Feng Shui Bedroom Area Rug

Introduction to Feng Shui Bedroom Area Rug

The practice of feng shui derives from a Chinese philosophical belief that objects and environment can influence the energy balance in one’s life. That is why it so important to consider the placement of objects and furniture in any space, especially in one’s bedroom. A bedroom area rug is an essential component when arranging your bedroom according to feng shui principles. Placed directly under the bed, this rug has the power to add both comfort, charm and support for Chi—or harmonious energy—in this special corner of your home.

An area rug should be big enough to provide coverage on either side of the bed, but not exceed beyond it. Using vibrant colors and patterns will help spike up bad energy while also bringing a certain level of comfort brought by its softness underfoot. The embroidered part or tassels facing outwards promote positive Qi, acting as a protective barrier preventing negative vibes from entering the room. Wool rugs are best used because they usually contain more vibrant colors; and due to their firm texture they can keep shape better when placed wrongly or absorbing more moisture during rainy seasons.

To maximize feng shui benefits in one’s bedroom area rug, homeowners should situate it strategically around cozy corners like nightstands or reading areas while also leaving ample airflow around it, such as placing it slightly away from wall edges or avoiding covering radiator vents with it. Feng Shui accents such as plants or lighting accessories are welcome additions for extra vibrancy!

What to Look for in a Bedroom Area Rug

When looking for a bedroom area rug, size is important in order to maximize the space available. The ideal rug should be large enough to fit the dimensions of your room and accommodate furniture and accessories, while still leaving some breathing room around the edges. Material is also important and cushiony rugs with soft fibers such as wool, cotton or silk are preferred. These are also easier to maintain over time in comparison to other materials like synthetic and vinyl rugs. Furthermore, color should also be considered when selecting an area rug for the bedroom due to its impact on Feng Shui energy flow. Look for calming colors such as blues, grays and neutrals that promote relaxation and good vibes in the bedroom space. In addition, decorative textures can add an artistic touch such as shags or stripes that can create a focal point within the room. Finally, consider pile height when selecting your bedroom rug as shorter piles provide coziness while longer ones can become uncomfortable after long periods of time standing on them. All these factors when chosen carefully will result in a beautiful aesthetic designed to improve the atmosphere of your home through Feng Shui!

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Combining Feng Shui and Color Theory for Your Rug

When creating a Feng Shui bedroom rug, it is important to consider color theory and how the elements of nature are connected. For example, for a balanced atmosphere, you may want to choose colors that are associated with the five elements: Wood (green), Fire (red), Earth (brown/tan), Metal (white/grey) and Water (blues/aqua). From this underlying groundwork of harmonious shades and hues, you can then start to develop a style and pattern. The use of shapes, textures, gradients and sizes all play into the overall affect which is trying to be achieved. Consider using flowy patterns in an S or C shape to represent water, stripes or rectangles for metal, squares for earth and swirls or brushstrokes for fire. Also keep in mind that light colors should be used sparingly because too much can give off an ’empty’ feeling in the room. Finally, when selecting accessories like pillows or blankets for the rug, make sure that they blend with the area rug’s color palette so as not to disrupt the tone you have set in your space.

Magnify Good Fortune with Feng Shui Bedroom Area Rug

Having a Feng Shui Bedroom Area Rug in your bedroom can help to magnify good fortune. By selecting a rug with auspicious colors and designs that bring positive energy, you are creating an environment that connects you on a holistic level. This harmony between the aura of your home and the energy of your bedroom will bring abundance and luck. The placement of your bedroom rug is also important when incorporating this practice into your space; be sure to choose one that lies either beneath or adjacent to your bed, as it will further create the space for good vibes to enter. Through using these principles, achieve ultimate balance and happiness by inviting the spiritual energies of Feng Shui into your sacred sleep space.

How to Care for Your Bedroom Rug

• Vacuum your bedroom rug regularly to prevent dust and dirt buildup.

• Immediately address any spills by blotting it up with a clean cloth and working from the outside in to minimize spread of the liquid.

• Test any rug cleaner on an inconspicuous area first before using to avoid bleaching or discoloration.

• Spot clean problem areas with a mild pH-neutral soap dish detergent mixed with water. Blot dry with a towel after cleaning.

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• Prevent fading by keeping the area out of direct sunlight or by closing blinds or drapes during peak sun hours.

• Rotate the rug every six months for even wear and longer rug life.

• Have your rug professionally cleaned once a year to ensure proper deep cleaning and stain removal, if necessary.

Making the Most of Your Bedroom Rug Feng Shui

1. Align the Rug with Bedroom Entrance: An important Feng Shui principle is to make sure your bedroom rug aligns with the entrance of the room but also doesn’t interrupt walking patterns or impede flow.

2. Choose Colors that Stimulate Positive Energy: A major benefit of a rug is to create an ambient atmosphere. Choose colors and patterns that represent your view of positive energy and how you want to be inspired each evening before sleep.

3. Place Rugs Adjacent to Beds: Always remember that placing the rug adjacent to the bed helps keep your energy balanced for a great night’s rest!

4. Utilize Different Textures: Go beyond soft fabrics and rugs by adding different textures such as wood, ceramic, stone, natural fibers, etc in order to further increase positive energy throughout your space. This could be done through accent pieces like sculptures, wall hangings, etc.

5. Hang Mirrors Strategically Nearby: An often overlooked technique is to place mirrors nearby so when lying on the bed you can enjoy looking at reflections that create balance and bring harmony into your space while amplifying chi.

6. Consider Incorporating Natural Elements: Adding elements from nature such as plants, water features (fountains, glass jars filled with crystals or pebbles) help bring in good luck and attract prosperity and renewal within your bedroom environment.


In conclusion, bedrroom rug feng shui can be an effective way to create a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere in the bedroom. It encourages an enhanced flow of energy which can facilitate clarity and concentration. Highlighting certain areas of the room with strategically placed rugs can also help create a more intimate space to relax and unwind in. The different textures, patterns, and colors of feng shui rug bedrroms provide another layer of sophistication and comfort that helps transform your space into a den of tranquility. With careful consideration and thoughtful placement, you are sure to enjoy all the positive benefits that come with choosing the right rug for your bedroom.

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