Best Feng Shui for Selling a House


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art, which is meant to bring harmony between individuals and their environment. According to this practice, the arrangement of furniture and home decor has an effect on our lives, creating various forms of balance. Feng Shui practitioners believe that by arranging these elements in a particular way, the environment can be improved to promote creativity, health, wealth and overall well-being. While this practice may seem esoteric, many homeowners have come to use it when attempting to sell their houses quickly. By utilizing certain principles of Feng Shui and following certain vital steps, they have been able to create a harmonious atmosphere that encourages potential buyers to make offers swiftly. The following guide outlines some of the best tips for using Feng Shui when selling a house.

Preparing for the Sale of Your Home

One of the best ways to increase your home’s market value before you put it on the market is to use feng shui principles. Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that uses energy forces known as qi to create balance, harmony and vitality within a living space. The impact of this practice can also carry over into potential buyers.

When preparing for the sale of your home, start by defining its entrance. Bamboo flutes hung above or beside the front door will set a positive tone right away. This can be enhanced by adding seasonal plants or flowers outside the door, as well as placing a statement like a welcome mat or art work near the entrance. Inside the home, remove any clutter and reorganize furniture into an auspicious configuration that maximizes qi flow throughout your interior space and offers good vibes to possible buyers. This can include arranging furniture along diagonal lines towards main entry way, strategically placed mirrors that expand space, red accents for passion and energy, and sage or incense to create positive energy in each room. Additionally clear out all unnecessary items from counters, closets and cabinets to allow potential buyers visual access to their full size and make sure that windows are free from smudges or debris so natural light comes streaming through brightly. Finally, consider having items blessed – such as crystals – if you feel it necessary. With these strategies in place your house will present an inviting environment that appeals greatly to potential buyers creating more offers and a better sell price!

Maximizing Your Sale Price

With the goal of maximizing a home’s sale price, feng shui can be an effective tool. By making a few immediate and easy changes in certain areas of the house, it is possible to have a very positive impact on the sale price. Firstly, pay special attention to the entrance. Make sure the front door looks welcoming and inviting – paint it if necessary; this is especially important. Make sure that the inside of the entry looks as pleasant and appealing as possible, as guests will form their first impression here. The stairway should not go straight up; instead, incorporate curves into your design or add storage units to break up any long straight lines. Finally, look at ways to improve lighting, as this can open rooms up, giving them more warmth and visual appeal rather than anything dark and oppressive. A few simple changes can make an incredible difference to how buyers see a home prior to purchase!

Curb Appeal

When you are selling your house, its curb appeal is one of the most important aspects to consider. Feng Shui can help create a favorable feeling that helps a potential buyer fall in love with your house. Start by creating balance and symmetry. This should involve planting an even number of trees and bushes, installing walkways, and placing garden ornaments in pairs. Plants like bamboo, laurel hedges and bonsai conifers create attractive boundaries or frames for each space. Ornaments such as billowing wind chimes or bell towers should be placed near the entrance as they attract wealth and opportunity. And to make sure the energy isn’t blocked, remove any old items or clutter lying around the yard like rusty lawn mowers or broken furniture. Keep things neat, clean and orderly so that buyers will instinctively feel welcomed when they step onto the property itself. Finally, place lights along the pathways to provide illumination at night — this adds an extra layer of security while amplifying the positive energy flow of someone walking up to your home.

