Best Time to Build a House Feng Shui 2018

The keyword “best time to build a house feng shui 2018” holds significant importance for those looking to harness the principles of Feng Shui in constructing their homes this year. In the realm of Feng Shui, timing plays a crucial role in ensuring that all energies are aligned for a harmonious and prosperous living space.

Understanding the significance of choosing the right time to build a house based on Feng Shui principles can greatly influence the outcome and overall well-being of the residents.

Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese practice, revolves around the idea that our surroundings affect our energy levels and ultimately our lives. By incorporating Feng Shui into the construction process of a house, individuals can create a space that promotes positive energy flow and prosperity.

From the layout of rooms to the positioning of doors and windows, everything is meticulously planned to optimize the flow of Qi or energy within the space. This attention to detail highlights the importance of timing in aligning these energies for optimal results.

As we delve deeper into 2018, understanding how Chinese zodiac signs can impact the best time to build a house becomes essential. Each zodiac sign is associated with specific elements and energies that can influence various aspects of life, including construction projects.

By consulting with experts in Feng Shui who understand these dynamics, individuals can determine the most auspicious dates for beginning their house-building journey. The alignment of personal zodiac signs with favorable cosmic energies can ensure a smooth and prosperous construction process according to Feng Shui principles.

Feng Shui Basics

When it comes to building a house, the principles of Feng Shui play a crucial role in ensuring harmony, balance, and positive energy within the space. Understanding these principles is essential for creating a home that promotes well-being and prosperity.

Feng Shui is based on the idea that the energy flow, or “chi,” within a space can impact various aspects of one’s life, including health, relationships, and wealth. By incorporating these principles into the building process, homeowners can cultivate a supportive environment that enhances their overall quality of life.

To apply Feng Shui principles to the construction of a new home, it is important to consider factors such as the layout of the house, placement of rooms, and orientation of doors and windows. The goal is to create a flow of energy that is conducive to positive interactions and experiences within the space.

This may involve using specific colors, materials, and design elements that align with traditional Feng Shui practices. By working with an experienced Feng Shui consultant or practitioner, homeowners can ensure that their new home is in harmony with its surroundings and supports their goals and aspirations.

In 2018, understanding the best time to build a house according to Feng Shui principles is especially important for maximizing positive energy flow and auspicious influences. Consulting the Chinese zodiac calendar and lunar calendar can help determine the most favorable dates for beginning construction. By following these guidelines and incorporating rituals and blessings into the building process, homeowners can set a foundation for success, happiness, and prosperity in their new home.

Chinese Zodiac Timing

In Feng Shui, the Chinese zodiac signs play a significant role in determining the best time to build a house in 2018. Each zodiac sign is associated with specific elements, energies, and characteristics that can influence the construction process. By understanding how these zodiac signs can impact the building of a house, individuals can align their construction timeline with auspicious energies for greater success and harmony in their new home.

Compatibility With the Year of the Dog

In 2018, the Chinese zodiac sign is the Year of the Dog. Those born under this sign are said to be loyal, honest, and reliable.

When it comes to building a house during this year, individuals born under compatible zodiac signs such as the Tiger and Horse may find it easier to achieve their construction goals. Consulting a Feng Shui expert to analyze how your zodiac sign interacts with the Dog year can help you determine the most favorable time to begin your house-building project.

Avoiding Clash With Inauspicious Signs

On the other hand, there are certain zodiac signs that may clash with the energy of the Year of the Dog. It is advisable for individuals born under conflicting signs such as Dragon or Goat to be cautious when planning their house construction timeline in 2018.

By being aware of potential clashes between your zodiac sign and the current year’s energy, you can take proactive steps to mitigate any negative influences on your building project. Consulting a Feng Shui practitioner can provide valuable insights on how to navigate these challenges effectively.

What Do Houses Mean in Feng Shui

Harmonizing Energy for Successful Construction

Ultimately, understanding how your Chinese zodiac sign interacts with the prevailing energy of 2018 is essential for selecting an auspicious time to build a house according to Feng Shui principles. By aligning your construction timeline with favorable energies based on your zodiac sign, you can enhance the overall harmony and success of your building project.

With careful planning and guidance from Feng Shui experts, you can ensure that your new home is imbued with positive energy and prosperity for years to come.

Lunar Calendar

The Lunar Calendar plays a crucial role in determining the most auspicious dates for construction based on Feng Shui principles. In 2018, specific dates are believed to bring prosperity, good luck, and positive energy for building a house. Consulting the Lunar Calendar is essential as it takes into account the positioning of celestial bodies and their influence on Earth’s energies.

According to Feng Shui experts, the best time to build a house in 2018 using the Lunar Calendar falls on certain dates that align with the flow of cosmic energy. These dates are carefully selected based on auspicious combinations of elements such as water, wood, metal, fire, and earth. It is believed that starting construction on these favorable dates can lead to harmony within the home environment and overall well-being for its inhabitants.

In Chinese culture, there is a long-standing tradition of consulting the Lunar Calendar for important events such as house construction. The Lunar Calendar not only considers astronomical factors but also incorporates cultural beliefs and practices that have been passed down through generations. By following this ancient system of timekeeping, individuals can tap into a harmonious flow of energy that is conducive to successful endeavors like building a house.

ProsperityChoosing auspicious dates from the Lunar Calendar can invite wealth and abundance into the newly constructed house.
Good LuckCommencing construction on favorable dates is believed to bring good fortune and positive outcomes throughout the building process.
Positive EnergyThe alignment of key elements on specific Lunar Calendar dates can create a harmonious environment filled with positive chi or life force energy.

