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Feng Shui, or the art of balancing chi (energy) within a home or space, has long placed importance on the impact of color in regards to increasing balance and harmony. Color is used strategically in Feng Shui to create energy shifts and also for its symbolic meaning. Since ancient times, colors have been used in Feng Shui as symbols of various entities such as wealth, luck, career opportunities, health, happiness, important relationships and more.

Although there is no definitive scientific backing behind the practice of Feng Shui or its application of colors, many swear by the simple pleasure of visually changing up their environment with color. By doing this, they establish positive associations that can effectively shift their outlooks or feelings towards their spaces. Proof enough that colors must therefore retain some sort of powerful influence over our mental states!

In 2021 specific colors are being suggested for use in Feng Shui as they represent aspects such as stability, steadiness and groundedness – all essential elements to mastering a great life flow throughout the year.. Every season brings its own set of symbolic colors which serve different purposes in stimulating productivity and wellbeing – this is especially true when such colors are applied in terms of Feng Shui principle usage!

For 2021 strong neutrals such as warm greys and earthy tones will be complemented with natural shades like sage green and light blue for a slight touch of brightness. Accents should be kept minimal but effective with lively brights to create energy when needed – shades like splashes of pink or yellow will work well here too! Choosing wisely amongst these hues can help bring more comfort into any space; from your bedroom walls to your workspace desk setup – turn your environment into an intentional atmosphere this starting this new year!

Appreciating & Using Colors in Your 2021 Feng Shui Practice

Color is a powerful tool in Feng Shui and is used to influence the flow of energy in your environment. In 2021, we must be mindful that there are specific colors that will be most beneficial for inspiring positive change. There are three main categories associated with Year of the Ox which include courage, resilience, and trustworthiness. Drawing on the attributes of these characteristics, the colors most indicative of 2021 are blue, white, aqua and gold.

Blue symbolizes communication, while aqua evokes mental clarity to foster relationships with others. White is reflective of cleanliness and stability. Gold helps manifest abundance, giving us strength and courage to break through our limitations and achieve a heightened level of wellness.

Incorporating these colors into your Feng Shui practice can create harmony and balance in your environment. Blue can be incorporated through furniture or small décor items such as pillows or blankets; an aqua colored lamp or picture frame complements a bedroom or living room; white candles around the home will help promote clarity; and gold accents bring balance to any space. Additionally, painting walls with any one of these colors creates a unified energy throughout your home that should not go overlooked this year! If you’re looking for more ways to incorporate color into your space through glasswork, ceramics, art installations or jewelry selections – adding various hues will give each area it’s own nourishing energy filled ambiance!

Color Selection Guidelines

When it comes to 2021 feng shui, it’s vital to select the right colors. Colors can be used to stimulate and maximize your luck, health, and prosperity every aspect of your life. When using color in feng shui, you should use light shades as they are most harmonious with nature’s elements.

Colors associated with different aspects of Feng Shui typically match the qualities that each element represents: Wood is green and brown; Fire is red, yellow and orange; Earth is tan and pink; Metal is grey and white; Water is black and blue. For example, if you want harmony into your home you would use earth tones like pink or tan since these interact with the associated Earth Element which helps bring calmness and balance into your home.

When introducing color into your space for 2021 feng shui, consider specific areas, such as the bedroom or kitchen where certain colors represent specific aspects. For instance, a bedroom can be improved by painting the walls green or brown corresponding to the qualities of growth or nourishment from nature represented by the Wood Element. Red or yellow in a kitchen can increase energy for cooking meals for friends and family–qualities associated with Fire Element’s warmth and cheerfulness. Notice how selecting appropriate colors in an area can help create strong Feng Shui there as well as in other areas of your home!

Best Colors For A Living Room Feng Shui

Focusing on 2021

The colors that you choose to incorporate into your home for the upcoming year are a meaningful representation of your intentions for the future. As 2021 comes upon use, consider utilizing some of the following colors as part of your Feng Shui practice:

White: White is associated with simplicity & cleanliness. It reminds us to strive towards clarity within our lives while eliminating distractions. White also symbolizes balance and encourages fresh starts.

Green: Green is associated with nature & growth, reminding us to reconnect with our environment and be aware of what’s around us. Green sparks learning and encourages growth in all aspects of life.

Yellow: An optimistic color, yellow awakens creativity and cheerfulness, bringing good news & new ideas that invigorate us with energy. This color also invites self expression, communication & spontenality.

Purple: A spiritual color, purple promotes wisdom & knowledge as well as inner peace & healing from trauma. It instills trust in both ourselves and others we invite into our lives.

