Blue Color for Bedroom Feng Shui


Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice of promoting balance, health and harmony in the home. It is based on the belief that all elements of nature, including colors, have their own distinct “chi” or energy. Feng Shui practitioners believe that by carefully choosing colors to decorate a space and incorporating objects into the environment in specific ways, it can help to energize a room and bring positive energy, good luck and balance. The color blue has been found to be incredibly important for creating positive energy in bedrooms according to feng shui.

Blue is associated with water energy in feng shui which symbolizes clarity, regeneration and renewal. It can also have calming effects which makes it perfect for bedrooms where one wants a soothing atmosphere or retreat from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life. Hues such as navy blue or powder blue evoke a sense of serenity which can be especially helpful for improving sleep quality since this is after all, one of the key goals when creating the perfect bedroom environment using feng shui energy principles. Additionally, blue gives off a more uplifting vibe which allows us to feel more relaxed while also having an improved level of mental focus and concentration which can come in handy if you’re working from home often as well as when fittingly studying and/or writing. Overall, feng shui recommends using blue colors in any bedroom layout because its restorative energies can create a tranquil space where we are able to rest better while also being able to find inspiration when needed.

The Color Blue and Its Significance in Bedroom Feng Shui

Blue is a very powerful color when it comes to bedroom Feng Shui. It is the color of trustworthiness and loyalty, and promotes a sense of calm and peace in the room which helps to foster good vibes and restful sleep. Symbolically, blue represents the sky, infinity, tranquility, honesty and trust. These are all qualities that make this a great choice for bedrooms, where we need safety and security so that sleep can be quiet, deep and restful.

Moreover, blue has positive energetic effects in such places as it exudes chi energy upward- representing an upward rise or persistence in life with its nurturing qualities while also encouraging intellectual pursuits. It also radiates soothing peace throughout the room; its airy vibes help clear one’s mind ready for contemplation or relaxation. Blue creates a harmonic balance that transcends the physical into an inner clarity; so remaining focused on your goal or process becomes easier to manifest without any distractions. Overall we recommend shades of blue for bedroom feng shui as it creates a gentle yet nourishing harmony for sleepers of all ages.

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Benefits of Using the Color Blue in Bedroom Decor

The color blue can offer many benefits when used as part of your bedroom Feng Shui. Specifically, blue has the ability to create calming and peace inducing energy by reminding one of the ocean or sky ahead. Blue is also known to;

• Heighten a sense of tranquility and relaxation- Blue has a mellow tone which encourages rest and the release of tension within our body. It helps us to feel calm and this contributes to better well-being in terms of physical, emotional and mental health. Prolonged exposure to blue can help us stay present in the moment without getting lost in worries or anxieties that may come up around us.

• Enhance creativity- Blues bring clarity of thought, expanding our awareness as we use higher metal faculties related to creativity. This allows for greater access to problem solving abilities during times when it can be difficult to find resolution for issues at hand.

• Uplift the spirit with uplifting playfulness- The hues of blue can open up our heart space and lift our spirits with their playful nature. They invite imagination and instill a heartfelt optimism that circulates throughout the bedroom, creating an energizing atmosphere perfect for action taking moments that contribute to productivity gains in all life endeavors.

Tips and Techniques to Incorporate the Color Blue into Bedroom Decor

The soothing and calming effects of blue make it an ideal colour to incorporate into bedroom Feng Shui. To capitalize on the energy inducing powers of this hue, here are some tips and techniques to help feng shui your bedroom with the colour blue:

• Paint your walls in a light blue tone to create a relaxing ambience in the space. Choose between shades like baby blue, pastel blue, or even sky blue for the most tranquilizing experience.

• Add a hint of sparkle by hanging mirrors or other reflective objects along the wall in order to bring energy and life into the room.

• Dress your bed with sheets, pillows and cushions in varying hues of blues such as navy blue, steel blue, cornflower blue etc., which can subtly break up dull monotone colors. A duvet cover set that incorporates these colors is an efficient yet stylish way to maximize impact within minimal effort.

• If you have natural light streaming into your room from windows or balconies, do use sheer curtains made from light materials like muslin as they catch tinge of palest blues quite well and offer protection against glare and excess heat during the day time.

• Ideas for artwork come alive with nature inspired dreams – oceanic waves breaking against rocks, birds flying in the blissful sky, pretty flowers nestled among lush green foliage … all these bring out elements of tranquilness assigned to this color. Choose art prints or paintings in various umbrellas of blues ranging from vibrant cobalt tones to tenuous powder blues that reflect personal preference and purpose – whether it is meditation or sleep sanctuary.

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Examples of Different Ways to Incorporate Blue into Bedroom Decor

1. One way to incorporate a blue hue into bedroom decor is with bedding. Choose deep navy coverlets, sheets and duvet covers for an eye-catching look. Add in a few accent pillows in lighter shades of blue to lighten the room up, or stick to one color palette wih different textures and prints of blue.

2. Wallpaper is another excellent option for adding a pop of blue to the bedroom – find a charming floral print or geometric pattern with hints of your favorite shade of blue throughout it. If wallpaper isn’t desired, simply paint the walls; all you need is one wall painted in a medium shade of blue for a beautiful effect throughout the space.

3. Incorporate artwork featuring blues that evoke feelings of relaxation and peace into your decor scheme – peaceful landscapes, calming beach scenes and abstract creations can be great choices here! Place them at eye level around the room so they can be appreciated frequently!

4. Create storage solutions that are both stylish and functional with vibrant baskets, woven accents and even industrial-style shelves in shades of sky blues create an unexpected touch in any bedroom design.

5. Last but not least, don’t forget about accent pieces! Find and display ceramic pieces such as vases, decorative bowls or statues glazed in blues to tie together the entire design aesthetic that contains this wonderfully calming hue .


The combination of feng shui and blue color for the bedroom is a powerful combination in creating positive vibes for sleep, rest, and relaxation. This color combination gives off a calming and soothing atmosphere, which can help to nourish the chi of the environment and reduce stress levels. Using this color combination also can help to ensure good health, as blue has been known to further purify the air in a room and bring fresh energy. Furthermore, the objectivity of blue encourages balance between Yin (feminine) and Yang (masculine) energies. It helps to seal out ill luck while granting wishes, ultimately leading to greater clarity of vision on all matters. Therefore, painting your bedroom walls with an azure shade is sure to result in inviting consistent positivity into your life.

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