Feng Shui Apartment for Love

Introduction to Feng Shui and Love

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese concept that is used to create harmonious environments that stimulate good energy and block bad energy. The term literally translates as “wind-water.” According to traditional Chinese principles, how a person arranges their environment plays an important role in their overall wellbeing. Feng shui can be applied to any living space, including apartments. When applying feng shui principles to create an inviting atmosphere of love within an apartment, consider the colors, textures, decorations and lighting to create a supportive environment.

In terms of colors, red is believed to activate passion and attract romance while pink evokes compassion, understanding and friendship in relationships. Creating curvilinear shapes instead of angular shapes means you’re inviting more harmony into the space and deflecting negative energy that can disrupt relationships. Flowers are often used as decorations as they have been traditionally linked to beauty and kindness, while crystal ornaments help clear spaces of tiring energy while redirecting positive vibrations into our homes. Soft lighting helps set a relaxed atmosphere for intimacy and romance – but bright lighting can also be uplifting for the spirits of the inhabitants. The goal should be setting a relaxed yet exciting tone for two people who want to come closer together, with each item carefully selected for its potential effect on the unseen energies around us.

Feng Shui Principles for Love in an Apartment

The goal in applying feng shui principles to an apartment for enhancing love and romance is to create a space that encourages relaxation, connection, and comfort. The basic idea behind doing this is that these things lead to a greater sense of harmony and balance within a living space which helps foster positive energies conducive to romantic situations. Proper lighting plays a key role in this process as it is important for providing the right atmosphere for intimacy. Natural light should be encouraged where possible and appropriate lighting fixtures should be used to create subtle yet effective moods throughout the apartment.

Feng shui-aligned colors can also be used to promote a sense of love, with warmer hues such as pink, red, oranges working best in bedrooms and other spaces dedicated more so towards relaxation and connection. Objects placed around the apartment are another way of influencing the energy surrounding relationships. Here, artwork or items related specifically to love – such as cupids or even cards written by partners – can be useful additions as they will bring continued reminders of what matters most. Life plants may also be incorporated into an interior design as they are known to have beneficial effects on overall energy levels.

Specific Feng Shui Dos and Don’ts for Creating Love in an Apartment

Feng Shui Dos

• Place a pair of Mandarin ducks, or a pair of anything that signify love or faithfulness, in the bedroom.
Use pictures with red, pink and purple tones. These colors are associated with romantic energy throughout many cultures.
• Place the bed so it can be seen from the door of the residence but not directly in front of the entrance
• Open all curtains and let as much light into your apartment home as possible. This creates an energetic openness and encourages clarity about relationships.
• Decorate with plants that represent fertility such as peace lilies, money plants, succulents, and jades (Chinese symbols for romance).
• To attract greater harmony into relationships place crystals near the front door like citrine, rose quartz or black tourmaline. These crystals bring happiness and unity to a space.
• Place two table lamps on either side of the bed – this reinforces mutual understanding between both partners.

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Feng Shui Don’ts
• Avoid keeping sharp objects near areas related to love – knives or scissors may create hostile energies that interfere with connection between couples
• Get rid of any broken items in bedrooms as they represent things coming to an end
• Avoid TVs or radios in bedroom which create too much noise and stimulation
• Don’t leave unwashed dishes out overnight – dirty dishes symbolize incomplete projects which have been left undone
• Do not hang mirrors directly opposite each other – this symbolizes conflict between people living together

Examples of Enhancing Love in an Apartment

1. Create Balance – Putting two nightstands perpendicular to the bed and displaying similarly-shaped objects, such as a pair of candles, photos in the same frames, or two vases with similar plants in them will balance chi energy to foster loving energy.

2. Use Red and Pink Hues – Red and pink are known as love colors according to Feng Shui. Adding these colors into traditional décor elements like accent pillows and throw blankets or artwork can allow for positive, loving energy to dominate the atmosphere of the room.

3. Hang Mirrors Thoughtfully – Place mirrors at least five feet off of the ground near yin areas (a chair or couch) of your bedroom positioned so they reflect movement in order to create romantic energy and vibrancy from an energetic perspective.

4. Change Your Artwork – Fill any walls with artwork that reflects images of unity and love. Depictions of bodies of water, cuddling couples, or even nature landscapes, such as mountains aiding one another can all lend different messages about harmony and can help bring more positive romantics energies into a living space.

5. Let There Be Light – Bringing extra lighting into a room or creating brighter areas is Feng Shui friendly when it comes to enhancing passion in a home—especially during intimate moments between two people such as dinner together or date night at home! Take away heavy curtains from windows and using lightbulbs with warm inviting colors can really work wonders for fitting an environment with a bit more love added into it!

Easy-to-Do Tips for Enhancing Love in an Apartment

1. Place a bowl of fruit in your living room – A bowl of fresh fruit placed in the living room can signify prosperity and abundance – two key ingredients to creating a loving atmosphere. Fruits also represent fertility, joyful reunion, and lasting relationships.

2. Use calming colors – Color has powerful energies that have a direct effect on both moods and emotions. Soft colors like white, pink or peach are extremely effective in creating an atmosphere for love. Adding touches of color to your walls such as painting one wall red or pink is another great way to make your living space feel warm and inviting.

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3. Keep good energy flow with open spaces – Blockages can create negative energy which can hinder love from flourihing so it’s important to keep doorways, walkways and archways clear for good luck to flow freely in your home. Additionally, clutter should be kept at minimum as too many items can obstruct positive energy circulation.

4. Enhance the nature element in your home – Plants are known for their capacity to bring life and joy into our environment and they also promote romantic energies by bringing us closer to nature and attracting positive Chi (Qi). Try decorating with fairy lights and amethyst crystals instead of candles which are also associated with bringing abundance into the home while promoting romance too!

Considerations for Working With a Feng Shui Expert

Research the Expert – Choose a Feng Shui expert who has extensive professional training and experience. Make sure they understand your unique LOVE goals and have the qualifications to address them. Ask for referrals and request photos of their work.

Check Their References – Ask friends and family who have worked with a Feng Shui expert before and obtain references prior to hiring anyone. Get feedback on their services, results, attitude, and professionalism to ensure you hire someone who is reliable and detail-oriented.

Scope Of Work – Establish a scope of work with your Feng Shui expert which clearly defines the expectations in terms of time frame, experience level, organization structure within client assignments as well as other details related to creating an environment for love and romance.

Clarity On Changes – Request clarity from your Feng Shui expert regarding what changes may be needed in order to construct the desired environment for love including re-arrangement of furniture, installation of artwork/decor items or any general adjustments that will be needed to support your chosen goal.

Working After The Consultation – A successful consultation will result in an action plan where tasks should be broken down by date so everyone involved knows when each task needs to be completed. Before concluding the session ensure you are comfortable with how all these steps should be executed before taking on any major initiatives out together following the consultation period.


If you want a happy and balanced romantic relationship in your home, the principles of feng shui provide an effective blueprint for creating a harmonious environment. In addition to boosting relationship luck for couples, these easy-to-follow tips can help strengthen the bonds between roommates or even unsuspecting guests who pass through your home’s doors. According to the ancient art of Feng Shui, your relationships with yourself and others depend heavily on the condition of your environment. So why not give it a try? Put these simple Feng Shui apartment ideas into practice and see how they improve your romantic connections!

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