Bed Facing Southeast Feng Shui


Bed Facing Southeast Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese technique used to promote positive energy in a space or environment. It focuses on arranging the furniture and other items in the room according to specific directions and angles in order to align with the principles of Yin and Yang as well as the five elements. The main purpose of this practice is to encourage a harmonious supportive atmosphere to help maintain good health, attract wealth, relationships, and overall success and prosperity. The most important element in this practice involves understanding how facing your bed towards certain areas can be beneficial.

Feng Shui practitioners believe that sleeping with the bed pointing southeast will bring success, luck, fame, and wealth into one’s life. This arrangement ensures that when lying down, your head will face the area related to joy and appreciation while at the same time avoiding facing negative directions such as death or misfortune. Furthermore, acupuncture meridians run through our bodies which are said to correspond with certain types of energy – with a southeast facing bed, it is believed that you can naturally draw in this vital life energy while still promoting relaxation within your bedroom. Finally, having your bed point towards southeast helps guard against unhealthy energies from entering space such as those coming from kitchen stoves or from North-facing windows since these spaces typically contain a force called “sha chi” which must be countered for optimal health purposes.

Definition and History

Bed facing southeast feng shui is a form of Chinese geomancy, which has been practiced since ancient times. According to this system, furniture, specifically beds, should be aligned in four directions to account for the southwest, northwest and northeast directions of energy flow. This practice helps to enhance positive chi and bring good fortune into one’s life.

Bed facing southeast Feng shui is believed to have originated in the Shang Dynasty in 1766 BC. The Book of Changes (Yì jīng), a classic classic text from that era, further helped solidify its principles. In traditional times, placement of furniture was based on a person’s rank and status within their community or family hierarchy. Bed facing southeast Feng shui generally favored high social rank by placing beds furthest from the door of a house as it symbolized wealth and prosperity as well notably buffering against negative energies from entering one’s home. With advancements in technology over the centuries, advancements were made in furniture design that allowed for easier rearrangement to conform with Bed facing southeast Feng shui principles without having to move large pieces of wood or furniture around the house.

In modern times, bed facing southeast Feng shui has been adapted to promote more health-conscious activities such as better sleep circulation of air within close quarters such as bedrooms or apartments. Additionally many homeowners will use it towards financial and career luck by having their bed aligned towards areas connected with these elements such as career or finances when undergoing major renovations or refurbishment projects from elevated levels such furnishing bedrooms with higher-end items like king size beds and mirrored dressers at sets at the headboard.

Benefits of Bed Facing Southeast Feng Shui

Feng Shui, or the Chinese practice of bringing luck and balance to a living space, is brought to life through the thought-out placement of furniture. It is believed that when furniture, such as beds, are placed in certain directions of the room it can have positive effects on residents’ energy levels and wellbeing. One example of this is placing a bed facing southeast for optimal Feng Shui.

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The south east direction is associated with the element of wood which is skillfulness, flexibility and growth. Therefore, sleeping with your head pointing south east brings about harmony between the five elements making up the practitioner’s environment – wood, water, metal earth and fire – achieving an ideal compromise. Placing a bed in this way ensures that fire from the south stimulates strength and inspiration whereas energy from the east brings freshness and possibilities for growth ahead. This combination of energies helps support transition into adulthood and progress in professional matters if this intention is intended by practitioners. Additionally, helping to bring clarity to thoughts so that decision-making becomes easier as creative ideas become more visible by having your bed face this direction. People usually feel brighter when waking up as immense amount od warm energy flows in for creativity or relaxation during sleep making it easier for one to manifest their dreams into reality faster than usual.

Practical Advice

When it comes to achieving an optimal bed facing southeast Feng Shui setting, there are several practical guidelines that should be followed. First, the head of the bed should be towards the southeast direction. This will create balance and calm energy in the bedroom while placing oneself at a higher frequency than the outer environment. Additionally, make sure to display symbols of prosperity such as coins or images of one’s career aspirations in this corner that faces southeast. Having artwork or any other physical feature that promote tranquility in this area is also beneficial.

