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Introduction to Amor Feng Shui

Introduction to Amor Feng Shui: The Ancient Chinese Art of Love
Amor Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that helps promote love, relationship harmony and emotional balance. It uses different elements from all parts of the natural world–such as light, plants and special symbols–to create a harmonious environment in which relationships can blossom. The practice works by creating a kind of energy vortex that helps to attract uplifting energies into your home or space; the idea being that these energies will bring feelings of peace, joy and love into your life. By incorporating the right energy-attracting objects, furniture placement, supportive colors and art, you can draw positive emotions into your home and finally find the love you have been searching for!

A Brief History of Amor Feng Shui

Amor Feng Shui is an ancient philosophy and practice originating from China that has been passed down through generations until its modern use as feng shui in Western culture. The practice dates back to the Han Dynasty, where Taoist principles were used to harmonize man with environment. Amor Feng Shui promotes balancing qi or the flow of energy between a living space and its occupants.

Since then, the practice has evolved significantly, leading to the two main schools of thought regarding its origin: classical feng shui and black hat feng shui. Classical feng shui focusses on traditional Qi theories—which dictate how energy should be balanced based on local geography and cosmic influences—while black hat utilizes more metaphysical aspects such as astrology, numerology and geomancy. Ultimately, practitioners believe both are valid approaches for finding harmony in your own home or business space.

Notable theorists on Amor Feng Shui include Zhang Jixing (fl. 1400), Chang Chun-Yun (1687-1756),Kam Chuen Lam (1913–2009) and Lillian Too (1945–). Together they have studied the ancient knowledge on qi related topics for centuries and developed their own interpretation of this ancient discipline which has had a profound impact on global practices today.

What Are the Benefits of Amor Feng Shui?

Amor Feng Shui is a practice of arranging living spaces and objects to promote positive energy and well-being. The long-term health benefits associated with Amor Feng Shui are numerous and include improved mental clarity, better sleep quality, reduced stress, improved financial security, enhanced relationships, improved physical well-being, and general feelings of contentment.

The mental benefits of engaging with the practice of Amor Feng Shui involve improvements in clarity of thought, increased creativity, an increased ability to focus, better problem solving skills, and greater cognitive flexibility. All these improve life satisfaction and the ability to work and play in balance.

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The emotional benefits that come with the practice involve higher levels of self-esteem, greater feelings of connectedness with environment and others, a sense of inner peace or calmness, as well as heightened moods such as happiness experience more frequently throughout daily life. By creating harmony between the person and their environment though intentional placement of objects and furniture alignment your can improve relationships by improving understanding through clear communication.

Methods for Enhancing Amor Feng Shui in Your Home

1. To begin, identify the cardinal direction of your love life sector in your home. According to Feng Shui principles, this area should be in the south-east corner of the house or a room and is associated with the element of wood.

2. Place items such as couples’ pictures, wooden sculptures that symbolize partnership, or any other object that represents enduring bond with your loved one in the south-east corner of each room to emphasize the importance of relationships and love for you.

3. Place objects made of glass and crystal (such as vases, wind chimes) around these areas to further activate and amplify the energy already present – these will generate a vibrant aura which promotes positive energies associated with love and relationships.

4 Eliminate energy blockages caused by negative reactions or clutter in your home especially in West directions – remembering that thick furniture crowds can congest this interesting flow and stifle passionate emotions. If necessary, clear out furniture pieces, place lighter curtains and low lying rugs so that an inviting atmosphere is created throughout the house while allowing good energy involved with Amor Feng Shui to feed off it.

5 Lastly don’t forget to keep your plants healthy – hydrangeas are seen as a definitive signifierof successful long term relationships so keeping these inside in pots not only create beautiful interior but can also foster more meaningful connections between yourself and others.

Tips for Making the Most of Amor Feng Shui

1. Make sure that all your love spaces reflect one another – Your bedroom, living room, and any other area where you spend time with your partner should all be designed to impart a sense of unity in your relationship. Add touches like matching lamps or artwork to create a sense of harmony.

2. Avoid clutter and distraction – An environment that is too chaotic can interfere with romance. Clear out any old or tattered items from the space and keep the area clean and tidy to make the most of Amor Feng Shui principles.

3. Emphasize natural elements – Stones, plants, wood furniture, and earthy colors are great for incorporating the earth energy that soothes frayed nerves and boosts positive energy in romantic relationships.

4. Place red candles strategically – Red is the most powerful color when it comes to invoking passion and desire, so light a few red candles throughout the room to send out strong signals of sensuality and romance.

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What Are the Challenges of Amor Feng Shui?

1. Resistance to Change: As with any change in life, it can be difficult to embrace a new concept or method of change like Amor Feng Shui. People may feel uncertain and scared of the impact such changes might have on their lives so they can prove resistant to embracing it. To address this, it is important to provide clear education and explanations of how Amor Feng Shui works, how it could benefit them, and what steps they can take to incorporate it into their lives.

2. Time Commitment: Not everyone has time for a huge lifestyle overhaul or to devote hours of their time each day to understanding and implementing Amor Feng Shui. For those with limited free time, smaller but still effective changes should be recommended instead if possible. In addition, guidance should also be given on how integrated Amor Feng Shui principles into someone’s everyday life in simple ways so that not a huge chunk of time needs to be dedicated at once.

3. Financial Cost: Changing certain elements of one’s home or workspace according to Amor Feng Shui principles may require some financial expenditure too – perhaps the removal or replacement of furniture or the purchase of materials like candles or crystals that help promote the benefits associated with these practices. If cost is an obstacle then providing advice on ways that offer less expensive solutions wherever possible is key here in order for those interested in incorporating Amor Feng Shui into their lives still able to do so regardless of budget constraints.


This diagram illustrates the key points outlined in the article ‘Amor Feng Shui’. It shows the importance of positive energies and how they are related to luck, abundance, health and love. Furthermore, it shows how elements such as color, frequencies, aromas and intention can be used to increase these positive energies as well as providing possible suggestions on where to place them within your home environment. Lastly, it emphasizes that when using Feng Shui for amor one should ensure that all elements should be in alignment with their intention for a balanced result.

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