Feng Shui Bagua Formula

What is the Feng Shui Bagua Formula

The Feng Shui Bagua Formula is a powerful tool that is used to organize and harmonize the energy of a space in order to help individuals achieve their goals and enhance their lives. This ancient tool is based on Taoist beliefs that everything and everyone is connected to the flow of energy, known as “chi.” By strategically placing elements, such as items of art, spiritual objects and even furniture and other everyday objects, a practitioner of this ancient practice is able to tap into the unseen energy of the space and realize positive results.

The Origins of Feng Shui Bagua Formula

The practice of Feng Shui, “wind-water” in Chinese, has been used for centuries in China to create harmony in the home and workplace. Its broad principles encompass philosophies based on Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism.

The Bagua Formula is a fundamental element of the practice that is used to map out the space into eight sections, known as bagua. Each section has its own specific purpose.

The Eight Sections

  • Wealth and Abundance – Achieving financial stability
  • Fame and Reputation – Recognition for one’s achievements
  • Relationships and Love – Developing relationships with partners, family and friends
  • Creativity and Children – Expressing creativity and nurturing children
  • Helpful People and Travel – Finding guidance and assistance to help achieve goals
  • Knowledge and Self-Cultivation – Learning new skills and refining existing ones
  • Career and Life Path – Achieving success and finding true purpose in life
  • Health and Family – Maintaining overall health and wellbeing of oneself and their family

Applying The Bagua Formula

The Bagua Formula is used to place objects in the home or workplace in order to create balance and alignment with the energy of the space and the inhabitants. Each item should be placed in the zone that most closely correlates with the goal they are trying to achieve. For example, a person looking to manifest financial stability may choose to place items like wealth symbols such as coins and Buddha figures in their Wealth and Abundance sector.

This practice is not limited to physical items. The idea is to create an environment in which one feels safe and secure in their pursuit of their goals. This can be done by surrounding the space with the colors and energies that will help them achieve the desired outcome.

Why Use the Bagua Formula?

The use of the Bagua Formula provides a framework for individuals to focus their energy in ways that are aligned with their greater purpose. By strategically placing items and working with the energy of the space, individuals can manifest their desired outcomes, set intentions, and move forward with the intention of restoring balance and harmony in their lives.

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