It is important that when decorating this specific area of the room, it is not overcrowded with items as this could negatively affect a person’s restful sleep and quality of sleep. Instead, opt for small decorations in curated colors and shapes. By adding elements to create balance such as a nightstand with two lamps gives an additional advantage to extracting positive energy from the environment around you. Moreover, you can incorporate live plants into your bed placement for more grounding energy; however, do not place them directly next to the bed as their respiration may interfere with yours during sleep hours. Finally, if possible open up any sources of natural light in this sector whether it be windows or skylights so that you remain deeply connected with nature while sleeping.

Common Mistakes to Avoid with Bed Facing Southeast Feng Shui

If you are looking to practice bed facing southeast feng shui, it is essential that you avoid making common mistakes in order to reap the desired effects. For example, misaligning the bed so that it faces a different direction than southeast could mean disaster. The reason being because as per feng shui principles, aligning the bed with an element that is “too powerful” can bring an excessive amount of energy into your bedroom, leading to deep restlessness and insomnia. On the other hand, if your bed is too close to a bathroom or kitchen door, it can create a disturbance in the flow of qi, or energy. As a result, this will prevent positive energy from entering your sleep space and therefore disrupt your quality of life. Lastly, failure to support your headboard against a solid wall can make concentration and emotional stability difficult to maintain; after all, a strong wall behind one’s back is said by feng shui experts as creating a sense of vastness and security. To sum up, adhering strictly to rules set by bed facing southeast feng shui will yield maximum results such as improved relationships with loved ones and financial structure while avoiding negative consequences such as disrupting the flow of energy in your home.

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Personal Experiences

Ella had been dealing with chronic physical illness for many years, and was feeling exhausted when she decided to give bed facing southeast Feng Shui a try. She placed her bed in the correct position, and from that day on she noticed that her energy levels had started to increase. Getting up each morning felt easier and more motivating than before, she felt more energetic during the day, and her recovery time from any physical exertion was much faster. Not only that, but throughout the following months she was also able to reach amazing personal progress at work and socially.

Simon had been having trouble sleeping for months. He couldn’t seem to relax no matter how hard he tried and oftentimes felt stressed out due to not resting well at night. Eventually, his friend told him about bed facing southeast Feng Shui, so Simon gave it a shot as desperate measure. After adjusting his bed’s positioning according to this practice, he started noticing an improvement immediately: sleeping became easier and his sleep quality increased dramatically – within weeks! Thanks to that newfound restful sleep he felt rejuvenated during the day, which helped him stay calm even in the most challenging of situations. Furthermore, balance restored itself in different areas of his life such as his personal relationships or even finances — all this because he simply shifted the orientation of his bed!


Bed Facing Southeast Feng Shui is an ancient practice from Chinese tradition that has been practiced for centuries. It involves placing a bed, or sleeping area, facing the southeast direction for the purpose of promoting balance and harmony in one’s life. Southeast is considered to be a highly auspicious direction in traditional Chinese culture, as it provides benefits such as increased health, creativity, energy and abundance. By placing your bed in this direction, you can reap these benefits and create a space that allows you to rejuvenate after each day.

By following the tenets of Southeast-facing bed Feng Shui one can expect to receive numerous positive rewards including improved physical wellbeing, greater mental clarity, boosted personal happiness and overall contentment with life. With this newfound energy and positivity it may even be possible to unlock hidden potentials and channels within yourself you never knew were there. Through regular application of simple principles such as those related to Bed Facing Southeast Feng Shui you may even find yourself on the path towards self-realization or discovering spiritual enlightenment. Furthermore, this practice has been found to have beneficial effects on relationships both personal as well as professional – so successful harmonization within your environment could result in amazing social connections and smoother collaborations in any field of enterprise you choose to pursue. Utilizing Bed Facing Southeast Feng Shui can be incredibly dynamic for anyone who chooses to utilize it in their everyday life; its power lies not only in its efficacy but also its ease of use (it requires minimal effort once adopted) which makes it ideal for everyone from complete beginners onwards. All of these facts point toward one undeniable conclusion: practicing Bed Facing Southeast Feng Shui could potentially change your life completely – so why not give it a try today?

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