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The Cebu Feng Shui Store is a retailer located in Cebu, Philippines that specializes in ancient Chinese Feng Shui practices. Feng Shui is based on ideas about the universal laws of balance and energy where it’s believed that by arranging objects in your environment in certain ways, you can improve or harmonize your life and achieve success. The store offers numerous items to aid people in their Feng Shui projects, including traditional jade statues, windchimes, scrolls with special mantras or prayers, incense and essential oils, mirrors designed to deflect negative energy, and other specialty items such as lucky coins or coins made from special metals for fortifying wealth luck. It also carries specialized advice books about Feng Shui written both by Filipino and international experts.

History of Cebu Feng Shui

Cebu has a long history with feng shui, a traditional practice that involves arranging objects and surroundings to bring balance and harmony to the environment. This practice has been passed down from generation to generation as part of Filipino culture for centuries. It began when Chinese immigrants first arrived in the region in the 16th century, bringing their own views on geomancy or spiritual geography with them.

Since then, Cebu has become known for its unique interpretations of feng shui and the superstitions that often accompany it. Artifacts from this rich past are still kept in family shrines dotted throughout the area and serve as an important reminder of a belief system that still remains deeply embedded within Filipino culture. Many local practitioners combine ancient principles and understandings of energy flows with modern aesthetics when incorporating feng shui into their homes and businesses.

Feng shui is not just limited to Cebu; it is practiced across various parts of the Philippines today, including Manila, Ilocos Norte, Cavite, Negros Oriental, Palawan, and Bohol. While each region’s interpretation is unique and largely based on location-specific beliefs, some common elements remain true – such as using color theory to ward off bad luck or using specific symbols to attract wealth and prosperity. At The Cebu Feng Shui Store, customers have access to traditional items like Chinese coins for fortune-telling or special crystals for healing purposes, as well as modern pieces like paintings designed specifically with feng shui principles in mind.

Shopping Guide

The Cebu Feng Shui Store offers an extensive selection of products and items that cater to a variety of customers’ needs. Those looking to improve their home and living space can find furnishings, mirrors, stones, art pieces, plants, and more for creating a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. Books about various topics related to Feng Shui can also be found here. Additionally, the store shelves are stocked with crystals which are believed to enhance positive energy in the home. The crystals come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. Incense sticks and aromatherapy oils from India bring a calming scent to any ambiance. Other items like bagsua maps help people understand how their living environment affects them positively or negatively. Customers may even find unique furniture pieces that combine traditional Chinese patterns with modern touches. Lastly, numerous decorations to place around your house such as wind chimes and lucky charms make perfect gifts for friends or family members who like Feng Shui-inspired presents!

Real-Life Experiences

Customers of the Cebu Feng Shui Store rave about their experiences there. One customer in particular commented that they are “amazingly informative, friendly and helpful.” This customer further noted that they had an excellent encounter with a staff member when looking for an item that wasn’t easily accessible from other stores. The knowledgeable staff member showed them a wide range of options and talked them through their choices until the customer was able to make an informed decision about the perfect piece for their home. Moreover, the store provides online resources like tutorials and articles that customers have found really useful to better understand feng shui designs for their homes. Other customers have reported having positive shopping experiences when going into the physical store as well. The staff members create a welcoming environment and ensure customers are satisfied with their purchase by giving detailed explanations on how to use every product they buy. Customers say they leave feeling confident in their purchases and more knowledgeable than before on a topic they may not have known much about. All these reasons combined make it no surprise why the Cebu Feng Shui Store is so highly rated amongst shoppers!

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Benefits of Using Cebu Feng Shui Store

The Cebu Feng Shui Store is the premier destination for all things related to feng shui. Located in the heart of Cebu City, this store has a vast selection of goods that originate from China, as well as many other Asian countries. Whatever you’re looking for when it comes to items associated with feng shui, you’ll find it at the Cebu Feng Shui Store.

At the Cebu Feng Shui Store, you can purchase talismans, charms and amulets that are said to have the power enhance chi flow and attract positive energies into your home or place of business. Customers also have access to ornamental wind chimes, water fountains and even figurines of various spiritual nature animals, such as dragons and turtles. You will also find statues and symbols associated with good luck or fortune, including Fu Dogs and Laughing Buddhas.

In addition to being able to shop through traditional physical means in store, customers also have access to shop online directly from their website., making it easier than ever before to acquire any desired items related to feng shui whenever they need them. The knowledgeable staff at the store offer guidance where necessary when answering questions about specific items or how certain objects should be placed in homes and businesses in accordance with the principles of feng shui. There is no better source available on feng shui items than the Cebu Feng Shui Store!

