Bedroom Feng Shui 2017

Bedroom Feng shui 2017 is a hot topic amongst home design enthusiasts. It is an ancient Chinese practice incorporating the position and orientation of furniture such as beds, chairs and dressers; flow of energy within the room; as well its overall look and feel.

Many swear that this practice can bring peace, prosperity, good health and overall improved quality of life. As such, more people are choosing to implement it in their own homes in order to benefit from its many effects.

The basic rule of thumb for bedroom feng shui in 2017 is to ensure it is clutter free, feels soothing and welcoming. To achieve this, begin by assessing the layout of your bedroom.

Consider what items may be blocking or impeding the flow of energy around the room – this could include walls, windows or even pieces of furniture that have been placed alongside other pieces in an awkward fashion. Remove these items or adapt their placement so that they do not disrupt the natural flow of qi energy within your space.

To further enhance and optimize your bedroom feng shui in 2017 you may add certain calming colors to your décor such as blues and greens which can help generate feelings of relaxation while neutral hues like creams, white beiges and tans provide tranquil vibes. You may also incorporate natural elements into your design through use of plants which help purify air, decorate with serene images hangings or incorporate water features if practical or safe to do so.

Having a balance between hard objects like cupboards and soft pieces like pillows creates an aura conducive for both relaxation and concentration allowing you to improve your quality sleep yet remain focused at completing tasks on task arrival.

These are just some general tips but when designing according to feng shui there are various other rules specific to times zones so it’s best advised before starting any big projects that you consult with a professional practitioner who has experience with bedroom feng shui 2017 in order maximize its potential benefits for you specifically.

Preparation for Bedroom Feng Shui 2017

Bedroom Feng Shui 2017 is an important part of creating a healthy and peaceful bedroom environment. It’s an ancient Chinese practice that promotes the positioning of energy in our homes for positive results.

This method includes looking at both the interior design and the house layout, paying attention to how well every element around us functions together. By understanding the basics and applying them correctly, we can create a harmonious space that adds to our quality of life on all levels.

The two main principles of Bedroom Feng Shui are placement and balance of energy. Depending on one’s individual preferences, a few simple steps like rearranging the furniture or adding attractive colors to their room can be done according to these principles for effective results.

An important factor to consider when starting is where the headboard should go; it should never face any door as this blocks off natural flow, instead it should be placed against a sturdy wall for support. Another important element in the practice is light – natural light from windows is best but overhead lighting should be used thoughtfully so not to overstimulate or create glare and brightness imbalances.

There are also some bedroom specific Feng Shui techniques that can be used for optimum success. For example, clutter is considered bad chi and needs to be cleared or removed from any surrounding items; an excess of items on walls or shelves can block or distort energy flow too much whereas having just enough can help maintain balance without becoming overwhelming.

Similarly, where artwork or other decorations are placed is another crucial consideration as often they tend to take up valuable real estate in a bedroom space – hanging photos above beds tends to bring down energy which removes openness and creativity in its place – paintings going upside down not only looks weird but disrupts good chi also.

Finally, colors are important to keep in mind when decorating a bedroom – cool tones like blues and greens have calming effects while warm colors such as reds promote more excitement.

Feng Shui Colors, Layout and Design for a Positive Bedroom

Feng Shui 2017 design principles can provide a positive atmosphere for your bedroom. The relationship between the colors you decide to use, the layout of the room and any design elements you include can be used in harmony to create a peaceful space.

The right colors, arrangement of quality materials and thoughtful décor placement will be important in order to infuse your bedroom with positive energy. This energy within your home is said to have an impact on relationships, mental outlooks and contentment within the home.

Below are some tips that incorporate Feng Shui principles into achieving a more calming space:

  • Choose warm colors for walls such as white, cream or soft pastels. Alternatively add texture with wallpaper designs.
  • Place furniture in symmetrical positions due to the associated feeling of balance.
  • Incorporate natural fibers like canvases, cottons and linens.
  • Avoid clutter of all types: in physical items or shadows created by furniture placement.
  • Keep art tasteful – avoid sharp images which encourage tension instead seek out ones with softer lines which help bring peace into the space

In terms of light levels keep draperies drawn during the day to increase brightness but ensure shades are fitted when the sun sets. Avoid using too much artificial lighting; seek out lamps with warmer bulbs to create subtle night time illumination above any overhead lighting.

