East Facing Bedroom Feng Shui

East facing bedroom feng shui is a traditional practice that has been used by many Chinese and other Eastern families for centuries. It is based on the principles of traditional Chinese philosophy which states that everything in the environment has its own unique energy, and when placed correctly it can bring about positive effects.

The main purpose of east facing bedroom fengshui is to create an environment which supports peace, well-being and also abundance in one’s life. This type of decorating and arrangement of furniture can be very effective in bringing about improved relationships, better mental health, a more relaxed lifestyle, as well as greater financial luck.

Balancing Elements: Use Of Colors The most important part of east facing bedroom fengshui is colors; your bedroom should be painted using earthy tones such as blue-green and sandy brown along with shades of green. Since these colors represent the natural elements of air, water, fire, wood, metal and earth – these will help to create the right balance between all these elements in your environment.

It is also important to stay away from bright light blues or pinks as they are too harsh on the eyes while darker hues such as red or black may make it difficult to relax. Another very important element is air; you must make sure that your room provides good fresh air circulation for improving energy flow in your space.

Feng Shui Accessories: Achieve Perfect Harmony When incorporating east facing bedroom feng shuiaccessories into your design scheme it is important to choose items which have a calming effect such as images of nature landscapes/seascapes or symbols like those that are meditative or inspirational such as yin yang symbols. If you prefer crystals, use quartz or rock crystal instead as they demonstrate powerful healing energies perfect for peaceful nights’ sleep and relaxation.

Adding scented candles which provide pleasant aromas also adds to the ambiance while items like pink Himalayan salt lamps give off a beautiful soft glow adding visual appeal to your surrounding areas helping you achieve perfect harmony within your space.

What is East Facing Bedroom Feng Shui?

East Facing Bedroom Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice used to achieve harmony and balance in your home. This practice follows the principles that the placement of objects within a room can bring peace, prosperity, and health to the inhabitants. In order to create optimal energy flow in your bedroom, East-facing bedrooms must follow a few simple guidelines.

The Benefits Of East Facing Bedroom Feng Shui

There are many benefits associated with utilizing East-facing bedroom Feng Shui. Those who practice this form of Feng Shui believe that it enables users to have focus, clarity and peacefulness while also enabling them to experience improved relationships and deeper connections with their family members. In addition, other potential benefits may include stress relief, dreams and success in personal endeavors.

Items To Consider Implementing In An East Facing Bedroom

When designing or redecorating an East-Facing bedroom, there are some important items to consider adding in order to make sure that the room is properly energized for optimal balance and harmony. Some of these items include:

  • A balanced bed: Make sure that the bed has both practicality and aesthetic appeal.
  • Color: Use colors such as white, Blue, Green or Pink which are all attributed to fostering mental clarity.
  • Light Sources: Increase natural light sources as much as possible.
  • Plants/Bamboo: Adding plants will help foster the growth of positive energy.

The Five Elements in East Facing Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the ancient practice of harnessing positive energy around us by following a certain set of principles. When it comes to organizing a bedroom, Feng Shui dictates specific directions that can help create harmony and balance. In particular, bedrooms that are east facing benefit from specific elements to maximize the flow of positive energy.

The five elements – Wood, Earth, Fire, Water and Metal – are an important part of many branches of Chinese medicine and philosophy, including Feng Shui. Each element has a unique ability to evoke certain feelings and ideas within our environment when activated in the right way. Moreover, they’re believed to have special powers that can be used to increase luck in different areas of life such as finances, relationships and health.

Using Earth Element

Earth is associated with stability, family life, nurturing and abundance. To incorporate this element into your bedroom space you should choose items that represent abundance such as a potted plant or flower arrangement. Painted flowers on the walls or even small pieces of artwork depicting nature-scapes will also help bring out the earthy vibes that are necessary for attracting good fortune into your home.

Using Fire Element

Fire represents passion, ambition and strength so introducing this element into an east-facing bedroom may prove beneficial for those seeking success in their career or studies. Red is traditionally seen as the color associated with Fire so using warm hues such as oranges and reds in bed linen or throw cushions are great ways to activate this energy around you.

Furthermore, hanging mirrors on opposite walls across from one another will help reflect light and create movement in your space which helps stimulate ambitions.

