Feng Shui 2 Story House

Introduction to Feng Shui 2 Story Houses

Feng Shui is a traditional Chinese practice that has been used for centuries as an essential part of interior design, architecture and landscaping. This ancient practice seeks to bring balance, luck and prosperity to homes by creating a physical arrangement of objects and elements. Feng Shui 2 Story Houses are homes utilizing the principles of Feng Shui in its layout that spans over two floors.

The purpose of Feng Shui 2 Story Houses is to create a harmonious energy flow throughout the home where all the elements are arranged in accordance with their respective auspicious directions. By arranging furniture, colors, materials and other items in specific patterns or locations in relation to the home’s compass orientation, practitioners believe this helps to manifest health, wealth and happiness inside the home. It also helps to create an atmosphere that enables one to focus on life goals while also allowing family members or housemates to live together harmoniously with one another.

The history behind these types of homes dates back centuries when they were first introduced by Buddhist monks who used them as monasteries where they could study philosophies in solitude and peace. Over time, more people began adopting these designs for their own homes due to their rich symbolic meanings and aesthetics associated with them. Nowadays, many people believe that implementing Feng Shui principles into a two story house can help foster not only material success but also good energy flowing through the home resulting in better relationships between family/household members.

The benefits of having a two story house built with principles from Feng Shui have become increasingly evident over time as people have seen personal improvements such as expanded career opportunities, improved mental health states, improved relationships between parents or spouses, enhanced creativity and personal harmony found within families living under these arrangements.. With its well established roots across multiple cultures it is no wonder why this form of interior design remains popular today among Eastern countries such as China but is becoming more mainstream across our current global society

Determining the Layout of a Two Story Feng Shui House

For a two-story house with feng shui in mind, the layout should promote harmony between the two distinct levels. One popular option is to create a central opening, such as a staircase, between the upper and lower floors. This allows for energy to flow more easily between the two levels, which can help to maintain balance throughout the entire home. Other options include placing an entryway at the center of both stories or building a bridge over the central opening to connect them on a physical and symbolic level.

When it comes to bedrooms and other living spaces, light should be taken into consideration too. A bedroom on the lower floor may benefit from natural sunlight by having windows that face either south or east while one on the upper floor can make use of northern and western exposure that provide plenty of mild light but no direct glare. Additionally, if significant proportions of important items must be placed on one level rather than being repurposed or put away in storage, it’s important to remember that concentration of objects in an area can bring about various forms of strong energy—so if this is unavoidable, use Yin energy balancers like plants and water features to keep things harmonious.

How to Take Advantage of Two-Story Features

Good placement of elements in a two-story house can enhance the energy flow throughout the home. On the ground floor, it is important to allow for an adequate flow of chi by creating a spacious and open layout with wide entry and hallway spaces. Additionally, including furniture that maximizes the space, whether it be low sofas or chairs rather than towering bookcases and cabinets, can help create a balanced energy. Colours used in this area should be muted so as not to overstimulate chi (energy) movement.

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On the second floor, it’s important to pay attention to how features of the home interact between stories and rooms. Balconies should be located away from direct sunlight but still generate a good view of their surroundings. However, these areas should not become overbearing or oppressive – such negative elements can disrupt chi. Bedrooms should be located towards the back of the house and away from communal areas so bedroom privacy is assured yet doesn’t block off positive energy in rest of the rooms.

Finally, when decorating make sure to limit any sharp angled shapes or jutting out protrusions as these corners heavily impede on energies within its path. Remove any clutter and consider activated lighting sources such as natural light and plants where possible for increased harmony amongst its occupants. A well balanced Feng Shui home allows for ease of living in both physical and metaphysical terms: calmness despite whatever external forces may come its way!

Examples of Traditional Two Story Feng Shui House Design

For two-story homes, some feng shui design elements that work particularly well are:

• Having a higher ceiling in the entryway. This serves as both an aesthetic and symbolic element, welcoming positive energies into the home while also creating a sense of openness.

• Employing symmetrical design features between two floors, such as coordinating wall colors or complementary furniture pieces. This can create a feeling of balance and flow between the two levels andground the energy of the entire home.