Is It Bad Feng Shui to Have Plants in Bedroom

Feng Shui believes that all living spaces should make us feel relaxed and refreshed regardless of its size. With these tips you should have enough information about how to go about creating an energizing lifestyle change through simple décor should alterations

Maximizing Positive Energy Within the Bedroom Walls

Feng shui is becoming an increasingly popular way of creating positive energy and balance within a room. It is believed to provide peace, good luck, and harmony within the walls. When it comes to the bedroom, everybody wants to have a small getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Therefore, it’s important that one creates a conscious effort to maximize positive energy in his or her own bedroom in 2017. As such, here are some easy steps and measures one can take towards achieving this:

  • Declutter Your Surroundings – Clutter in any form is a major block when it comes to applying feng shui principles for creativity and clarity of thinking.
  • Choose a Color Palette that Reflects Balance – Seek colors that bring balance between warm and cool energies by introducing hues of the earth.
  • Pay Attention to Bed Position – To create harmony within your surroundings it’s key that the bed is sitting squarely against the wall. If possible, avoid placing your bed directly under beams or slanted ceilings as this can contribute to feelings of oppression.

Feng shui also suggests strategically placing items around the house according to their traditional meaning. Mirrors offer an interesting twist on energy flow as they reflect both light and energy emanating from different areas throughout your space. Place them behind elements like crystal lamps or plants to reflect more light back into your living area while softening any negative vibes at the same time.

Additionally, shelves can be used for storage but adding good-luck auspicious symbols such as those with four sides or nine corners like wu lou 🔶place above beds or other solid furniture works wonders when trying to boost feng shui since these symbols represent longevity and vitality according to ancient tradition.

Finally hanging crystals 💎can bring chi into any environment while balanced candles 🕯around the room will create a tranquil atmosphere for restful sleep dependent on color choice depending on how much you want the room illuminated.

Decorative Touches to Enhance Your Bedroom Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a Chinese practice popularly employed as an interior design doctrine that aims to produce balance and harmony. As part of creating a good Feng Shui flow in your bedroom, one can introduce certain decorative accents and lay out furniture in specific configurations that will fight against negative or stagnant energy.

This negative energy can be attributed to many things, including emotions like resentment, boredom and sadness. Here are some tips to help you bring more positive vibes into your bedroom through Feng Shui:

  • Choose bright colors for your walls; this can help open up a room visually as well as increase positivity.
  • Install mirrors strategically around the room; making sure not to let them reflect your bed directly.
  • Use natural fabrics or materials in the decorating such as wood, silk, or cotton.

In order to truly achieve bedroom Feng Shui perfection it is important to understand how different shapes in geometry relate to Feng Shui principles. A few examples include rectangles for grounding energy or circles which represent unity and wholeness.

Knowing what objects work even best for individual areas like the headboard of a bed, desk lamps and nightstands will go a long way towards improving aspects of one’s personal life. Further, the position of furniture matter because optimally air should be able to circulate freely throughout the space without obstruction from too much clutter on either side near walkways within the room.

Careful attention also needs to be paid when crafting any artwork in your bedroom as artwork also carries significance just like symbols or color choices do according to Feng Shui beliefs. Cultural figures along with themes of motivation and personal achievement are said to bring forth luck and energizing forces while art that depicts violence or may incite feelings of anger will have staunchly opposite effects.

When it comes time for sleep it is helpful ensure that no electronic devices emit light from near where you rest so as not interfere with relaxation pathways during hours when your body should be at rest. To even further promote deep relaxation it is recommended refrain from doing activities such as arguing with family members before going into their sleeping quarters; desiring instead an environment overflowing with peacefulness and minimal disturbances.

Additionally, decluttering by removing unnecessary items from view until they are once again needed allows the surrounding area feel lighter and less hindered by creations which at times contain unseen ambiguities hindering desired energies from entering into living spaces whenever possible.

Creating an Oasis Amongst the Clutter

It is no secret that bedrooms are a place where you can go to relax and feel comfortable. However, clutter can have a significant impact on your ability to do this. It is essential to curate your environment and create balance in the room with Feng Shui principles. Here are some tips on how to do this:

1 – De-clutter Your Space

The first step to achieving harmony in your bedroom is to declutter your space. Remove any items that don’t serve a functional purpose or bring joy into the room such as mismatched furniture, old clothes, mail, magazines, or other clutter. When organizing everything make sure to create designated areas for specific items like an area for laundry baskets and an area for books and trinkets. This will reduce visual distraction and help achieve balance within the room.

