Color Of The Year Feng Shui 2022

## Color Of The Year Feng Shui 2022
This year, the color of the year in Feng Shui terms goes to Yellow. Yellow is the color of joy, optimism, and enthusiasm. It uplifts us, energizes us, and gives us the feeling of being able to do anything we put our minds to. Here’s why it is the perfect color of the year for 2022.

### Positive Energy & Abundance
Yellow is an uplifting color that brings into our lives a sense of optimism and enthusiasm. It is a color of abundance and joy, bringing us the feeling of being able to accomplish whatever we set our minds to. Yellow is a great color to infuse any room in your home, as it will bring in a great amount of positive energy and promote abundance.

### Right Amount of Energizing Vibes
Yellow is a great energizing color and Feng Shui experts suggest yellow as a very auspicious color for the new year. It is perfect for any of us hoping for a new kind of energy and enthusiasm for the coming year.

With it’s energizing vibes, yellow is not the brightest color in the rainbow, and does not overpower like other colors can. It is a gentle color that will not overwhelm and won’t cause overstimulation.

### The Color Of Happiness
Ultimately, yellow is the color of happiness and it is also the color of success. It has been proven to be a stimulating color, which makes it great for a year in which we are all hoping to find more joy, more abundance and more success.

Feng Shui Bagua Map 2022

### The Meaning Of Yellow
Yellow has been said to represent the following emotion:
– **Joy**: Yellow is often associated with happiness, optimism, joy and a feeling of being able to do anything.
– **Wisdom**: Yellow is seen as a bright and intelligent color that can lead to wisdom and understanding.
– **Enthusiasm**: Yellow can also be associated with enthusiasm and a great deal of energy.
– **Protection**: Yellow is a color of protection and can be used to protect ourselves from negative influences and bad luck.

### How To Decorate With Yellow
When using yellow in your home, try to infuse it in small doses. Too much yellow can lead to feelings of overstimulation as well as restlessness.

– Incorporate yellow in soft and fabric accessories like rugs, curtains, pillows and throws.
– Incorporate yellow in artwork and frames
– Choose yellow throws and fabrics to add a bit of brightness and cheery-feel
– Add yellow accents with lamps or frames
– Use other colors to balance the energy of yellow

With its cheerful energy, yellow is the perfect color for the Feng Shui of 2022. It’s a great color to bring in positive energy, spark joy and create an atmosphere of abundance.

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