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Desk Position Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice based on creating balance and harmony in the home or workplace. It is believed that when space is arranged correctly, it has the capacity to promote positive energy and stimulate prosperity. Through correct desk positioning, individuals can optimize health and wealth potential by creating clarity and focus. The objective of Desk Position Feng Shui is to move energy through a room in a balanced way. This ancient art works with physical items such as furniture placement, colors and even artwork while incorporating emotions within space.

There are several principles involved in Desk Position Feng Shui. One key aspect of the practice includes finding the best location for a desk – this should be done after assessing the arrangement of the elements in a given room including furniture placement and any other objects that may be present to create a balanced atmosphere. The most auspicious location for desks is typically facing the door, but away from direct sunlight or drafts of air, which can disrupt peace of mind. Additionally, avoiding clutter will help keep positive energy flowing since messiness can represent stagnation or obstacles in life. Soft lighting like candles should be used instead of harsh overhead lights which can cause stress. Placement of other decorative items like crystals and plants have been associated with bringing different types of luck depending upon species chosen and how they are positioned relative to one’s workspace; because these objects absorb elemental energy from their surroundings it is important to clean them regularly to maintain vibrant energy levels at home or in an office setting. Finally, mirrors should not be placed above or next to desks as reflections can disperse focus on tasks.

Benefits of Following Desk Position Feng Shui

Desk Position Feng Shui is a feng shui practice utilising the principles of Chinese philosophy which focuses on using mindful design to help positively influence and enhance an individual’s physical and mental wellbeing. Practitioners use feng shui techniques to create spaces in their home or workspace that encourages positive energy and promotes productivity. The goal is to improve ongoing success, health, and happiness through achieving proper environmental balance.

The optimal desk position in feng shui can encourage a sense of well-being by creating an environment that helps the individual feel more comfortable and secure. This type of mindful design eliminates distractions, ambiguities, and obstacles that can disrupt mindset, productivity, focus, and creativity. By creating a calming space with all of the necessary elements in place for success, individuals are better able to focus on tasks at hand and make decisions more thoughtfully. Furthermore, desk position feng shui helps individuals tap into desirable life forces such as wealth or friendship. In addition to optimizing mental clarity, it also elevates energy levels so the individual has more fuel for creative endeavors or physical exertion because they are energized by their environment. Lastly, it can help bridge inner harmony with harmony among others in terms of personal growth resulting from valuable interpersonal relationships

Desk Orientation

When it comes to desk position feng shui, the most important thing is your desk’s orientation. Orienting your desk in a commanding position can help open up opportunities for increased business success and wealth. A commanding position means having your back supported by a solid wall, positioning yourself as an equal height with any door that is directly in front of you, and being able to see who walks into the room from where you sit. It’s also important that you don’t have direct sight lines of any windows or mirrors so as to avoid unwanted energy coming into your workspace.

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This idea of orienting oneself for prosperity also extends beyond physical position. Visualize the direction that you want to take your career in and make sure that your sit-down posture reflects these intentions. Make sure to keep a straight spine while upright in your seat, hold up strong arms, maintain an open face and avoid crossed legs so as to remain approachable, alert and connected with those around you (especially if those people are potential clients). Make sure that whatever goals and objectives you have set out for yourself are the main focus when sitting at your desk – visualize success and wellbeing! Ultimately, creating an intentional environment around one’s desk will result in more successful outcomes.

Placement of Desk & Other Items

Desk positioning is key to optimizing the flow of chi, or positive energy according to the principles of feng shui. To ensure best results when creating a mindful space, desks should be in direct alignment with the entrance of the room they are created in. This position helps support focus, productivity and motivation while inviting the energy of success. Desks should also be placed away from any sources of distraction such as windows, doors or large pieces of furniture so people can maintain their concentration without interruption.

Additionally, it is helpful to include plants and items that bring joy such as artwork, photos or plants on the desk. This not only helps create an inspiring atmosphere but also helps balance out unhealthy “yin” energy by inciting positivity and creativity throughout the workspace. Art can be placed up high in order to represent growth while plants help promote calming effects while adding freshness and life to any office environment. Having crystals nearby can further help attract good fortune into a work space. The plant-based energy created by these elements will aid in improving positive vibes overall throughout the workspace encouraging balance, serenity and motivation among all its inhabitants.

Choosing the Right Desk

The right desk in the right position can make a huge difference when it comes to optimizing feng shui in your workspace. Whatever desk you choose must accommodate all the work that you do and provide enough space to do whatever it is you need. Consider choosing a multifunctional desk that offers a combination of storage, drawers, and shelves. Additionally, adjustability is key so that you can tailor the height of the desk to alleviate body pains from sitting for extended periods of time.

When positioning a desk for best feng shui, take into account factors such as the placement of windows and doorways in relation to your desk chair. Having both your back and side exposed can prevent energy from getting blocked or hindered throughout work hours. To boost productivity and efficiency, try and have your computer located in a strong command position where you are facing the doorway while seated at your desk. This prevents any surprise visits or other unwanted disturbances while still allowing you to be aware of what’s happening around you without compromising on focus level or concentration.

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When planning where best to situate your workspace take into account lighting also: having natural light during working hours benefits moods and productivity but avoid sitting with direct sunlight on yourself as this can cause eye strain or discomfort over time. Smart office design means opting for adjustable task lighting too – having control over how bright or low light levels can be helps diminish glare off monitors or paperwork which no doubt has innumerable benefits amidst long working days. Finally, consider opting for an ergonomically designed chair – not just for comfort but again for preventing any potential health issues caused by seating for long periods of time.

Common Mistakes to Avoid with Desk Position Feng Shui

One of the most common mistakes people make when attempting to use desk position Feng Shui for positive energy flow is avoiding negative chi interference. Negative chi, or energy, can be caused by a desk being placed in front of a door or a window. Negative chi makes it difficult for those occupying the area to focus, feel productive, and move through the workday feeling energized and inspired.

Additionally, mirrors near your desk should be avoided because having constant images reflecting back from them can create feelings of distraction and unease. Furthermore, it is important to avoid built-in cabinets close to your desk as they are known to trap energy and further interfere with productivity, creativity and enthusiasm while at work. The placement of your chair is also an important element; ideally it should face outwards towards an open space instead of facing a wall. Not doing this can have an inhibiting effect on positive growth momentum and ongoing success as people struggle to find motivation. If possible try to keep posters or motivational quotes away from behind you as it may block your progress on projects or goals in life.


Finding the right desk position with feng shui is an important step to creating a personal environment of success. A successful space should be focused on energy flow and balance, while still providing plenty of comfort. Consider what each area of your office represents and select furniture accordingly. Ensure that your desk is in the command position and has room for all needed items. Clear the clutter, allow natural light to enter, add a few plants for oxygenation and benefits, and personalize the space with fun and creative touches. Keeping desk position feng shui in mind can help maximize success as a personal entrepreneur or corporate team member alike. With mindfulness, intention and proper design elements you can create an ideal working environment that allows you to stay organized, productive, focused and energized while achieving your goals.

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