Feng Shui Money Plant in Bedroom

Using Water Element

Water symbolizes flow from one area to another which makes it ideal for creating conversation among family members who live together in an east-facing bedroom setting. Aquatic features like fishbowls full of water as well as lamps with soothing underwater light effects will activate this element significantly; particularly if placed near bedsides where conversations often start developing during nighttime hours before sleeping off again until morning time come back.

Colors and Materials

The colors and materials used to decorate an east-facing bedroom can play a crucial role in establishing the desired feng shui energy. To create an atmosphere of prosperity, earth tones or shades of yellow are both good choices. When selecting a color scheme for the walls, it is best to avoid white, since this can be too expansive and make the room appear colder – ideally creating a balance between warmth and cleanliness.

Natural woods are generally favorable for east-facing bedrooms due to their positive connection with nature, which helps bring abundance into the home. If practicalities permit, it may be beneficial to use furniture made from bamboo or oak as these have strong associations with stability and growth.

Lighting: Releasing Positive Chi

The power of light should not be overlooked when optimizing an east-facing bedroom’s environment. Good levels of illumination provided by windows on either side of the room will allow chi (positive energy) to flow freely throughout, while strategically placed lamps can be used as focal points afterward sunset.

Furthermore, sources containing natural light such as fireplaces can produce warm colors which reinforce feelings of coziness and harmony in colder months. Despite this abundance of heat sources – where possible – it is prudent to always opt for curtains that allow plenty of natural light into the area during daylight hours; helping improve moods and inviting positive manifesting energies inside.

Clutter: Organized Spaces Create Balance

Living amidst clutter has been known to decrease mental clarity; negatively impacting lifestyles due to unknown irritants caused by disorganization. Therefore, it is advisable for anyone seeking greater financial prosperity through implementing feng shui principles within an east-oriented bedroom space; one clear action step would include setting aside any unnecessary storage items like extra cushions or clothes around this area – tidy living spaces channel more ways orientated intentions attract wealth creation in positive directions.

Additionally thorough careful selection/positioning of any Feng Shui cures heretofore mentioned (i.e lucky bamboo plants / crystals); one can gain even more benefits due to symbolic relationship these items have on attracting prosperous energy into homes too.

Placement of Furniture for Maximum Positive Energy

When it comes to placing furniture in an east-facing bedroom, the goal is to create a sense of openness and balance. This will help to ensure that positive energy flows freely throughout the space. To achieve this, it is important to consider how the furniture pieces are arranged in relation to each other.

For example, beds should be placed furthest from the door for optimal energy distribution and storage items like wardrobes or chest of drawers should be positioned at least three feet away from the bed. This helps reduce any blockage that can limit the flow of positive energy.

Consider Color Palette Selection

A well-selected color palette is also essential when considering feng shui for an east-facing bedroom. Traditionally, earth tones are used, as these colors are believed to bring calming vibes into a room. Examples include taupes, light yellows, tan browns, and olive greens. However, lighter colors such as blues and purples may also be used to evoke a sense of serenity and relaxation. Additionally, accents of red can be added for an extra burst of good fortune.

Optimize Window Placement

The placement of windows in an east-facing bedroom also plays a key role in optimizing positive energy flow according to feng shui principles. Whenever possible, curtains should remain open during daylight hours so that natural light can fill the space with vibrant energy.

However, at night they should be kept closed to maintain privacy and prevent bad luck from entering through external sources such as noise or stares from passersby on the street below. Additionally, it is recommended that windows on opposite walls remain lightly covered with sheer curtains or shades rather than dark draperies which attract more negative vibes into a space.

Feng Shui Tips to Create Harmony in an East Facing Bedroom

Creating a harmonious space within the bedroom is essential for healthy relationships, restful sleep, and overall well being. Utilizing Feng Shui principles in an east-facing bedroom will bring powerful energetic forces to help achieve this desired harmony.

No matter if the room has dark tones or vibrant hues of colors, outfitting it with natural elements provides deeply rooted energy and grounds the energy in the room. Incorporate wood furniture, bamboo curtains and shades, floor coverings like wool rugs or seagrass mats, and clay based materials like terra cotta vases to connect with nature.

Live plants are fantastic choices as they have a remarkable ability to absorb and uplift much of the negative energy while providing fresh air circulation for improved sleep quality. Place plants in groups near the window or any corner of the bedroom for extra cleansing power.

