Bank Of China Building Hong Kong Feng Shui

What Is Bank Of China Building Hong Kong Feng Shui?

Feng Shui, or the art of placement, has been used for centuries to bring good luck and improve a person’s quality of life. Bank of China Building Hong Kong Feng Shui is a branch of this practice, designed to help businesses enhance their prosperity and bring luck to their employees. The Bank of China Building (or BOC) in Hong Kong is a classic example of how Feng Shui principles can be integrated in the design of a modern building.

Key Feng Shui Principles Used in BOC Building

The Bank of China building is thoughtfully designed to capitalize on key Feng Shui principles. Here are some of the main aspects of Feng Shui incorporated into its design:

  • Circular Architecture: The building is round and the walls are curved. This design is said to benefit the occupants by creating a continuous flow of positive energy.
  • Motionless Metal Dragon: The building is decorated with a metal dragon on the top and a circle of nine large pillars at the entrance. This is said to represent a sleeping dragon that attracts wealth and prosperity to the building.
  • Luck for All: The building is situated near a river, so that the luck and good energy it generates could also be shared with the people living downstream.
  • Good Numbers: The building has an auspicious total of 88 floors, which is believed to bring luck.

Breaking Down The Symbolic Meaning Of The BOC Building

  • Circular Architecture: This design is said to represent both flow and balance and to promote harmony in the building and its occupants.
  • Metal Dragon: This dragon is believed to attract wealth to the building, while also protecting it from harm.
  • Luck in Numbers: The building is composed of 88 floors and is divided into 4 distinct sections, which are seen as a sign of good luck.
  • Connection to the River: The presence of the river is believed to bring the building a sense of connection to nature and to share the luck it attracts with its surroundings.


The Bank of China Building in Hong Kong is a perfect example of how Feng Shui principles can be integrated into a modern design. Not only does the building incorporate key Feng Shui symbols like the curved walls, dragon statues, and lucky numbers, but it also has a connection to nature and the river, allowing the energy it attracts to spread out and benefit its surroundings. This thoughtful design enables those who work in the building to reap the rewards of Feng Shui’s powerful luck and wealth drawing powers.

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