Feng shui is not just about bringing desirable aesthetic qualities into a living space by mixing colors and objects; it’s a practice designed to bring energetic balance between an individual and their environment in an effort to uplift one’s spirit when energetically balanced thus enhancing positive vibes in a living space. If looking to accessorize more deeply than simply adding new furniture or repainting walls then start small by adding items such as pillows or throws in each represented color looking to unlock their deeper meaning yet doing so without overburdening one self buying too many pieces at once rather working slowly introducing one item at a time so not only can those energy be absorbed but can remain enjoyed by those occupying the space. With the goal being improved lifestyle look beyond the cards and see how each chosen hue will fit within an existing decor arranging them accordingly on shelves even tables or adorns accents such as artwork or varying pieces intent on bringing in desired intentions surrounding health wealth relationships luck love joy etc truly helping align every facet of your personal journey overall yield long lasting benefits!

Choosing the Best Colors for 2021

The perfect hue and color combination can brighten up any home, inspire creativity, and bring a sense of balance to your space. 2021 is an exciting time for design trends, with the focus this year being on creating ‘feng shui’ spaces.

Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophical practice that uses the energy of our environment to create harmony within individual living or working spaces. One important part of Feng Shui is to use the right colors in your home or workspace to boost good vibes and wellbeing.

When it comes to color for feng shui in 2021, neutrals are calming and serene while energizing shades are great for encouraging focus and productivity. Shades of blue, like navy and teal, bring clear communication energies as well as a feeling of balance to any room – so these make a great choice for work spaces or bedrooms which need clarity and calm. Reds, pinks, oranges and yellows bring confidence but also promote good conversation – making them a great choice for dining rooms or living areas that need something extra special. Greens have healing powers – so if you want something that radiates peace choose deep dusky greens rather than bright limes shades. Finally whites can help make your surrounding lighter but also promote peace and clarity. No matter what hue you pick, ensure you choose one with meaning behind it so you get the benefits from its power!

Achieving Balance with the Appropriate Color Combinations

Color plays an essential role in creating balance as part of Fung Shui, the traditional Chinese art of design and placement. According to Feng Shui principles, colors can promote a sense of calm and serenity, help to renew internal energy reserves, and attract positive chi which is a form of energy believed to bring people good luck.

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In 2021, the colors that are key for achieving balance according to Feng Shui principles include tones such as orange and pink. Orange is energizing but not overpowering; its warm hue helps radiate joy and stimulate mental activity. Pink is another great choice as it represents love and friendship while also helping to create a sense of security. Blue hues can also contribute to balance—the depth of dark blue shades offers protection from external influences, while lighter shades can provide tranquility and clarity. Finally, beige shades can be grounding elements for creating neutrality in living spaces.

Finding the right color combination for your own home or business space can help you find harmony and achieve the best possible victory with Feng Shui principles. Home decor touches such as throw pillows, accent chairs or walls painted in specific colors will help connect you with your environment in a unique way that reflects your personal journey towards equilibrium and success in 2021. Adding complementary furniture or materials made from natural elements such as wood or stone may also assist in reinforcing positive energy within the space throughout the year ahead. As always when considering how best to integrate Feng Shui into your life – whether at home or work – it’s important to remember that every individual’s path towards balance looks different based on their own needs and spiritual goals.

Customizing Your 2021 Color Palette To Achieve Balance

2021 is a year of commotion and disruption, so embracing color for Feng Shui can help us find balance in the midst of all the chaos. Because colors have both physical and emotional influences on our minds, bodies, and spirits; choosing colors for their associations with energy flow can liven up your life. Each year has a unique set of energies related to its Feng Shui elements, or “Loos.” It’s essential to understand how these energies interact with each other before selecting colors.

For 2021—the Year of the Yang Metal Ox—the associated Loos are Metal in the West and North-West, Earth in the South-East/Center/North, Water in the North-East and Fire in the South – meaning there are specific shades that can bring balance depending on which direction you need more energy from. In terms of finding balance this year overall, warm shades like yellow, pink, and green should be balanced out by cooler hues like blue and grey—also introducing artwork or items that combine these colors together can lend nicely to a sense of harmony throughout your home or office space.Incorporating white décor throughout your space is also recommended this year as it helps to create a clean slate where new activities or ideas can develop–this will help to increase communication opportunities while creating respect among yourself and your peers. Since brown reflects an element of Earth energy as well – working it into wood furniture items is another way to create cooperation between opposing sides when needed. Overall, incorporating multiple colors into your Feng Shui palette will help you access chi at its fullest potential allowing for quick resolution between allies and adversaries alike!


Incorporating color into a 2021 Feng Shui practice can be an effective way to create more vibrant and powerful energy. Different colors can be used to channel a user’s chosen intent, attract wealth and success, or enhance self-confidence and courage. When used to decorate the home, color can be used to energize each area of the Bagua map, based on their respective elements. When using color in other spaces such as the office or business, the element associated with that space should be considered. Additionally, items like mirrors and paintings can also add an extra dimension of beauty and energy. Finally, special offerings like red envelopes or mandarin oranges should also be included in any energetic intention set for 2021 Feng Shui. All of these pieces together can help amplify any energy set out through color manipulation in order to illustrate one’s purpose and vision for the upcoming year.

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