North East Front Door Feng Shui

Introduction to North East Front Door Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that began over 3,000 years ago. It considers the relationships between people, their environments, and the elements of nature. The goal of Feng Shui is to create balance between these energies in order to bring positive outcomes in business, health and relationships.

The North East direction is associated with the element of Earth, which symbolizes love and family unity. In addition, it also represents intelligence and wisdom. With front door Feng Shui, it is important to ensure this area brings in positive energy. Elements such as a path leading up to the entryway or bright lighting placed around your house can help strengthen its North East energy allowing for greater luck and fulfillment in life. Other relevant additions include plants/flowers (such as bamboo or aloe) or any artwork that reflects peace, serenity and prosperity. These items will ensure the North East door has an abundance of positive yang energy that will ultimately bless you with harmony in life!

Importance of the North East Direction

The North East is an important direction in Feng Shui, and those who live in this area of the world are lucky to be connected to the Water element of success and prosperity. This direction is associated with learning and spiritual knowledge and when you tap into it properly, you’re able to attract wealth and success into your home.

The North East is also known as the “Scholar Sector” because through it, you obtain information which can help you advance in both education and career pursuits. Achieving a good education or acquiring career-enhancing knowledge is key to achieving success in life. Therefore, positioning yourself to gain from this sector could be beneficial for your future plans. One way to do this is by facing the North East when you’re studying or working at home. Using an appropriately colored desk for representation of the North East element of water will also add potency to its powers.

Feng Shui principles suggest that making sure the entry door of your home faces the North East could bring powerful energy into your space. To further channeling these positive energies, symbols associated with water can be placed outside your main entrance door – either a fountain, aquarium or paintings bearing images like rivers, seas or lakes. Doing so will ensure that when you open the house or enter it, what comes first on your path would be positive energy associated with fortune and prosperity. Additionally, allowing plenty of natural light into your house through windows facing the north east direction may help energize its corresponding area – helping it become a source of fortune and luck.

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Basic Guidelines for North East Front Doors Feng Shui

When placing a front door in the North East direction, there are a few criteria that should be met. First, it is preferred to have either stone or wood floors for this area. This can help create a stability that will cultivate a sense of security and protection within the home. It’s also ideal to clear any clutter from the entrance or surrounding space and make sure that there is enough light entering the area, especially in the morning.

Moreover, any furniture placed near the entryway should be solid, sturdy, and unfussy. Wooden pieces made from dark or earthy tones tend to work best here as they bring further steadiness and harmony. The piece should highlight the entrance without being overly dominant or distracting away from it. Additionally, when decorating near or around entryways, one should stay away from overcrowding and sharp edges as these can cause jarring energy which affects the flow of chi (positive energy). Finally, an auspicious element such as a plant can be added in order to open up good luck and prosperity into your new home’s atmosphere.

Design Tips for North East Front Doors Feng Shui

To create a North East front door that follows the principles of Feng Shui, there are a few design tips to follow:

1. Colors – Choose colors that are considered yin or calming in nature, such as blues, purples, and greens. Avoid stimulating colors like reds and oranges. These colors will create a tranquil atmosphere outside your home.

2. Materials – Opt for materials such as wood or stone for your front door to bring natural energy into your home’s environment. If a more modern look is desired, stainless steel can also be utilized as fengshui-friendly material.

3. Shapes – Select shapes that lack sharp angles but rather have curves or circles to symbolize good luck and happiness in life. For example, an arching doorway will lend a welcoming feeling entryway into your home than an overly pointed one might.

By incorporating these design tips for North East Front Door Feng Shui you can make sure your space follows the principles of Feng Shui while creating an aesthetically pleasing entrance to enjoy!

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Ideas for Enhancing North East Front Door Feng Shui

Lighting: Outdoor lighting around the North East area of the home, such as porch or wall lights, should be kept clean and simple in colour and design with clear bulbs preferably to represent clarity of goals. Low-security motion sensor lights can help enhance feng shui energy.

Landscaping: Adding vibrant plants, fresh flowers, and water elements like a wind chime or indoor fountain around the entranceway—where neighbors can see them—can further boost energy flow at this entryway. Installing a red welcome mat with Chinese characters is highly recommended for warmly greeting guests, family members, and energy into your home. Statues, wood cutouts of dragons or Phoenixes, along with pagoda lanterns may also be used to increase beneficial chi!


When it comes to Feng Shui, the North East direction is an incredibly powerful one. If your front door is located in this area of your house, you can benefit from the many advantages that go along with it. By carefully implementing certain Feng Shui principles of the North East direction, you can achieve a more harmonious and prosperous home.

Some key takeaways from this blog on how to Feng Shui your North East front door includes:
1. Choose a reliable and solid metal material for your front door as much as possible
2. Hang a metal wind chime or fortunate bells outside the door
3. Avoid having too many angles or sharp edges around the entrance
4. Place symbols such as symbols of money or fortune at the entrance to bring wealth into your home
5. Utilize mirrors in some way at the entrance, even if it’s just small decorative pieces, to increase positive Chi flow inside
6. Keep clutter away from the entrance and make sure it’s kept clean and tidy
7. Display good quality pot plants near the entrance for good luck and abundance

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