Feng Shui Ba Zi

Introducing the Five Elements

Feng Shui Ba Zi uses the Five Chinese Elements – wood, fire, earth, metal and water – to assess the energy of a given environment. In traditional beliefs, these elements demonstrate mutually complementary interactions and relational patterns which define our lives. These elements repel, attract and nourish each other in different ways; when used together they create an intricate balance of opposites that is natural and harmonious.

When applied to Feng Shui the interpretation of these Five Chinese Elements helps us to understand how their combinations shape up the landscapes and structures of our homes, offices or gardens. This interplay can be seen by noticing the placement of structures or vegetation as well as in physical features like natural rivers, hills or valleys. Eventually this interpretation tells us how to arrange spaces in order to create an ideal atmosphere for performance or well-being.


In Feng Shui Ba Zi, the way to gain a better understanding of timing is to understand the Four Pillars of Destiny and how they interact with each other. Each pillar corresponds to an aspect of time, such as Year/Month, Day/Hour or even Hour/Minute. The rhythms among the four pillars create unique combinations in each portion of time thus providing detailed guidance on when and how future events will manifest. According to Chinese astrology, the flow of this energy can be read using specific numerology systems, such as Qi Men Dun Jia and Flying Star. By decoding these complex calculations one can predict how certain actions or events are likely to be impacted by their timing. When it comes to Feng Shui Ba Zi readings, special attention should also be paid to the Solar Terms – which divide each year into 24 two-week periods – as they indicate more precisely when certain trends will occur within any given timeframe.

Daily Practices

Daily practices to improve the energy of a home or office space include decorating with items that bring positive energy, such as plants and flowers. Additionally, it is beneficial to be mindful to keep surfaces clean and tidy in order to increase the flow of good energy. Keeping windows open and adding elements of air circulation will also aid in promoting a healthy atmosphere within the home or office. It is also important to focus on proper lighting by ensuring all rooms are well lit, as this can encourage positive growth and productivity, as well as increasing focus. To further promote prosperity, place symbols associated with luck and success, such as coins or other images of abundance. As each element corresponds with a specific space in Feng Shui Ba Zi, places such as bathrooms should have applied water fountains while areas related to career should have artwork related to ambition or motivation. Lastly, practicing daily affirmations can assist in manifesting one’s desired outcome by encouraging positive thinking and enabling greater clarity of purpose.

Feng Shui Bureau Orientation

Examples of Readings

An example of a Ba Zi reading for a person born in 1985 and the Lunar Month of May is as follows:

The year stem can be used to represent the nature of the energy that this person is subjected to during this birth year. In this case, it is known as Ji Chou, or the Wood Hogshead stem. This stem symbolizes strength and endurance and represents an individual who is ambitious, enterprising and resourceful.

The month branch of the Ba Zi chart represents one’s hidden blessings. In this case, it is known as Xin Wei, or Metal Rooster Branch which symbolizes self-awareness social skills and open-mindedness.

The day branch in the Ba Zi reading signifies how one internally interacts with the world around them while showing how they express themselves to those around them. Therefore, the day branch here is Ding Hai which symbolizes creativity, courage and leadership abilities.

Finally, the hour branch shows one’s hidden strengths which may not be obvious at first glance. The hour branch of this individual’s Ba Zi chart is Shen Chen representing independent thinking, intelligence and enthusiasm for life.

Overall, according to this particular Ba Zi chart reading for an individual born in 1985 on a lunar month in May indicates that they have immense endurance and ambition along with open-mindedness, leadership qualities and great enthusiasm for life making them an impressive social figure with tremendous potential.

Connection to Nature

A connection with nature is essential when it comes to gaining an understanding of Feng Shui Ba Zi readings. By being aware of the natural world around us, one can learn to appreciate the energies and patterns within our environment and how these can reflect on our personal lives. Acknowledging the natural environment, such as the moon cycles, stars, planets, tides and energy sources like wind and water, can provide us important messages about timing for key decisions plus support from the element’s universe. For example, looking at one’s Ba Zi chart as a reflection of their own personal life-maps helps tune into certain universal elements that may impact your future path or in understanding the connections between past events and current experiences. Additionally, connecting with nature allows you to gain potential insights from different sources opposed to just humans and technology. Ultimately, taking a step back and exploring these elements offers clear signs of what needs to be done next in order to create harmony within your environment. In conclusion, gaining insights from Feng Shui Ba Zi readings requires a keen awareness of nature so that one can explore how their own individual journey connects to the bigger picture around them.

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