How to Implement Feng Shui in Your Home

Using Feng Shui principles in your home is a great way to bring balance, peace and good fortune into your living space. To utilize these powerful ancient laws of energy, begin by learning the basic tenets of the philosophy. There are five essential elements – wood, fire, earth, metal and water – that represent different aspects of our lives. When properly incorporated in a home’s design and decor, each element can positively influence the flow of energy within the space.

Here are some steps for incorporating Feng Shui in any interior design:

1. Learn about the Bagua: The bagua is an energy map with sections representing each area of life such as family, children, health etc., according to traditional Chinese beliefs. It’s important to understand its symbolism so that you can better apply it to harmonize with your personal goals and aspirations.

2. Evaluate Your Space: Take a close look at the physical environment in order to identify areas that need attention or enhancements. Analyze furniture placement and assess whether windows and doorways are clear pathways for positive chi energies to enter the home.

3. Establish Clarity: Clear out clutter so that nothing obstructs walkways or stops chi from entering freely in any room; this creates more harmony throughout your living space. Make sure all electronics are free from dust and place necessary items near outlets for functionality purposes.

4 .Move Things Around: Start implementing Feng Shui guiding principles beginning with Furniture Placement; try placing your sofa perpendicular against a wall which will create more openness inviting ambient energy between corners of rooms or even rearrange furniture altogether if needed​​​ . Additionally adding plants can help create indoor air quality with oxygen-enriching elements forming healthy spaces for individuals residing inside them.

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5 . Utilize Color & Decoration: Utilizing sensations of color such as reds symbolizing passion and blues fostering serenity can transform rooms into comfortable havens without needing too much expensive functionality investments like swapping furnishings around perennially -which take considerable amounts time/effort wise-. A well-appointed living space has careful considerate combinations when intermingling colors while opting sober accents like wide pillows addition adding texture akin leather couches december vivid artwork sun bringing forth wider spectrum contrast tasteful rugs bestow additional touches punctuated singular updates achieving greater balance aesthetic centered pieces adjacent lack there clarity versus chaotic mess crowding area curbing visual appeal accordingly here wise use subtlements indirect brighter illumination bring energetic vibes reflections part future designing plans prosperously successions reachable schemas tuning ambiance vibrantly produtive inspired designs capturing soulful charms architectural sensual overflows setting spaces emanating fortunes capture noticed affects deeply touched lasting impressions

Creative Ideas

Feng shui is a great and ancient practice for creating balance and harmony in your living environment. To get creative with your feng shui set-up, start thinking about what kind of atmosphere you want to create in each room or space and consider the colors, furniture pieces, artwork, and other elements you could use to bring it to life. When decorating with feng shui products from the Cebu Feng Shui Store, there are many creative ways to harmonize the energy flow in a home or office. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

• Choose colors and furniture pieces that complement each other. Think about how the colors will interact with light, both natural and artificial, to create a calming or energizing atmosphere.

• Place mirrors strategically to capitalize on the positive energy flow that already exists in your home – they can help reflect good luck! Be sure not to place a mirror directly opposite any windows as this can create too much ‘yang’ (active) energy which can create imbalance.

• Consider using plants as features or accents around your space – they can improve air quality while bringing life and vibrancy into the area. They also allow for some flexibility when rearranging furniture or design elements later on.

• Incorporate items like wind chimes, bells or statues throughout the space – these objects carry powerful energies which can help attract abundance and peace into your home. Try locating them near doors or windows so that their vibrations can be felt throughout the entire house or office.

• Add special touches such as calligraphy paintings of affirmations for health and fortune for prosperity; these can be placed either inside the room, near entryways or even outdoors.


The Cebu Feng Shui Store has established itself as an industry leader with its unique collection of authentic Feng Shui products and services. The store offers a wide range of items, from traditional Chinese coins and thatch blocks to modern home decorations, all designed to create a calming atmosphere in your space. The expert staff at the store will guide you through your feng shui journey and provide customized solutions for each individual predicament. Furthermore, Cebu Feng Shui Store also offers consultations to help clients achieve the precise balance needed for correct feng shui energy flow. With this comprehensive selection of products and services, as well as their commitment to customer satisfaction, it’s no wonder why Cebu Feng Shui is one of popular stores for customers looking to promote harmony in their homes and businesses.

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