Feng Shui Front Door Facing Southeast 2020


General Principles: Feng Shui is the Chinese practice of arranging one’s environment to bring balance and harmony to the home or workplace. In 2020, feng shui enthusiasts suggest that having a southeast facing front door will bring beneficial energy into the home.

Yin and Yang: Feng shui is based on the principle of the interaction between yin and yang – opposites which interact with one another. Yin energy is associated with feminine aspects such as nurturing and caring, while yang energy is associated with masculine aspects such as strength and power. The southeast facing door provides a balanced blend of both yin and yang energies for your home.

Bagua Map: The Bagua Map is an ancient Chinese divination tool which can be used to determine areas within a given space where certain energies may be present. The southeast-facing front door in 2020 should align with the Wealth/Prosperity area or Love/Romance area of the bagua map according to what you intend to accomplish by having it in this location. This way, you attract positive energy that supports your intentions without overloading any particular area with too much energy.

Significance of the Southeast Location

The southeast location of a front door is significant in Feng Shui because of its association with the energy of luck and abundance. This is because the southeast sector is governed by three lucky stars which are believed to create positive energy in this area. This energy can be harnessed by ensuring that your front door faces southeast, so that it can invite positive energy into your home. This energy also brings wealth into your environment, encouraging growth, success, and abundance in both material and spiritual aspects. The combination of these three fortunate stars creates balance within a household, helping maintain harmony between family members, friends, and anyone else who may enter the home. With a southeast-facing front door in 2020, you can expect good financial fortune associated with accumulating wealth as well as bringing peace to those living beneath its threshold.

Benefits of Facing the Southeast

When a front door is facing the southeast, it encourages increased luck, health, and energy in 2020. By tapping into the energies associated with this direction, individuals can expect to have a good amount of prosperity for the year. With a southeast-facing front door, one’s personal chi flow will be enhanced as more energy is drawn into their home. This is believed to result in better mental and physical well-being throughout the year. Additionally, it will bring abundance, recognition, wealth and success if thoughtfully supported by other Feng Shui cures and enhancers. Increased harmony within the family home is also possible with this compass orientation. Furthermore, any existing conflict or tension may be alleviated as new opportunities arise that better suit everyone’s desires. A Feng Shui practitioner can help you assess your individual needs and recommend enhancements best suited to your home’s layout and its occupants’ personalities before selecting any cures or enhancers to apply around your property.

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Guidelines for Decorating Your Southeast Facing Entryway

1. Choose a Color Scheme: To attract positive energy to your entryway, choose colors that are warm, such as yellow, orange or red. You can also use earth tones like green and brown to create a calming atmosphere as you enter into your abode.

2. Hanging Plants: Hang plants near the door or porch to welcome good luck and bring positive energy into your home. It is beneficial to hang plants with big leaves in shades of green and brown for prosperity.

3. Make it Welcoming: Place a garden gnome, a wind chime, or other cheerful decorations at the entrance of your home to make guests feel welcome while attracting good energy.

4. Ambience Enhancing Mirrors: Placing a mirror behind the front door helps increase light flow and visitor’s reflections of their happy selves when they enter your home!

5. Place Your Welcome Mat: If you have an outdoor entryway or stairs leading up to the front door, place a special Chinese fabric mat in bright colors on it for decoration and protection from negative chi. This allows visitors to energetically ‘knock’ on your entryway first before entering fully into the space as an invitation of good luck into your home!

Understanding the Elements

Feng Shui is an ancient system of placement, designed to create a better relationship between your environment and yourself. It is based on the idea that everything in the universe is connected and occupies certain channels or energies. When your front door faces southeast in 2020 according to Feng Shui principles, it can bring particular beneficial effects into your life, as well as open up new opportunities.

The elements associated with this direction are wood and wind and they correspond to particular colors. Wood energetically represent growth and development while wind embodies progress, change and flexibility. For this reason, it’s recommended to choose natural hues to enhance the awakening effect of these elements — leafy greens, blues, browns etc. Wearing clothes in these colors can also help boost a sense of alertness and refreshment as you approach your space each day.

Colors play a very important role in Feng Shui because they carry their own different energy fields that can affect both psychologically and spiritually. For example, green signifies happiness, good fortune and renewed vigor; brown brings grounding stability; blue represents calming serenity; white stands for purity; orange implies enthusiasm; red symbolizes determination; purple reflects intuition; gold shows off abundance, etc. Incorporating these colors throughout your living space rather than using too much of one hue can be really beneficial as it will create an environment of balance which encourages positive energy flow through all aspect nourishing both your mind and spirit!

Tips for Creating Balance in Your Entryway

Feng shui, the ancient Chinese art of balance, uses shapes, colors, textures and other forms of decoration to create a calming and harmonious atmosphere. The front door is one of the most important aspects of your feng shui. When your doorway is facing southeast in 2020, you can use this energy to improve your home’s flow and bring a sense of balanced chi throughout the space. Here are some tips for creating balance in your entryway:

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Opt for natural tones that promote grounding and connection like warm browns or beiges when choosing paint color or wallpaper for the walls surrounding your entranceway.

Hang a small chime or bell over the entryway for added positive energy and an inviting soundscape.

Incorporate circular shapes into décor as these represent wholeness, completeness and help encourage new beginnings into your home. This could include mirrors with rounded edges, artwork featuring nature circles like suns or moons, and furniture with curved legs.

Decorate with plants to enhance freshness and life-force energy – either low light indoor cacti or succulents that require minimal upkeep or easy-to-maintain outdoor plants like hibiscus or sweet box shrubs.

Finally – be sure to place a small accent table next to your entryway so that incoming guest can leave their shoes off upon arrival if desired – it’s an added bonus!

Best Plants and Architectural Elements to Complete the Look

When incorporating different elements into a feng shui front door facing southeast 2020, it’s important to understand the psychological and aesthetic benefits as well. To create a warm, inviting entryway for guests and for yourself, consider adding lush foliage such as ivy-covered trellises or large pots of colorful flowers near the entrance. This will bring good energy and symbolize growth and life. Architectural elements such as arches or bright colors can also give your entryway a stylish finish. Additionally, placing a water feature near the entrance will contribute to the tranquility of the space, promoting peace and abundance. Statues of auspicious animals are also known to energize an area by bringing positive chi in while warding off bad spirits. Finally, moderate wind chimes can add subtle charm; they generate sound vibrations that circulate in positive ways throughout your living environment.


The Feng Shui Front Door Facing Southeast for 2020 brings with it tangible benefits, such as improved relationships and money luck. Such a direction is best for creating wealth and improving the overall energy of your surroundings. One way to ensure that the orientation is correctly aligned is to consult with a feng shui expert. Additionally, you may want to place items such as plants, symbols and wind chimes near the door entrance to further enhance its positive vibrations. When designing or decorating this space, be sure to use only natural materials that mesh well with the environment. This can help maximize the positive energy of your front door’s location so as to bring prosperity and generosity into your life. Ultimately, having a Feng Shui Front Door Facing Southeast is believed to bring good luck, protection from negative energies and improved relationships -so why not take advantage For 2020?

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