Seasonal Considerations

When it comes to building a house, considering the season in which you begin construction can significantly impact the outcome according to Feng Shui principles. Each season brings its own unique energy that can either support or disrupt the building process. Here are some considerations for each season:

1. Spring: Spring is often seen as a time of new beginnings and growth. In Feng Shui, this season is associated with the Wood element, symbolizing expansion and vitality. Starting construction during spring can promote growth and abundance in your new home.

2. Summer: Summer is connected to the Fire element in Feng Shui, representing passion, transformation, and energy. Building during this season can harness the fiery energy of summer to fuel progress and creativity in your project.

3. Autumn: Autumn is linked to the Metal element, signifying organization, clarity, and focus. Beginning construction in autumn can help bring structure and precision to your building process, ensuring that everything comes together harmoniously.

4. Winter: Winter corresponds to the Water element in Feng Shui, symbolizing introspection, wisdom, and contemplation. While winter may seem like a slower time for construction, it can be an ideal period for planning and laying down a solid foundation for your new home.

Considering these seasonal influences along with other factors such as the Chinese zodiac signs and lunar calendar can help you determine the best time to build a house according to Feng Shui principles in 2018. Consulting with a Feng Shui expert can provide further insight into how to align your construction timeline with auspicious energies for optimal results.

Feng Shui Consultants

Consulting With Experts

When it comes to determining the best time to build a house according to Feng Shui principles in 2018, seeking the expertise of Feng Shui consultants can be invaluable. These consultants have a deep understanding of the ancient Chinese practice and how it can influence various aspects of our lives, including construction projects.

They are able to analyze different factors such as the alignment of stars, energies present in the environment, and personal astrological charts to determine the most auspicious time for building a house.

Customized Recommendations

One of the key roles that Feng Shui consultants play is providing customized recommendations based on individual circumstances. They take into account factors such as your Chinese zodiac sign, birth date, and specific goals for the construction project.

By tailoring their advice to your unique situation, they can guide you towards selecting a time that is most favorable for starting the building process. Their personalized approach ensures that you are aligning your actions with positive energies that can enhance the overall outcome of your home construction.

How to Divide House Feng Shui

Ensuring Success and Prosperity

By consulting with Feng Shui experts before embarking on your house building journey in 2018, you are not only maximizing your chances of success but also inviting prosperity into your new home. These consultants can provide insights into how to harmonize the elements within your living space through strategic placement and timing.

Their guidance can help create a harmonious environment that promotes well-being, abundance, and good fortune for you and your family. Ultimately, by heeding their advice on when to begin construction based on Feng Shui principles, you are setting yourself up for a home that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also energetically balanced and prosperous.

Rituals and Blessings

In addition to the groundbreaking ceremony, another essential ritual is the blessing of the main entrance of the house once it is completed. This is done to invite positive energy into the home and ward off any negative influences.

Feng Shui experts often recommend using specific symbols, colors, or elements during this blessing ceremony to enhance its effectiveness. By infusing the new home with positive vibrations through these rituals, occupants can expect a harmonious living environment that supports their well-being and success.

Aside from specific rituals, incorporating blessings throughout different stages of construction can also contribute to creating a more auspicious outcome for the new house. From consecrating important structural components like beams and pillars to blessing each room before furnishing it, these smaller rituals can all add up to create a space filled with positivity and good fortune.

Ultimately, by paying attention to these details and performing rituals with sincerity and respect, homeowners can harness the beneficial energy of Feng Shui to ensure their new home brings them abundance and happiness.

Rituals/Blessings ProcessEffectiveness
Groundbreaking CeremonyPositive intention setting for smooth construction process
Main Entrance BlessingInvites positive energy into home and wards off negative influences
Structural Blessings & Room BlessingsCreate harmonious living environment filled with positivity


In conclusion, understanding the significance of choosing the best time to build a house according to Feng Shui principles in 2018 is crucial for ensuring a harmonious and prosperous living environment. By aligning with the energies of the Chinese zodiac signs, utilizing the lunar calendar, considering seasonal influences, consulting with Feng Shui experts, and performing rituals and blessings, individuals can maximize the positive outcomes of their construction projects.

The year 2018 presents unique opportunities for those planning to build a house, as specific dates and times resonate more favorably with the energies of growth, abundance, and prosperity. By incorporating these traditional Chinese beliefs into their building process, individuals can enhance not only the physical structure of their homes but also invite positive energy flow and good fortune into their lives.

Ultimately, the best time to build a house in 2018 according to Feng Shui principles is when all elements align harmoniously – from auspicious dates on the lunar calendar to auspicious directions based on one’s Chinese zodiac sign. By taking these factors into consideration and following the guidance of Feng Shui consultants, individuals can create a home that not only provides shelter but also supports their well-being and success for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Is the Best Month to Start Building a House?

The best month to start building a house can vary depending on various factors such as weather conditions, availability of construction materials, and personal preferences. However, many builders consider the spring or early summer months to be ideal for starting a new construction project due to milder weather conditions and longer daylight hours.

What Is the Feng Shui for Building a New House?

Feng Shui for building a new house involves careful consideration of the orientation of the house, placement of rooms, and overall layout to ensure positive energy flow within the space.

It is important to consult with a Feng Shui expert to determine the most auspicious direction for facing the main entrance, as well as ensuring that key rooms like the bedroom and kitchen are located in favorable areas of the house.

What Is the Best Weather to Build a House?

The best weather to build a house is typically during dry and mild conditions that are conducive to construction work. Rainy or snowy weather can cause delays in building projects and impact the quality of work being done. Therefore, builders often prefer working during seasons like spring or summer when there is less likelihood of inclement weather disrupting their progress.

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