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Chinese Astrology is a system of astrology that originated in China more than 1000 years ago. It is based on a 12-year cycle in which each year has its own sign and influences – from the rat to the rooster. This cycle is believed by many to predetermined characters, destinies, and natural occurrences. It also incorporates the ancient Chinese beliefs about astronomy and auspiciousness in order to improve one’s luck by balancing the energy fields in their environment.

Feng shui is the traditional Chinese practice of placing objects, buildings, or homes in alignment with specific principles to bring balance and good fortune into a home or space. By using Chinese astrology as an important factor, Feng Shui can predict how people can best utilize this metaphysical understanding of potential luck within their surroundings.

2015 marks the year of the Sheep/Goat – a peaceful creature that symbolizes calm contentment, but can also be seen as an hardworking creature. Those who share 2015’s zodiac sign should maintain balance and focus on self-care during this new year which could result in improved career prospects and better relationships both personally and professionally. Furthermore, Feng Shui specialists suggest using pastels colors like pinks and blues, especially light blue shades such as duck-egg blue because it’s believed that it will be important for security in career matters.

Key Feng Shui Principles

The core principles behind Chinese astrology Feng Shui are rooted in the idea that one’s environment should be harmonious, with positive energies or chi flow. It encourages careful selection of furniture, decorations and color schemes to promote balance and enlightenment.

It is believed that when these elements come together in a proper arrangement, success, health and wealth may be attained. In order to achieve this, certain metals, shapes, water features and crystals can be used as tools in furthering Feng Shui practice.

In recent years many changes have been made to the traditional Feng Shui methods. It’s now more important than ever to focus on not only the physical environment itself but also the quality of spiritual energy present within it. By finding harmony between nature and a person’s home or office space one can create an atmosphere that is beneficial to all areas of one’s life while maintaining a balance between harmonious energies and organic elements from the natural world. Additionally, this form of Feng Shui has evolved to include geomantic symbols such as yin-yang theory, the five elements theory (water, fire ,metal ,wood ,earth ) and other important branches of geomancy. These changes provide further insight into how we interact with our personal spaces around us.

Comparing the Chinese Zodiac

There are some significant differences between the Chinese Zodiac and Western Zodiac. The most distinct difference is that the Chinese Zodiac is based on a 12-year cycle; while, the Western Zodiac goes around in an annual circle. Another difference lies in the system itself: unlike with Western Astrology, each Chinese zodiac sign is associated with an animal and its own unique set of characteristics. This has been determined by Taoists over time via observation of animals’ habits, giving each sign meaningful characteristics to describe it. For example Pig sign is considered thrifty and sincere; Tiger is known for being brave and competitive; Snake is wily and wise; Rooster can be observant and hardworking among other things.

Some people choose to use one Zodiac or the other depending on which they feel connected to more strongly – animals in Chinese Astrology can generally fit better into someone’s personality than just having a corresponding month like in Western Astrology. Additionally, because it follows a 12-year cycle rather than 1-year one, some find it easier to gain insights into their future as it covers wider span of time than just one year ahead. At the same time however, there may be some individuals who prefer Western astrology for its annual pattern or feel more aligned with the particular descriptions given to each month sign rather than relating directly with an animal symbol from Chinese Astrology. Ultimately it depends on personal preferences as both systems offer interesting observations about ourselves and our path through life

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What to Expect in 2015

According to the Feng Shui practices for 2015, earth energy is set to be the dominant impact this year, symbolizing productivity and rock-solid foundations in our lives. Some of the primary focuses for 2015 are on focusing one’s efforts towards progress, endurance, generating wealth and maintaining stability despite change.

One example can be seen in health and wellness sectors: people may feel a push to focus on long-term exercise habits that promote well-being and bring a sense of balance rather than moments of short-lived physical performance. Another area impacted could be an improvement in financial independence or an emphasis on people establishing career goals that provide substance beyond achieving monetary wealth.

People should concentrate with practicality as opposed to romanticism as well this year; it may mean investing more carefully with regard to money matters, marriage prospects and other areas of life where optimism may need to balance out with factual evidence.

