Door Facing North East Feng Shui


Door Facing North East Feng Shui is an ancient practice based upon Chinese traditions, that focuses on the positioning and layout of a home in order to bring wealthier, healthier, and more successful lives. It involves the manipulation of energy flow in order to enhance people’s life force energy called “Qi”. This practice believes in the existence of channels and directions of energy, wherein each direction being associated with different kinds of energies. North East specifically has a positive association and can help bring fortune and luck, as long as its main entrance is facing this direction.

The benefits for choosing a door facing north east includes improved chi or qi flow throughout the home which brings positive changes such as strengthening relationships, increased wealth & prosperity for all family members and better health. By having this direction as the entry points for your home or office it radiates positive qi around allowing for positive energies to come into it. Additionally it also helps strengthen relationships with family members, aiding communication along with mutual understanding between them due to the enhanced Chi flow inside the home. There are other ways you can improve energy flow such as placing certain plants or crystals at strategic locations in order to maximize the good energy flowing around you.

Analyzing the Layout

1. Identifying North and East – Establish the true North by using a compass and marking the threshold of the NE door direction with a piece of plaster, masking tape or appropriate color ink that won’t damage walls or floors.

2. Analyzing Structure – Note any external structural details such as balconies or stairwells that might affect chi or positive energy represented by this direction for environmental balance.
3. Checking Surroundings – Confirm visual cues around the house to determine where is NE located, if it faces away from public view, if its visible from different angles, and if it is free from obstructions that might block energy flow.

4. Assessing Size – Consider whether other doors leading to this area create a more harmonious appearance in terms of size, symmetry, and balance.

5. Exploring Elements – Account for other existence of earth elements like trees, water sources, stone pathways which encourages qi energy to circulate the space in harmony.
6. Examining Placement – Note location of furniture within this room or corridor to optimize good fortune according to ancient Chinese practice by keeping distance between bed/bedside table and door as well as opposing corner desks across each other..

Best Practices

One way of using the principles of feng shui when setting up your home is to pay attention to the direction door is facing. A traditional practice suggests that having a door located in the north east corner of the house brings balance to its occupants and offers joy, happiness, and harmony. Here are some best practices for incorporating this tip into your living space:

– When possible, decorate the north-east area with bright colors and aims for a balanced and airy feeling.

– Place mirrors in this area as they contribute to strong energy flow.

– Putting pieces of furniture near this corner can help draw attention away from it, preventing it from dominating the room’s atmosphere.

– Use crystals or stones with cool colors like blue and light green; they create peace while still bringing focus and clarity to the space’s center.

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– Incorporate wind chimes or water features in this area as these bring calming energies that help dissipate chaotic prosperity influences and negative chi.

– Keeping an indoor fountain close by will also help bring alive positive energies throughout the entire room complementing its other components beautifully.

– Add plants, flowers, or artwork that are vibrant but not overly busy as too much stimulation may cause chaos rather than balance.

– Last but not least, lighting should be considered within this part of your living space; dim lamps are recommended over ultra bright lights which can increase stress and anxiety levels within anyone nearby

Avoiding Imbalances

North east facing doors can bring in either too much yin energy or too much yang energy, depending on the space and the arrangement of the home. The Feng Shui energies and elements of this direction are very challenging for interior design, causing negative emotions and mental stress. It’s best to minimize this imbalance with adjustments such as:

1. Introducing bright colors and lighting to balance the dark Yin energy of North East.

2. Use plants to balance excessive harsh energy from windows, mirrors, or bright surfaces.

3. Place a rug or carpet on the floor that echoes strong colors like reds and blues help to create energetic balance in large open areas with no colors around it, blanketing darker shades on floors or natural stone work.

4. Screens made out wood can be used to cover up a window which is not directly facing north east, yet still present both calming and energizing effects when balancing out dark shadows with light colors or patterns in the room.

5. Paint your walls a lighter color like off-white or pastel blue will reduce both extraordinary hardship received from exposed direct sunlight as well as dark yin spaces created by lack of windows, insufficient artificial lighting fixtures and an overhead expanse of wall space away from any furniture placement or decorative art pieces hanging nearby impactful enough to draw light away from the corner above door frame entrance points towards inside corners off-far side for warmer breath feel amid space circumstance stimulating work productivity apart from visual eyesight obstruction caused by lifeless dreariness surrounding area where clock sings alarms indicating exhaustion felt throughout day due course dragging spirit–into weariness calling quit time turnouts unpromising consequences curdling outcome presented wakefulness inside self having further bleached exhausted souls come daylight ends whatever remained unseen did cast shadows fright bereaved minds full loss sightless confusion sustained afflicted dichotomies metronomic dispersion suddenly stopped painful silence uttered sorrowfulness lumbered upon existing global melancholy affecting countless people determined peace remain foiled –a desperate attempt dethrone– enemy overlaying worst case scenarios actualizing similar horrors predicted fiction wrapped deaths all notions devised remedy weakened enemy stronghold their fortitude had ceased know fierceness terror they reveled greed gained leverage stemming worldwide spread pandemic chaos deathly grips darkness encroaching soul desolation seemed complete looked skies prayers unanswered

Decorating for Balance

The north east door can be quite difficult to decorate, however creating good Feng Shui in this part of the house is important. One way to create balance and bring “good energy” into the room is by making sure that both sides of the doorway are balanced and symmetrical. Start by keeping furniture off both sides of the doorway, letting the natural flow of light and air move freely throughout the area. This will also make it easier for you to observe visitors as they arrive from outside your home.

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After ensuring balance within the space, decorate using colors that promote an atmosphere of tranquility and openness. Neutral tones such as beige, grey or cream can all help add a sense of serenity to this area. Soft textures are another excellent addition; velvet or faux-fur cushions can help make the area invitingly welcoming, bringing calmness to the north east corner too. Finally, adding artwork or pictures depicting nature scenes such as fields, wide open skies or forests are excellent choices as they stimulate positive energy in Feng Shui practices. These images allow us to take a moment and appreciate our beautiful environment while giving us feelings of abundance. Equally add some plants like lucky bamboo or ferns – these will help purify any negative energy that may have entered with guests in this otherwise tranquil zone


When a door is facing North East, it can lead to an imbalance of energies in the surrounding space. This can often be seen in physical manifestation such as a lack of motivation or feeling overwhelmed and unfocused. To remedy this situation feng shui experts propose several methods. One way is to introduce the element of wood, which will help to offset the energy from the North East direction by bringing balance and harmony. This might come in the form of wooden furniture or even houseplants, both of which help create grounding energy within the area. Additionally, Feng Shui practitioners suggest displaying images like landscapes scenes or paintings that depict natural elements such as grass, plants, and trees as these will enhance wood elements throughout the room. Other items that promote feelings of peace such as candles, crystals or wind chimes may also be beneficial to incorporate when trying to bring balance into a space with a North East door. Finally, removing old or outdated objects can be helpful too; doing this allows stagnant energy to flow out leading to ambition and motivation. Taking all these measures will ultimately result in the desired effect which is tranquility and abundance in your immediate environment.


Overall, having a door facing North East is considered to be beneficial according to Feng Shui. It brings a steady flow of positive chi energy that helps with physical and mental health, as well as wealth and prosperity. With the right placement of the furniture and proper use of colors, these positive energies can be further amplified. On the other hand, improper placement of objects or wrong colors can disrupt the flow of Chi energy which can cause health issues and stagnation in life. Therefore it is important to analyze the home structure properly before taking any major decisions regarding direction of opening doors in order to increase best luck and avoid bad luck from entering into your house.

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