Art For Feng Shui In Bedrooms

Art For Feng Shui In Bedrooms

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice of creating harmonious design to enrich our lives and our home environments. Incorporating art into the bedroom space is an important factor when it comes to achieving that balance of energy within the home.

The Impact of Art In Bedroom Feng Shui

The use of art within your bedroom can have a powerful impact on its overall energy. Artwork can be used to symbolize many values and ideas, such as love, vitality, rest, abundance, and prosperity. Adding these pieces of art into your bedroom will help create a cozy, peaceful environment that can help to bring balance to the space.

Choosing The Right Artwork For Your Bedroom

When selecting artwork for your bedroom, there are a few points to consider. First, consider the size and color of the room. Choose larger pieces to fill larger spaces, and smaller pieces for more intimate settings. The artwork should also complement the colors of the room and its furniture.

In addition, the artwork should reflect the purpose of the bedroom, such as relaxation, togetherness, or romance. Think of the type of artwork that speaks to these needs – it could be a painting, a photograph, a sculpture, a decorative art object, or even a line drawing.

Creating A Balanced Energy With Art

Another important factor when it comes to achieving balance with bedroom art is to ensure that the images and objects are visually balanced. For example, if one wall is covered in dark colors, use lighter colors on the opposite wall to create a balance. In addition, think about bringing in natural elements, such as plants or stones, which can help create energy and even out any harsh energy.

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Placement of Bedroom Art

The placement of artwork within the bedroom can also affect the overall energy in the room. According to feng shui principles, art should be placed at the level of the eyes when you are lying in bed. This will help to promote positive energy and amplify the calming effects of the bed. Similarly, it is recommended to hang art on the walls of your bedroom, rather than place it on furniture, to ensure that the energy of the room is not disrupted.

Following Feng Shui Principles

When it comes to incorporating art into your bedroom, following the principles of feng shui can help create a balanced and peaceful environment. Select artwork thoughtfully, and place it in such a way that it promotes and enhances the natural energy flow within the room. With the right selection of art, you can create a relaxed, tranquil atmosphere that is ideal for a good night’s rest.


Creating a balanced and peaceful bedroom environment is an important aspect of feng shui. Incorporating art in your bedroom is an excellent way to achieve this balance, as art can help to bring positive energy into the space. Select artwork carefully, and be sure to follow feng shui principles regarding the size, colors, and placement of the art. By combining art with a mindful approach to design, you can create a bedroom that brings you harmony and restful sleep.

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