Feng Shui Area for Money

Introduction to Feng Shui and Money

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that has existed for thousands of years. The literal translation of Feng Shui means “wind and water”. This refers to the way natural elements affect the energy of a space. In modern times, it has become increasingly popular as people become more conscious in their daily lives. By understanding and utilizing the principles of Feng Shui, one can balance energy and improve their financial prosperity.

The overarching goal of Feng Shui is to create harmony between one’s physical environment and their inner self so they can live best life possible. This includes having a healthy bank account, building wealth, increasing leadership skills, finding success in all pursuits, having more money flow into the home or business; all with the purpose of having control and confidence over finances.

Feng Shui has evolved out of Taoist philosophies about cosmic forces influence our physical environment. It incorporates elements from Buddhism, Confucianism, mysticism, and a belief in yin-yang balance to help create positive energy in any given space or situation. Through simple changes such as furniture placement or color selection, one can enhance their surroundings so that it brings forth abundance and prosperity into their lives.

The most popular area for this approach is designed specifically for improving income or profits: the “Money Area” of ones personal feng shui house map (bagua). Commonly located on the south wall near the front door entrance where it will attract incoming opportunities and good luck; improving finances through career promotions, investment gain or simply better management at home budgeting.. Other renewable sources include enhancing natural rhythms such as planting flowers in backyards, hanging windchimes by windowsills or introducing jade plants indoors to amplify beneficial energy throughout all spaces within one’s home environment smoothly.

Analysis of the Meaning Behind the Feng Shui Money Area

The concept of the Feng Shui money area comes from the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui. This practice is based on the idea that there are specific energy centers in our home or workspace and selecting items to place within these areas can help us to increase our prosperity. The money area includes five areas which represent different aspects of abundance and wealth, including success, recognition, material objects, creativity, and even luck. Here we’ll break down each area briefly so we can understand why it is important to include them in our feng shui money plans.

Success: The corner related to success requires items such as symbols of power, leadership qualities, goals accomplished etc., so that one could be reminded that they are capable of achieving whatever they set out to do.

Recognition & Appreciation: Items in this corner should encourage acknowledgement or gratitude for the skills you possess and all your achievements! This could include awards or pictures of yourself and loved ones who appreciate your efforts.

Material possessions: Since this symbolizes material gain such as money, investments, savings – anything related to valuables can be placed here such as piggy banks for savings or wealthy looking plants like Lucky Bamboo or Money Trees.

Creativity: Those looking for ideas about how to make more money can create a space with things that stimulate creativity and new perspectives on ways to generate revenue. A wealth vase could be added in this corner as well – since it’s believed visualization boards with goals displayed on it bring fortune when placed in certain sections of the room/apartment/workplace. This could also include inspirational books that encourage you to think bigger and channel creative energies into an endeavor which promises returns in terms of both monetary gains and emotional satisfaction!

Luck: Finally the area focusing on luck should contain symbols such as waving cats (to attract luck), crystals/ stones like jade for ‘good fortune’, coins hanging from strings (to yield financial rewards). It’s believed having a container filled with 8-9 coins represents stability in finances; other lucky charms such as four-leaf clover candles will also help liven up the area while contributing luck!

Feng Shui & Wealth-Enhancing Objects

According to Feng Shui, certain objects are known to help attract wealth and abundance. In fact, certain colors, shapes, and materials have been identified as being especially effective for stimulating the flow of positive energy and money into one’s life. Some of the most popular wealth-invoking objects include: a tortoise, coins, a frog holding a coin in its mouth, plants (like bamboo), Chinese coins tied together with red ribbons or cords as well as mirrors placed opposite doors or windows so they can reflect incoming Chi. Additionally, objects that resemble money such as goldfish or any type of artwork depicting wealth are believed to help attract financial prosperity and security. Finally, displaying pictures or statues of Gods or Buddhas that depict success in business or abundance are believed to be quite powerful in activating one’s luck around finances. All of these items should be placed in a specific area within your home—preferably the south-eastern corner known as the ‘wealth area’ which is said to bring luck in career/business as well as resources related to money sources. Placing these items where you can easily see them each day helps ensure that you stay mindful about increasing your wealth and attracting financial prosperity into your life.

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Decluttering the Money Area

The practice of feng shui suggests that decluttering the area associated with money can bring positive energy to it. This is because clutter blocks the natural flow of qi, or energy, and therefore reduces the chances of accumulating wealth. Clutter creates an atmosphere of confusion and stagnation that prevents money from coming in. To create a space in which money can thrive, it should be regularly cleared out of any clutter.

Practical benefits also come with decluttering this area, such as increased productivity and motivation. Uncluttered spaces allow for greater focus, allowing thoughts to flow without the distraction of unnecessary items and making it easier to find what you need. Decluttering may also reduce stress associated with disorganization while creating a tranquil environment that helps improve mental clarity and encourages creativity. Additionally, clutter takes up valuable physical space and reduces the amount of usable area for productive activities or other financial endeavors.

Making a commitment to clear your home from cluttered money areas will have not just energetic implications but also practical ones as well!

Decor & Color for a Wealth-Enhancing Money Area

When decorating an area for money, Feng Shui advocates suggest making use of the five elements: water, wood, metal, fire, and earth. Each individual element can have its own unique meaning.