Cover up all windows with layers of fabric which allow some light inside while still protecting your space from outside influences that can disrupt its balance and create clutter. Use fabrics like silk, voile, cotton, linen, and bamboo Roman shades or sheer curtains to encourage positive chi movement throughout your east facing bedroom.

Soften up hard surfaces such as floors by adding brightly colored throw rugs made from wool or other natural fibers as these are strong grounding materials that act both aesthetically pleasing but also offer protection from too much direct yang energy which can make one feel over stimulated during their quiet time at night or upon waking up each morning.

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Arrange comfortable furniture pieces in such a way to provide a dedicated place for relaxation yet be free flowing enough for guests to move freely around the living area without restriction. Consider investing in two cozy chairs where you both can take a breather for intimate conversations versus sitting on only one side of the bed all night long.

Last but not least hang artwork or mirrors on walls with soft curves that flow rather than sharp angles as this will make your space look balanced and inviting while helping promote calmness and tranquility whenever you enter it.

Mistakes to Avoid and Common Questions

When Feng Shui is applied in an east facing bedroom, it is important to be aware of certain mistakes that can be easily avoided. One such mistake is the placement of a bed under an East facing window. This can cause negative energy to accumulate in this room and disrupt the natural flow of chi.

Additionally, metal objects should not be placed between the bed and window as this will deflect the energy away from the space instead of letting it fill the room. To prevent this issue, curtains or blinds should be used to obstruct direct sunlight coming into the bedroom.

It is also important that you don’t place water elements such as a fish tank or aquarium in an east facing bedroom. Water elements are said to represent wealth and abundance but due to their active nature they can create chaos in a space that needs calming energy.

Another issue when considering an east facing bedroom is clutter. Clutter interruptsing the positive flow of energy so it should be removed or organised in a way that doen’t take up too much space. Mirrors should also not be placed on walls directly opposite either side of the door – thus leaving these walls free from distracting objects that could interfere with proper energy circulation within this room.

Benefits and Tips for Improving Energy

An east facing bedroom has several positives despite needing more careful consideration when it comes to applying Feng Shui principles; light from sunrise streaming through open windows can promote positive vibes while creating a bright atmosphere filled with optimism ans inspiration during those morning hours every day.

Additionally, items like candles, lamps, diffusers and essential oils can enhance feelings of contentment while instilling balance in this setting as well – just ensure they don’t overpower by surrounding spaces with strong scents for too long.

Incorporating earth tones throughout an east facing bedroom can help create a gently grounding effect via warm shades of yellow or tan; additionally light blue has associations with wisdom and growth which aligns perfectly with Feng Shui’s goals for cultivating mindfulness in daily living spaces. Anything else included in decor here should avoid sharp edges which would damage the positives taken from soft colors used elsewhere within this setting.

Plant life like succulents add beauty while promoting oxygenation – another element at play in balancing out offerings from terracotta tiles often found floor surface here too (or carpet if preferred).


Feng Shui is a great way to bring balance and harmony into your home. It is believed that the east direction has an influence over certain aspects of our lives, such as our relationships, wealth, health, awareness, and spirituality. The right placement of your bed in an east-facing room will help you to align with these elements and ultimately improve your life and well-being.

Having an east-facing bedroom can bring balance and positive energy into your life. By bringing mindful attention to the symbolism of the positioning of your bed in this room, it will create a container where sleeping can be done peacefully. This positioning will symbolically act like a portal for balanced energy which can facilitate well-being on all levels.

The energetic benefits that come with proper Feng Shui in an east facing bedroom are quite impressive. Not only will it tend to promote peace and relaxation for those who sleep there; but as previously mentioned, it can also help lift up one’s mood by giving them some balance in their lives.

In addition, having good Feng Shui in this type of room has also been found to reduce stress levels while promoting deeper relaxation when sleeping there at night.

The benefits of having an east-facing bedroom with appropriate Feng Shui go far beyond just physical relaxation though – it can actually be quite spiritual too. This type of set up encourages awakening past mental blocks that may be preventing us from reaching our full potential – allowing individuals the space to explore their deeper truths within themselves as well as connect more deeply with those around them.

This kind of introspection creates the foundation for even higher states of consciousness and being open to new opportunities in life. Ultimately having a properly feng shuied east facing bedroom allows individuals to gain insight while living peacefully without thought bombardment or internal chaos that may interfere with everyday life activities if not addressed and released appropriately through this form or personal exploration.

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