Bagua Map Western Feng Shui

**Introduction to Bagua Map Western Feng Shui**

Bagua Map Western Feng Shui is a form of geomancy, originating from the Far East, which uses principles of energy flow to help enhance and balance environments like homes, offices and workplaces. It is traditionally used to increase prosperity, good luck and harmony in these spaces.

**What is Bagua Map Western Feng Shui?**

Bagua is an eight-sided, circular map that symbolizes the universal energy known as Qi (Chi). Each of the eight sides represent an area of life, such as wealth and relationships, Health and creativity.

The Bagua map is divided into three sections, each with three sub-sections. Each of the nine sections is associated with its own colour, shape, direction, elements and associated energies.

**How Bagua Map Western Fengshui Improves Your Home & Life**

Bagua Map Western Feng Shui helps to create balance and harmony within the environment and fills it with positive energy from the different elements of the Bagua.

The following are some of the benefits that a Bagua Map can provide:

* Balancing the energy of a home or office.
* Enhancing the vitality of a space.
* Creating a flow of abundance and prosperity.
* Bringing good luck and improved relationships.
* Improving health, creativity and career success.

**Using Bagua Map Western Feng Shui in Your Home**

Using Bagua Map Western Feng Shui principles in the home can help to bring a harmonious, positive and healthy centre to your living environment. There are several ways to apply the Bagua Map to your home:

* Hang the Bagua Map on the wall in the centre of the house.
* Place the Bagua Map on a flat surface in the centre of the house.
* Place a Chinese coin in the centre of each Bagua area to strengthen the energy.
* Place objects and symbols related to each element in the areas of the Bagua.

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By applying these techniques, the energies of the Bagua can be activated to help improve your home’s and your life’s overall well-being.


Bagua Map Western Feng Shui is an ancient geomancy practice that provides homeowners, businesses and even entire cities with a harmonious and balanced flow of energy. By understanding and applying the principles of Bagua Map, you can create a positive and vibrant environment in which to enjoy life.

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