Classical Feng Shui Calendar Auspicious Day Meaning

What is the Classical Feng Shui Calendar?

Classical Feng Shui, also known as the Form School of Feng Shui, is the traditional Chinese practice of the study of energy fields within a person’s environment. In order to excel in one’s fortune and success, the placement and design of one’s home, garden, office, or any other space is important for harmonious living according to the principles of this ancient practice. This ancient practice can be observed in the yearly calendar, which highlights the auspicious days of the year according to the principles derived from traditional Chinese astrology.

What Do the Auspicious Days Mean?

Those who practice classical feng shui use certain auspicious days throughout the year to move forward with projects and activities, or to begin a new endeavor. On the other hand, there are also some inauspicious days, when people are advised to limit or avoid any kinds of activities or activities.

In this type of Feng Shui calendar, each day is attributed to one of the five elements: water, wood, fire, metal, and earth. Each element is associated with its own set of meanings, luck, and energy.


Water is associated with intelligence, flexibility, and movement. Auspicious days associated with water bring good luck and fortune to tasks requiring negotiations and understanding.


Wood is associated with birth and growth. On auspicious days associated with wood, new beginnings are favored. These are great days to start projects.

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Fire brings enthusiasm, courage, and energy. On days awarded with fire, bold decisions and courageous enterprise can bring great results.


Metal is associated with strength, resilience, and ambition. Auspicious days are also great for promoting a business.


Earth days bring stability, order, and good fortune. Earth days are excellent occasions to take care of practical matters, including financial and legal concerns.

How is the Calendar Used Today?

The classical feng shui calendar is a great tool for identifying auspicious days for different activities and tasks. Those who practice feng shui often use this calendar to plan their days and create goals, in order to maximize their luck and success. Keep in mind, however, that this practice is meant to be used in conjunction with other more modern tools and techniques, in order to maximize luck and prosperity.

Classical Feng Shui can be a beneficial tool when utilized properly. With its auspicious days, calendars, and changing environment, practitioners of the art can increase their luck and prosperity.

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