmness and nurture an intimate vibe. North-facing rooms should incorporate blue and white hues to encourage clarity and relaxation.

    For east-facing bedrooms, greens like grass or forest green induce personal growth within relationships. For west-facing spaces, lighter shades – such as mauve, tan or coral – can be used to soothe energy levels during difficult times.

    In addition to color choices, it is also important to keep in mind the active area element associated with each direction: South represents fire, North is water, East showcases wood elements while West displays metal components. Keeping this rule of thumb in mind will help when selecting materials like wall hangings or furniture pieces that will best activate these areas of the room in order to awaken their potential harmonious energy.

    Finally, no matter what direction your bedroom faces or what colors you decide upon for your space, be sure to pick furnishings and accessories that fill you with joy and are free from distractions such as electronic devices or loud music. Having a clutter-free environment helps ensure clean energy circulates throughout the room without disruption so that maximum balance can be achieved.

    Making these simple but effective changes could bring about improved sleep quality and better overall feelings of peace and well-being – not only between partners but within oneself as well.

    Final Thoughts

    Feng shui is the ancient Chinese practice of arranging a space to have positive energy flow. There are many practices that are used to balance energy, including the colors you use in designing a bedroom.

    Many people believe that using certain Feng Shui bedroom colors can attract love and romance into their lives. If you’re tired of dating apps and want to bring love naturally into your life, incorporating these colors into your bedroom could be a great way to do just that.

    When deciding what feng shui colors for bedrooms to incorporate, it’s important to think about Balance and Yin-Yang Theory. Yin Yang Theory states that there needs to be an equilibrium between yin (dark) and yang (light) energies for any successful creation, or equal energies.

    This means if you get too heavy with dark colors like black, navy blue, and purple in one space it could overpower the room and make it intimidating or oppressive instead of inviting love in.

    The same goes if you only incorporate light airy hues like sky blues or creams – it may not create an energy conducive to romantic feelings or encourage soulful conversations. By integrating both darker and lighter shades into the same space, it creates balance which is essential for creating a loving environment.

    Other popular Feng Shui Bedroom Colors associated with love are pink and red since they promote passion versus other shades like orange which convey cheerfulness instead of romance. Shades of red represent wealth and success while pink is linked with love, joy and healing – but beware when introducing stronger tones of either color as they can be overstimulating leading to feeling stressed instead of relaxed.

    You want your bedroom to inspire beautiful dreams as well as increase positivity so adding accents rather than painting all four walls a strong hue may work better within this context too.

    Or alternatively why not use these colors in more subtle ways such as incorporating them through art prints on radiators or statement pillows on the bed? Soft velvet textures are particularly cozy lines with fluffy blankets can all further contribute to making your love filled dreamscape complete. Whatever creative direction you take, just remember that by embracing feng shui principles you can bring rejuvenation and peace into your home enabling even more relationship bliss within its walls.

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