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In order to get the best Feng Shui for selling your house, there are 14 key details to help ensure positive energy is present throughout your home. First, tackle any clutter and organization issues. Cluttered energy can be an energy drain and signify underlying problems, so make sure all surfaces remain clear. Second, opt for lighter colors of paint instead of bold tones in order to promote a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. Third, avoid strong scents when having visitors come into the home as this can create a sense of discomfort. Fourth, add greenery to the environment with plants or flowers that contribute to positivity and growth potential. Fifth, make the entrance of your home welcoming by painting the front door with a symbolic color associated with wealth or abundance in Feng Shui culture such as red or gold. Sixth, open up any windows to maximize natural light within the space so that it feels bright and airy. Seventh, spend time decluttering bedrooms and bathrooms in order to minimize distractions while promoting good physical health energy within these spaces. Eighth, display inspiring artwork within common areas like living rooms and offices as art has an uplifting effect on viewers that can lead others feeling calm during their visit throughout the home. Ninth, limit competing noises like children playing noisily or noisy appliances so that buyers focus on what they’re seeing rather than being distracted by background noise. Tenth, ensure all items work properly in each room since any problems could signal larger issues down the road if not everything is operating at peak efficiency right away. Eleventh, be timely with repairs or maintenance items no matter how small they may seem as keeping things up-to-date shows potential buyers you take care of everything in your home. Twelfth replace dated items like furniture or light fixtures with updated versions so everything looks more modern and contemporary instead of out of place due to age/style disparities from room-to-room. Thirteenth keep furnishings neutral and simple to maximize versatile styling opportunities for potential buyers who may have their own design preferences when moving in down the line. Finally select scents that are pleasant but not too powerful when having visitors tour around; aromas should not be overwhelming but should subtly enhance the mood of each space for an overall appealing aesthetic experience during walkthroughs of prospective homes!

Exterior Feng Shui

Exterior Feng shui for selling a house can make all the difference. When assessing the block for your home, start with the street it’s on. Consider how wide the street is and how much traffic passes through regularly; take into account any buildings near the house, such as schools or malls. Roundabouts, parking lots and busy intersections should also be avoided.

Once you’ve assessed your neighborhood, it’s time to focus on specific enhancements to make your home more appealing. This could include painting your front door in an auspicious color (such as red), keeping evergreen plants in front of the entrance and ensuring that no clutter appears anywhere on the exterior of the property. Additionally, taking note of the positioning of fountains or other water features – making sure they don’t point directly at your house – is essential in order to encourage positive energy flow between you and potential buyers. As a final touch, consider displaying items in simple patterns designed for good luck; for example, three flowerpots lined up together can bring great fortune.

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Home Showings

When preparing a house for sale, there are three steps that can be taken to ensure potential buyers have the best possible experience. First, it is essential to de-clutter the house and create an organized and uncluttered feel throughout. Removing any unnecessary items creates spaciousness and an open feel which will be attractive to anyone viewing the property. Second, it is important to organize storage solutions in any communal spaces like kitchens or bathrooms as this will give buyers peace of mind in terms of functional layout and storage capabilities. Finally, introduce some Feng Shui elements like natural light, clean linens, and bright colors; these small changes can make a big difference in making potential buyers feel relaxed during viewings. Natural light helps in opening up smaller areas, fresh clean linens bring life and energy into a space, while vibrant colors help darkening corners come alive! Additionally, fostering energy through plants and artwork creates a more inviting atmosphere that should help attract offers from potential buyers.

Finishing Touch

The last step in the process of selling a house with the best Feng Shui is to add finishing touches that can bring prosperity and luck to both the seller and buyer. Consider adding objects like coins or wind chimes that represent wealth, good fortune, and growth. Also use materials like wood, earth tones, and water elements to create a peaceful atmosphere throughout the space. Finally, healing crystals such as Quartz, Amethyst, and Citrine can be strategically placed in areas to generate positive energy for all involved. Depending on how far you want to go with Feng Shui-related decorating, you may also choose to create a Vision Board for the home which is an intentional manifestation tool used to attract buyers’ attention through visualization and intention setting. If desired, hang this board up in an area of high traffic during showings or even make it a part of your online listing if you are selling digitally. With these few easy steps you can be sure that your house will be sold in no time!


Feng Shui principles can be used to help attract the right buyers and ensure a successful sale of a house. It is important to create an atmosphere in the home that is inviting, peaceful, and contributes positive energy. Consider incorporating plants and flowers in strategic locations throughout the home to not only purify the air but to also create a sense of vibrancy and freshness. Utilizing fixtures or objects with rounder corners and shapes can provide balance in each room while bringing good luck. Also, declutter any unnecessary items such as extra furniture or apparel to create spaciousness and openness within the home. Lastly, incorporate wind chimes near the front entrance of your home to invoke prosperity and fortune onto prospective buyers before they even step foot inside. Oftentimes, Feng Shui principles require minimal money investment but can make a significant impact on potential buyers. Implemented correctly, Feng Shui Principles for selling a house will provide an inviting atmosphere which could lead to increased interest from targeted buyers as well as quicker sale times!

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