Water: The color blue is great for this element as it is associated with flow and calming energy. You may also try incorporating glasswork or other reflective surfaces to further emphasize the element of water.

Wood: Green and brown are both excellent colors that work with this element because they represent nature’s growth and abundance. Wood furniture pieces such as tables or chairs can also help to bring a sense of peace and harmony to the space while still promoting prosperity.

Metal: Silver or gold are great accent colors that can be used in particular places throughout your wealth-enhancing space. Metal objects such as coins, crystals or wind chimes can all help to represent the richness this element offers.

Fire: Red is a great color choice since it can bring passion and vitality into the area while driving away negative energies that could prevent prosperity from occurring. Additionally, candles are an easy decoration piece and will add warmth to your wealth-enhancing money area.

Earth: Stimulate stability in the room by using yellow or sand-colored walls painting with muted yet warm tones can really go far when it comes to invoking a grounded energy in the space. Earthy materials such as clay pots and statues go along perfectly with this element too!

Money Area Guidelines

The Money Area in Feng Shui is located in the far back left corner of your home. This area is often referred to as a Wealth Corner and is where you can place items that symbolize abundance, success, and financial stability. In order to properly incorporate Feng Shui elements into your Money Area, there are a few practical tips you can follow:

1. Place crystals in this area. Certain crystals, such as citrine or green aventurine, can help attract positive energy and wealth into this space. They can also be beneficial for maintaining good luck in your finances.

2. Hanging up paintings or artwork that contain images associated with wealth and prosperity can also prove to be beneficial when placing the Money Area. Examples include illustrations of lush landscapes or references to money symbols (like coins or dollar bills).

3. Incorporate plants into your Money Area as well! Although plants are not directly associated with finances, they have the power to bring harmony and balance into any dedicated space — which will ultimately lead to greater financial stability.

4. Finally, adding reminders of goals that center around creating wealth or holding onto money can act as visual incentives for making smart financial decisions throughout the year!

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Benefits of a Feng Shui Money Area

A Feng Shui money area is a space in your home or office dedicated to money and wealth. By applying the principles of Feng Shui, you can activate positive energy for attracting wealth and abundance into your life.

Benefits of a Feng Shui Money Area include:

1. Improved Relationships – When financial stress builds, it can sometimes manifest in family and relationships. Applying Feng Shui to the money area can help reduce and ultimately eliminate this stress. It promotes good communication between family members and promotes the strengthening of bonds between them.

2. Increased Prosperity – Feng Shui encourages the flow of positive energy throughout your environment, which leads to an increase in prosperity in all aspects of your life including career, finances, physical health, mental wellbeing etc. Financial gains will naturally follow when harmony is maintained within the home or workplace.

3. Balanced Lifestyle – The fact that we are all intertwined with nature must be taken into consideration when striving to attain balance and harmony in our lives; applying Feng Shui helps us stay centred by living according to its principles such as using specialized tools like cures and enhancers that allow us to better adjust each location’s qi (energy). This fosters balance and enables us to reach greater heights with minimal effort.

4. Reduced Stress & Anxiety – As mentioned above, applying the right principles of Feng Shui helps eliminate any kind of stress that builds up due to money worries as this may result in heavy amounts of anxiety that weighs you down mentally as well as physically leading you away from success—Feng shui’s purpose is directly opposed to this! Making a conscious effort to counter these apprehensions assists greatly in reducing stress levels related to money matters creating an optimal mindset for successful outcomes desired from whatever goals you’ve set for yourself!

Money Area Feng Shui Tips & Tricks

• Clear Clutter: Clutter in the Money Area has a draining effect on your finances. The energy of clutter literally stops the manifestation of wealth. Make sure to organize everything, put useful items away and remove any items that are not useful or related to wealth generation.

• Focus on Green Color: The color green represents abundance and wealth so use green décor elements like plants, money tree or images of nature in this area. Adding shades of green can help energize the Money Area and make it more inviting for good luck with money.

• Additional Elements that Enhance Wealth Generation: It is also beneficial to employ five Chinese coins, jewelry boxes, prosperity items like plenty coins and buddhas with symbolic meanings. A Water Feature or inspiring quotes about wealth can also bring an extra touch for wealth enhancement.

• Utilize Strategic Feng Shui Placement Techniques: When placing relevant objects in this area, you should be mindful of the Bagua grid which guides you on where specific energies should be placed within your home; the northeast corner (Feng Shui’s Wealth Corner) provides great support when it comes to enhancing wealth-generating activities.


The insight and wisdom provided by ancient Chinese philosophy through the practice of Feng Shui has been proven to be an effective tool for improving one’s prospects for wealth and abundance. By improving the flow of chi around a particular area, it is thought that more prosperity and luck can come into the individual’s life. Furthermore, the use of the Bagua map to analyze the different areas of one’s home or office in order to identify specific feng shui money areas creates a powerful focus point when looking to increase wealth and fortune.

As time passes, more individuals become aware of this practice which dates back thousands of years and applies it as a modern-day tool for obtaining better financial prospects. This worldwide acknowledgement of its potential is evidenced by popular mentions in magazine articles, media coverage on television programs, further study conducted in universities, not to mention stories such as this one which are shared among people who seek success in all aspects of their lives. The resulting benefactors benefit immensely from these adaptations making them exciting times for those looking towards a prosperous future with feng shui.

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