2 – Balance Out Colors

To add harmony, you want complementary colors that accentuate each other while being soothing. If you prefer darker tones use shades of browns or blacks while lighter tones work best with grays and blues. To give the room a natural look, earthy colors such as greens and browns work well together but if you want something brighter try bright oranges and yellows combined with sober blues or violets.

Feng Shui Best Bedroom Colors

3 – Add Natural Elements

Bringing nature into your bedroom helps create a feeling of serenity as well as keeps energies flowing freely throughout the house. You can do this by adding plants in corners or hanging wood shaped frames on walls or atop dressers or desks. Other elements include bamboo curtains for windows, rugs with floral patterns, incense smoke from burning scented oils which helps keep negative energy out of the room.

4 – Let There Be Light

Lighting plays a crucial role in creating a calming atmosphere within the bedroom so it should be appointed carefully according to Feng Shui traditions. Try using dim lights combined with candles on tables, soft recessed lighting around bed frames which brings more balance.

Add LED strip lights along mirrors or lamps around reading chairs to further reduce eye strain while also making the bedroom look cozy at night Adding natural sunlight (sunlight) from windows can make all the difference too as natural light helps energise both physical health and emotional moods plus it keeps spirits elevated during transitions from day time activity during sleepier nights.

Putting it All Together

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that helps facilitate balance and positive energy in one’s home, and it works especially well within the bedroom. As the place where we rest and relax, where some of our most intimate moments occur, vibrationally speaking this is a very important area to focus on for Feng Shui.

What It Means to Bring Balance into the Bedroom

When arranging one’s bedroom according to Feng Shui principles there are many factors to consider. Firstly, understanding what elements correspond with which aspect of one’s life can be very helpful – for example, having space by the bed for contemplation will help cultivate internal harmony while plants are used as symbols of abundance.

Secondly, determining what type of energy needs “trimming” can really get results; perhaps cutting back on technology before bed or rearranging furniture so that it isn’t facing a window will make a difference. Finally, understanding the direction of Chi flow in the room can also be beneficial as this will determine where certain items should go in order to maximize their effectiveness.

Elements and Directions

Using elements correctly is also a great way to bring balance into one’s bedroom space. Since each element correlates with certain aspects of life, strategically placing them accordingly enables us to gain insights about how they affect our wellbeing – wood fosters creativity while metal promotes logic; water brings wisdom while fire encourages passion.

To take advantage of these benefits properly it may benefit you to learn more about the five directions and how they interact with each element accordingly; being intentional when positioning items throughout your room based on this knowledge should make all the difference.

The Color Scheme

Finally, using color thoughtfully can also offer up incredible transformative benefits within any space – especially within bedrooms. Staying away from bold colors such as reds or greens alone may be wise at first until you gain a better understanding of how it resonates with your own life force energy.

Additionally, it might be important to research different color palettes in order to decipher which one would best suit your personality type or individual goals – looking at websites like Pinterest or HGTV could present ideas around themes that could work beautifully within your own bedroom Feng Shui setup.


Bedroom Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art form that is designed to ensure the healthy flow of energy in a given space. When applied to a bedroom, this means creating conditions that are conducive to relaxation and restfulness.

In 2017, Feng Shui has risen in popularity as people have become more aware of how their environment can affect their wellbeing. By using traditional Feng Shui principles, it is possible to create a bedroom that will provide many rewards such as improved sleep quality and increased feelings of security and contentment.

In order to make the most of the Feng Shui in your bedroom for 2017, you must start by cleansing the space. This can be done with smudging sticks or incense, sage or other essential oils to clear any negative energy from the room. Additionally, removing any clutter will help to reduce stress levels while improving air quality.

Once you have cleaned your space, it is time to add elements which promote positive energy flow. Items like crystals and plants will help to bring tranquility and serenity into the room while promoting good vibes. It is also important to ensure that furniture placement is optimal for natural energy flow within the space – bed placement should be away from drafts and should not impede pathways as this may cause disruption in sleeping patterns or dream recall-ability.

Last but not least, we can accessorize our bedrooms so they become not only aesthetically pleasing but also invite positive energies into our lives through color choice and artwork selection. Shade variations of blues and greens tend to promote relaxation while softer pastels like pink or yellow invoke feelings of peace and happiness; pictures which are meaningful or calming can also help achieve these goals in ways that support well being without sacrificing on style.

By taking advantage of Bedroom Feng Shui for 2017 we can reap numerous benefits including improved sleep quality and enhanced feelings of safety and contentment during both waking hours and when asleep. To get started all that we need is an open mind eagerness for learning new approaches – happy decorating.

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