The importance of choosing excellent role models in society is emphasized too; the positive influence they bring will lay the groundwork for direction in many aspects such as work habits and setting long-lasting relationships. This year provides an opportunity to review recent choices made over last years so far: any mistakes can now start being addressed or opportunities previously escaped can reemerge with added strength if given another chance at success.

Reaping the Benefits

Adopting Chinese Astrology Feng Shui principles can bring a variety of benefits to one’s life and lifestyle. By adhering to the principles of this ancient practice, many find harmony in their environment and personal lives, while also gaining insight into their own ambitions, goals and paths.

When employing the principles of Chinese Astrology Feng Shui, individuals may benefit from increased physical health, mental well-being, spiritual satisfaction and material wealth. By harnessing cosmic energies within their environment, many people achieve a heightened feeling of self-awareness that opens up new opportunities and potential.

Additionally, individuals who practice Chinese Astrology Feng Shui often come to experience greater clarity when making decisions as they consider what influence different energies carry in any situation. This enhanced knowledge can help those who practice make sounder choices more quickly and confidently. With the implementation of better decision-making comes greater productivity – an element which relates closely to both material wealth in life and advancing on one’s path towards success.

Finally, many turn to these practices for peace and calmness within themselves as well as their home or workplace. When considering how profoundly environments affect our behavior and outlooks on life in general, it becomes evident why incorporating this style of lifestyle could bring about radical changes for the individual living it out each day.

Strategies for Success

The most effective strategy for Feng Shui success in 2015 is often referred to as the Flying Star approach. The essence of this approach is that it focuses on the nine sectors of your home or office, and each sector will be charged with a particular energy, depending on its location in the Flying Star annual grid for that year. Depending on how the energies of these sectors interact with one another, you can adjust them to help create auspicious fortunes for yourself. To understand these energies, it helps to look at five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water; as well as yin and yang (Feng Shui Academy).

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This strategy stands apart from other common Feng Shui approaches because it allows you to customize your practice based on what resonates with you in terms of creative design. For example, if you find that Fire energy needs to be activated in an area of your space but do not like red (a color associated with Fire) then you can turn to another element or color scheme instead. It also requires you to observe and document subtle changes “in nature” – such as moving furniture around – rather than use luck symbols or relying solely on directions. This thoughtful approach offers a greater sense of connection with your home/office environment as opposed to strictly following tradition or mimicry (Feng Shui Mage Academy).

Powering Up

Chinese Astrology Feng Shui 2015 is the year of the yin Wood Sheep. The special energy and influence in this year will be represented by three powerful positions:

1) Wu Wang position: This position is represented by the Wild Boar. It is especially strong in Chinese astrology this year as it brings bright and energetic displays with its fiery power. In terms of your personal life, it encourages bold initiative, justice, determination and an appreciation for beauty.

2) Hai Wei position: The Goat is representing Hai Wei in 2015 and brings a calm and mature energy that encourages relaxation and inner peace. On a personal level, this position suggests making positive changes while keeping an ever watchful eye on potential challenges that lay ahead.

3) Lian Xi position: Represented by the Horse in 2015, Lian Xi induces an enthusiasm to protect family relationships as well as strengthen one’s connections with old friends or new acquaintances. It also gives you stronger abilities to be patient as well as creative in stressful situations.

By knowing these powerful positions, you can use them to help make important decisions based upon Feng Shui in the coming year.


The outlook for Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology in 2015 is hopeful. Following the Year of the Wood Horse, which signifies a year of adventure, growth and activity, this upcoming year of the Yin Wood Sheep will bring a sense of calming presence to life. The values of moderation, harmony and success can be cultivated through careful planning and preparations for luck. It is important to remember that practicing Feng Shui and applying Chinese Astrology all throughout the year is essential for achieving auspicious results. By planning small projects early in 2015 and slowly unraveling steps, large results can follow. Through specific remedies along with mindfulness of one’s connection to nature, cosmic forces, humanity as well as all living things—a harmonious balance can be created.

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