Candles Facing Door Feng Shui


Candle Facing Door Feng Shui is a practice within the broader practice of Feng Shui, which is an ancient Chinese philosophy that seeks to balance energy and create harmony in people’s homes. Through the placement of certain objects and symbols, Feng shui encourages positive energy flow within a living space. Candles Facing Door Feng Shui suggests specific ways to position candles positioned near the entrance of one’s home so as to bring balance, harmony and blessings into a residence. Candles are believed to represent openness and bearers of light, warmth and happiness, so positioning them in this direction helps to invite those powerful feelings into a home.

What is Candle Facing Door Feng Shui?

Candle Facing Door Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of using candle placement to bring balance and harmony into a home or workspace. In this practice, a lit candle is placed near the entrance to the room where positive chi energy, can enter and be contained within the space. By placing candles in certain locations, it is believed that good luck, health, and abundance can come into one’s life.

In terms of symbolism, candles are often seen as harbingers of light and hope. Many people use candles in rituals like setting intentions or engaging in prayer or meditation. Candles can also represent determination and courage, helping to encourage growth and strength during difficult times. They have been used for centuries to mark significant events such as weddings and funerals, and carry great symbolic significance both in Feng Shui and in many cultures around the world.

Benefits of Using Candle Facing Door Feng Shui

Candle Facing Door Feng Shui is a simple but powerful design technique that has been used for centuries. This practice involves placing a candle in front of the main entrance of your home or office, with the flame pointed towards the foyer or doorway. By doing this, you are inviting positive energy into your space while protecting and creating boundaries between healthy energies and unwanted influences. The flickering light from the candle can also be symbolic of luck, prosperity, guidance and clarity – all qualities essential to well-being. Additionally, it can also help to focus and increase your current level of intentionality. In many cultures, there is a belief that candles create an atmosphere of peace and security by attracting good energies, removing those that are negative.

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Moreover, lighting candles near the door allows you to make a mental connection between the outside world and your inward journey; this is an important part of understanding what works best for us as individuals on our healing journey. On a more spiritual level besides having practical benefits candle facing door Feng Shui offers balance from life’s ups and downs — It helps us move forward when we’re stuck in old patterns or responding to challenging situations with fear instead of hope. In short, it acts as reminder for us to create good boundaries so that only positive people and energy can enter our lives – letting go of what doesn’t serve us any longer!

Placement of the Candles

When it comes to placing candles in a doorway according to the principles of feng shui, it’s important to ensure they are placed evenly spaced and in alignment with the natural energies that move through a room. This can be accomplished by spacing them out so that there is a small gap between each one, approximately two feet apart. Additionally, it’s important to ensure the candles are lined up in order from left to right, as this will help create a harmonious flow of energy throughout the space. The candles should face towards the door, directing this positive energy outward towards anyone who enters the space. It is believed that by placing these candles facing outward from the doorway, you can bring calming and healing energies into your home!

Simple Rituals for Each Candle

Ritual 1:

Light the first candle at the start of a ritual or journey and use an affirmation such as “I am leaving behind my old life and embarking on a new and beautiful journey”.

Ritual 2:
Light the second candle with an intention such as “May I be guided to carry out all that is meant for me”.

Ritual 3:
Visualize a special place you want to go to and light the third candle saying “May I always find guidance in this space”.

Ritual 4:
Light the fourth candle with an intention of peace by saying “Peace follows me wherever I go”.

Tips to Consider When Choosing Candles

When choosing candles for your feng shui needs, consider the type of candle holder it will be placed in. Depending on the décor or theme you are trying to achieve, a minimalist candle holder can look beautiful while being quite practical — or choose something more ornate if that’s what you’re looking for. Different types of material such as glass, wood, ceramic, steel and stone may work better with certain décors. Generally speaking, the size of the candle should correlate to the size of the space where it’s located. For example, bigger candles will have a greater impact in large rooms.

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Choosing a color and scent is an important part of creating the desired effect within a space. Warm colors like red and yellow will evoke a feeling of comfort and attraction (especially when used in front entries). Cooler colors like blue and green can help create feelings of calmness and relaxation (great for bedrooms). When picking fragrances for larger spaces, stronger scents come into play whereas spritzing softer aromas will make bedroom more inviting.

Crafting Your Own Environment

Candles facing your front door is a great way to create a warm and inviting environment for visitors. To enhance the atmosphere even more, you could add some natural elements such as plants and flowers. Place them in hanging baskets on either side of the entrance, or put them in colorful vases on side tables. You could also add an outdoor rug near the door to give it a homey feel. Soft music playing in the background will help to further create a peaceful atmosphere along with dimmed lights or wall sconces. Adding other items such as throw pillows, artwork, sculptures or mirrors will help bring harmony and balance to the area. Have fun playing around with different colors, texture, shapes and sizes of decor items to achieve the perfect ambience!


Are you looking for a simple way to bring good energy into your home? Try Candle Facing Door Feng Shui! With just a few candles strategically placed near entrance doors, you can instantly boost your home’s vibrational energy and bring in the positive vibes. Give it a try and see how your home feels with a little extra positive energy! Start your own version of Candle Facing Door Feng Shui today and experience its wonderful benefits firsthand.

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