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Introduction to Diamond Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art that has been around for thousands of years. It is a system of harmonious energy or Qi (also known as Chi), that allows us to create balance and harmony in our physical environment. Traditionally, Feng Shui involves the placement of objects such as furniture and decorations in order to activate energy flow throughout the space. By creating this balance, practitioners believe it can bring prosperity, success, and good luck into the life of those inhabiting it. The Diamond Feng Shui Download is an easy-to-use digital program designed to help you understand and employ traditional Feng Shui principles.

What makes Diamond Feng Shui Unique?

Diamond Feng Shui, also known as Flying Star Feng Shui, differs from traditional Feng Shui in four key ways. The first difference is that Diamond Feng Shui locates the individual energies of each room and how they combine together to create an environment of health and harmony. Secondly, Diamond Feng Shui takes into account the elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water in order to properly assess where energy should be most effectively distributed. Thirdly and most importantly, Diamond Feng Shui uses an ancient Chinese concept called “I Ching” which involves eight stars to map out a house with the goal being to bring the most auspicious energies to their location. Finally, Different cures such as wind chimes, mirrors or crystals are used in order for these good energies to better circulate around the home or building. All of this combines to create a unique philosophy; one specifically designed for bringing balance and luck into people’s lives in a way that traditional Feng Shui can only dream of achieving.

The Benefits of Diamond Feng Shui

Diamond Feng Shui is an easy-to-follow online program designed to help you create the perfect balance in your home. By using this powerful tool, you can gain access to ancient wisdom that combines feng shui, gemscaping and intuitive techniques to bring harmony into your living space. With Diamond Feng Shui, you can make positive changes within yourself while also feeling more secure and relaxed in your home environment.

Customer testimonials:
“I decided to try Diamond Feng Shui a few months ago after I moved into my new house. I could instantly feel the effects of it in my daily life! This program has helped me keep a sense of balance and harmony within my home and even work out some underlying issues like clutter and stress.” -Ellen B.

“I was skeptical at first but it turns out that Diamond Feng Shui was one of the best investments I’ve made in my home since moving here! It’s so much easier to focus and find peace now that I’m surrounded by such harmonious energy.” – Mark M.

Mirror Placement Feng Shui

How to Practice Diamond Feng Shui

Diamond Feng Shui is based on the understanding that a well-balanced environment provides balance and flow of vital energy (chi). It involves the placing of crystals and other objects in order to create harmony and promote positive physical, mental and spiritual health.

Step 1: Select Your Objects – Choose objects related to the five elements of feng shui – wood, fire, earth, metal, water – such as crystals, stones or symbols to represent each element.

Step 2: Place Your Crystals – Choose an area in your space that you would like to focus your intentions on. Arrange all or some of your chosen elements in this chosen location using the objects. Consider orienting them in specific ways depending on their purpose. Make sure any round crystal has its top facing up for best energy flow.

Step 3: Activate Your Space with Proverbs – After you’ve completed Step 2, close your eyes and visualize a golden light surrounding the area you’re trying to clear energetically. Now recite any healing proverbs or mantras aloud three times over the crystal elements you have placed. This will activate your intentions and aid in manifesting positive vibes and energies into your environment.

Step 4: Stay Aware & Recharge Regularly – Moving forward, be mindful of any changes happening around this diamond feng shui crystal array. Recharge these crystals at least once a month outside in direct sunlight or inside near one lit candle for 60 seconds (while reciting affirming mantras aloud). Do not leave it there; be mindful of fire safety precautions!

Tips and Tricks for Getting the Most Out of Diamond Feng Shui

Case Study 1:

Alice had been struggling to make her home feel more inviting and warm. She noticed that no matter how much time and effort she invested, her efforts always felt inadequate. After learning about Diamond Feng Shui, Alice was able to make simple changes, like utilizing the power of mirrors, adjusting furniture layouts and implementing specific colors in her home that benefited from this energy practice. Within a few weeks, Alice started to feel a massive change in the vibe of her dwelling – it was softer, lighter and she could genuinely feel that cozy comfort she’d been searching for!

Case Study 2:
Bradley moved into an apartment with a strict landlord where all personal amenities were off-limits due to regulations. He realized quickly he needed some positivity in the home – but he couldn’t really hang things or paint walls, etc. Out of curiosity he looked into Diamond Feng Shui and decided to try it out despite his barriers. Bradley rearranged his furniture according to the guidance within the practice, placed mirrors around strategically, embraced natural light and found aromatic solutions as well. To his amazement, after only days of following these instructions he could feel an immense shift in his environment–it became much calmer, relaxed and welcoming compared before!

Why Chinese Believe in Feng Shui

How to Access The Diamond Feng Shui Download

Are you ready to benefit from the power of Diamond Feng Shui? Download our Diamond Feng Shui eBook today and start learning the secrets of using this ancient Chinese practice in your own life! With simple instructions and illustrations, you’ll quickly learn how to use the five elements to optimize your home’s energy flow and create a more harmonious living environment. Click the button below to access your free copy of the Diamond Feng Shui eBook now and start creating positive energy in your home today!

Where to Find Additional Resources on Diamond Feng Shui

Free Sources:

1. The Academy of Feng Shui offers free webinars on Diamond Feng Shui.
2. A video series called “The Power of Diamond” by Master Chin Tungsten is available online and includes tips, information, and exercises on the practice of Diamond Feng Shui.
3. TaoistPath.com offers forum discussions, articles, and interviews on a variety of topics related to Diamond Feng Shui.
4. JingChiSystems.com provides an array of resources such as diagrams, diagrams and illustrations, meditations and chants for strengthening energy flow with the use of diamond elements within a space in accordance with the principles of Diamond Feng Shui.

Paid Sources:
1. The author of “Diamond Feng Shui Resources Guide” provides videos detailing different aspects and methods associated with the practice through his subscription-based website for $30 per month or $300 for the year.
2. Johnny Plaza offers courses consisting of personal consultation sessions via Skype, Qi energy cleansing technology application instruction, guide books on diamond shapes and symbols used in implementing this type of Chinese Geomancy, remote healing sessions through cellular phone transmission and evaluations at his website PlatinumFengShuiTrainingCenter.com ranging from $300 to upwards of $5500 based on package chosen..
3. The Institute for Transforming Spaces offers private consulting services as well as distance learning classes throughout the year taught by experienced instructors teaching how to maximize space results with modern day feng shui principles in addition to providing guidance with traditional ancient Chinese Geomancy instructions., Rates depend upon service chosen but range from $100 to upward sof $10K based upon services requested…


Don’t wait any longer: get your hands on the powerful Diamond Feng Shui Download to begin seeing how this ancient art can transform your life today! By downloading the Diamond Feng Shui, you’ll gain an instant infusion of Peace, Stringth and Prosperity into your living space and beyond. Download your copy now and experience a new way of living that brings balance and harmony back into your home.

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