• Installing water features throughout, including slow-flowing or bubbling fountains located in or near entranceways or sitting areas and strategically placing mirrors to increase the presence of water throughout each floor.

• Utilizing natural materials such as wood and stone wherever possible – from walls and floors to furniture, accessories, and light fixtures – to add warmth and bring nature’s life force into each story.

• Taking advantage of views outside for added energy, if possible; having windows placed strategically to allow increased natural light or views out into gardens or other green spaces can help invigorate positive feng shui energies in two-story designs.

Modernizing Your Two Story Feng Shui House

When combining traditional Feng Shui elements with modern design in your two story house, there are several different strategies to achieve overall balance and energy harmony. One important factor is to bring the powerful and positive energies of feng shui into the home through traditional decorations such as Chinese artwork and furniture placement. Additionally, introduce vibrant colours such as red and gold to bring good luck while avoiding dull colours like grey, which can be a drain on energy.

To make all the rooms in your house feel welcoming, put plenty of thought into your wall finishes and fixtures, using non-reflective materials for walls that don’t intrude on the Feng Shui balance. Consider strategically placed mirrors to create a sense of space, although ensure none of them reflect any beds or toilets. Finally, create a flowing pathway from room to room by using consistent carpeting or flooring throughout the whole house – this will also help avoid any disruptions and disturbances from moving between spaces.

Enhancing Your Two Story Feng Shui House

When implementing Feng Shui principles in a two story house, it is important to pay close attention to the energy (Chi) flow from the bottom floor to the top one. It is advised that you place elements that are charged with positive energies on the lower level, such as mirrors, plants and symbols of luck, in order for their benefits to be diffused throughout all parts of your home.

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Additions can also be made to enhance the energy flow between levels such as an art installation or pieces of furniture at each landing. These pieces will create visual interest while aiding in directing the Chi so that it flows effectively between levels and allows beneficial energies throughout your living space.

It is also beneficial to ensure that there are no obstacles blocking passageways which may impede upon this flow of Chi. Clutter, miscellaneous items, overuse of plants or by a lack of light sources can all cause interruptions in the balance between levels and disrupt this otherwise natural flow of energy. Therefore, removing any unnecessary obstructions and clutter will help to promote healthier and more balanced Chi for your two story house. Furthermore, adding adequate lighting and strategically placed plants can help in bringing additional Lucky Chi into specific rooms or living spaces within one’s home.

Tips for Maximizing the Benefits of a Two-Story Feng Shui House

One of the most important components of maximizing the benefits of a two-story Feng Shui house is exploring different floor plans to ensure Qi, or energy, flows freely throughout the entire home. Similarly, utilizing certain colors and furnishings can also bring prosperity and balance to a two-story home.

When selecting a floor plan for a two-story Feng Shui house, it is important to create a balance between yin and yang energy. Both ground levels should be used equally and each should have an entryway with strong presence that facilitate the Qi’s movement up and down between floors. Additionally, creating symmetrical shapes such as squares or circles can help direct pathways for Qi so it flows evenly throughout the home.

Incorporating colors into each room can also enhance your Feng Shui experience in a two-story home. Cool colors such as blue evoke feeling of tranquility, while warm slights such as red stands for good fortune and can add energy to space. Different shades or tones of these colors are recommended for different areas of your living environment to create further balance between yin and yang.

Selecting specific furnishings for each room will complete the overall look of the interior design in your two-story home while also providing environmental support elements necessary for harmonious Flow to continue running through every corner in your new place. Choose items made with natural materials such as wood or stone to give off an earthy vibe. Floral patterns/symbols bring proper nurturing energy while placing wind chimes near windows encourage fresh energy coming inside your house faster.


The benefits of a two-story Feng Shui home cannot be understated. Utilizing the principles of Feng Shui to effectively flow positive energy through many of the areas in such an incredibly spacious living arrangement can bring great joy, inner peace, and financial abundance. Many find that with two story homes, they are able to create separate rooms for specific purposes, adding to the bright and open feeling throughout. Additionally, having multiple levels allows for a level of flexibility not found in other types of homes. Furthermore, with proper attention and care, two-story homes can last for many generations if built correctly – ensuring the legacy of happiness and joy continues on into the future.

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