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Feng Shui Bazi is the Chinese art of analyzing birth charts to determine the destiny and compatibility of two individuals. It is often used for marriage matching to ensure harmony and a successful relationship between two people. It focuses on four pillars or cornerstones of Chinese Astrology: the year, month, day and hour of birth. These pillars allow us to gain insight into one’s personality, life tendencies, relationships with others, marriage prospects and much more. In terms of its role in marriage, Feng Shui Bazi can help both parties decide if they are compatible with each other based on their own denoted characteristics as well as their combined energies in order to form a strong foundation for a healthy and longterm union. Ultimately, it is important because it can provide clear guidance so that couples have the opportunity to thrive together in ways that honor both people’s individual needs as well as guarantee mutual respect, understanding and compromise within the relationship.

The History of Feng Shui Bazi

Feng Shui Bazi (or Ba Zi) is an ancient Chinese practice and method of astrological analysis that dates back to approximately 3,500 years ago. Feng Shui Bazi looks at the combination of the day, month, year and hour based on a person’s birth time to determine their destiny. It takes into consideration the five elements (earth, metal, water, fire and wood) within the combination of these factors to come up with very detailed predictions about an individual’s life.

When applying Feng Shui Bazi to marriage, experts look at both partners’ Chinese four pillars of destiny, which are constructed from the calculation of one’s birth date and time. This tool can help couples understand each other better by examining their personality traits; assess their compatibility; gain insight into potential opportunities that could improve the relationship; address any issues they may be facing; and make decisions regarding priorities or financial matters in their lives together. It can also provide tips on how to overcome differences in order to work toward a long-term relationship and happy marriage. Moreover, it’s a great tool for those seeking advice when it comes to creating balance between personal desires, needs and wants in order to move towards improving harmony in a marriage or partnership.

Understanding the Basics

Feng Shui Bazi is an ancient Chinese school of thought that focuses on predicting and understanding the marriage prospects with special calculations. It is based on BaZi (Eight Characters) which comprises of four components: Year, Month, Day and Time of a person’s birth. These components are used to assess and understand the likelihood of a successful marriage between two individuals.

To calculate the marriage chart, first you need to calculate the Day Master for each individual in the relationship from their respective birth dates. The Day Master is often referred to as “Sheng Chen” in BaZi readings. This calculation requires understanding the comparative strengths between two combinations of elements that represent a particular celestial stem/animal in PunKua Yin Yang theory known as Kua Number. This is usually followed by plotting out all of these components into a Marriage chart which will reveal visual insights into areas such as love compatibility, finance and health prospects of both partners.

Analysing and interpreting the Marriage Chart requires expertise since it involves looking at several complex interactions between different elements within the Relationship Chart created using their date and time of births and Kua Numbers derived from them. All these elements are then integrated along with feng shui principles, other aspects including Qian Ku/ Qiang Hong/Fu You Luan/WuNai must be applied for providing complete results for marriage outlook prediction for any given couple. The analysis should highlight certain challenges or opportunities inherent within a prospective marital union which could either foster growth or creating obstacles down the line if not managed properly.

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The Benefits of Feng Shui Bazi Marriage

Feng Shui Bazi marriage is a unique application of traditional Chinese astrology to improve the harmony and compatibility between two individuals. It takes into considerations each person’s individual natal birth chart or Ba Zi, in order to identify any potential areas of conflict that could lead to disharmony in the relationship. This practice allows for couples to become aware of potential issues before they arise, enabling them to strengthen their relationship and make important decisions that can facilitate long-lasting harmony and success.

Some of the benefits of using Feng Shui Bazi in marriage include:

– Increased understanding and receptivity between partners: Understanding one another’s Chinese zodiac sign can help two people better comprehend their individual emotional needs, allowing for more productive conversations regarding mutual goals, expectations, and compromises.

– Improved communication skills: Those who use Feng Shui Bazi may be able to assess different communication styles that can benefit their union according to their Astrological signs, such as speaking and listening techniques—key components of any successful relationship.

– Insightful self-discovery: People may also be able to gain greater insight into themselves whilst understanding their partner’s Zodiac sign; this heightened sense of understanding can bring about newly developed appreciation and respect, which leads to a closer bond between partners.

– Building trust: Being aware of one another’s strengths and weaknesses through the use of Astrology helps provide positive reinforcement and admiration by reminding partners why they are compatible and how best they should interact with one another; this contributes towards establishing mutual trust amongst them.

Working with a Feng Shui Bazi Expert

Finding an experienced Feng Shui Bazi expert is important if you are wanting to use this ancient Chinese practice for marriage or relationship analysis. One aspect of these teachings recommend that the astrological charts of both parties be examined in order to determine whether the marriage or union between them will be successful, long-lasting and prosperous. A qualified Feng Shui master should have experience consulting with people on their relationships and also should specialize in using techniques from classical feng shui along with bazi readings.

When looking for a quality expert, look into references and credentials. Ask about the number of years of experience they have and if they create personalized reports for clients. Additionally, research reviews online and ask friends who may be able to recommend someone they trust. When speaking to potential experts try asking questions such as: What factors do they take into account when analyzing compatibility? What kind of advice do they offer after creating a chart? Will they guarantee the results their analysis produces? Do they offer additional services such as one-on-one consultations?

Overall, opting for a professional can save you time by helping to narrow down information related to astrological readings more quickly than something like an online guidebook. In addition to his/her expertise, it can also help you gain clarity on how to best implement any advice provided so that you can move forward in your life (or relationship) with confidence.

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Case Studies

Feng Shui Bazi Marriage is a Chinese system of harmonizing relationships between couples. It is based on Ba Zi astrology, also known as Four Pillars of Destiny, which was developed thousands of years ago in China. A successful Feng Shui Bazi marriage is one that combines compatible personalities and strengthens the energetic exchange between two people.

One real-life example includes the use of symbols known as Original Luck Couple Charms. In this case study, a couple was facing frequent bickering and disconnection due to their different backgrounds and outlooks. After applying Ba Zi analysis to both individuals, they determined that the man represented Fire while the woman represented Water: two opposing elements that experienced constant struggle when combined. To create harmony, therapists recommended placing original luck couple charms at strategic locations throughout the home – like over their headboards or next to their work desks – so that each partner could employ the yin-yang balance around them and build greater understanding for each other’s advantages and disadvantages. During regular therapy sessions with the couple, it became apparent that this technique had been very successful in reducing their tensions by aligning their energies more harmoniously.

Aside from charms, another case study illustrates how proper selection of usernames through Ba Zi can also improve relationships among couples who are online dating or married in an online relationship. Here, two partners believed that effective communication was key for improving their relationship’s longevity; thus, after receiving advice from a Fung Shui Bazi professionals about how to utilize energy balance in the form of personal names (such as “harmony”), they were able to not only establish better mutual understanding but also enjoy deeper connection with each other further down the track.


Feng Shui Bazi marriage analysis is a powerful tool that can provide insights into the compatibility of two people. It’s important to remember, however, that while this is an extremely helpful tool, it cannot be taken as a definitive measure of compatibility. As with all types of astrology readings, it should only serve as a guide and no decisions or judgments should be made solely on the basis of these readings.

As with any form of fortune-telling or divination practice, it’s always worth taking the time to further your understanding of Feng Shui Bazi marriage analysis by researching online or consulting books and experienced practitioners in order to better comprehend its meaning and implications. Here are some resources you may find helpful in doing so:

1) The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Divination by Mary Greer provides an overview of Feng Shui Bazi marriage as part of overall divination practices
2) Master Wong Recommended Marriage Reading Course offers information about specific aspects related to compatibility
3) The ‘Day Master’ Pronouncement for Marriage webinar series available on YouTube features teachings about Feng Shui Bazi from Master He Jinbo
4) ‘The Podcasting App’ offers podcasts exploring various topics related to Feng Shui Bazi marriage analysis
5) The Royalology blog educates readers on coupling probability according to the ancient Chinese art

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