Adding Feng Shui to Entry With Stairs Facing Door

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Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophical system that originated over 3,000 years ago. It is rooted in the idea that the placement of objects in relation to one’s environment influences how the energy of this environment influences our lives and wellbeing. In Feng Shui, it is believed that energies such as happiness, health, luck, and prosperity can flow through our lives when we live and work in harmony with the natural environment and its energetic forces. Therefore, it is important to consider how to balance and harmonize these energies when designing or re-arranging a home.

When dealing with a stairway present at a doorway, there are some practices within Feng Shui to help integrate this element into a space while avoiding any negative energy associated negatively with this particular element. Placing an object such as a potted plant or vibrant artwork near or on the stairs may help to absorb negative energy flowing downward off of them and bring positive energy into the space instead. Additionally, trailing plants up the sides of the stairs could be used to balance out their presence without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. Finally, introducing crystals or metal sculptures into the area can offer extra protection against any potential built up negative energy.

Use Real-Life Examples

Adding Feng Shui to a home with an entry door that is facing the staircase can help bring harmony and balance to a space. One example of when this has been done successfully happened in Kansas City, where homeowners sought out a way to create positivity at their entry space. They added a fountain near the bottom of the stairs, which is seen as the symbol of wealth and abundance in Feng Shui principles. The fountain was placed on the left side of the stairs and then decorated with coins and stones. In addition, plants were added along the right side of the staircase. The homeowners also painted both sides of each step differently for extra symbolism; blue for tranquility and white for peace. After all these changes were made, this created a beautiful yet refreshing feeling when entering from their front door.

Another case study comes from Connecticut, where splitting up the upper levels from downstairs is seen as beneficial in Feng Shui principles when dealing with entryways that have stairs facing them directly. The homeowners used this technique by adding an archway built out of wood between the upper level and lower level. This is believed to represent Yin Yang energy by combining two different elements together smoothly; dark woods vs light color walls above it. Furthermore, they also hung two wind chimes on either side of it to bring balance with sound and neutralize any negative energy coming through their doorway before entering into their home space.

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Diversify Perspectives

When applying Feng Shui to any type of entry, the main idea is to create a peaceful, harmonious atmosphere. This is especially important when the stairs are directly facing the door, as it can create an unbalanced energy in the space. One way to balance this energy is to place lighting fixtures in strategic positions throughout the entryway in order to provide additional light sources for the area. For stairs specifically, incorporating plants can help reduce harsh energies and create a more calming atmosphere. Additionally, utilizing mirrors above door frames and near the staircase will help disperse equilibrium throughout the entire space. Finally, placing attractive hanging items such as wind chimes or sculptures near or on staircases can create more chi — positive Qi energy — within the area, helping to bring balance and improve overall Feng Shui.

Create Checklists


1. Hang a crystal, or other Feng Shui charm, in the entranceway and over the door.
2. Place a small green or live plant in the entryway near the stairs.
3. Hang a cheerful painting of nature, flowers, or birds near the stairs.
4. Install a wind chime at the top of the stairs to energize chi and encourage light and airy vibes within the entryway.
5. Choose warm colors like reds, oranges, and yellows for paint or wallpaper to create welcoming energy to your home’s entranceway.
6. Place an welcoming entry way mat at the bottom of the stairs to invite positive energy into your home and create a safe haven for all who enter your home through it!

1. Don’t place any sharp objects near the entrance as sharp objects can bring negative chi into your home environment when placed too close to entrances such as staircases leading directly to the front door of a home – which is typically seen as bad feng shui; instead opt for round shapes with smooth, gentle curves for any decor pieces you choose for this area in general!
2. Avoid dark colors like blacks and browns in this area as they can impede healthy flow of energy that should be welcomed in with an inviting entry way; use only light hues instead!
3. Don’t put furniture blocking entryways or stairwells; these are important areas where chi needs to travel freely so having too many items obstructing their pathways will not be beneficial!

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Illustrate Examples

When adding Feng Shui to entry with stairs facing the door, several aspects of your space should be altered to promote its positive energy. To start, colors can be used to help create harmony and balance within your space. The main colors employed in Feng Shui could include reds, oranges, blues, and earth tones like greens and browns. The colors used should be restful but still provide a vibrant atmosphere. For artwork and decorations, focus on pieces that represent the five Chinese elements of wood, fire, water, metal and earth. Place them on walls at key points around the room in a way that encourages balance- bright colors mixed with more neutral colors can work great! Additionally put accents such as pillows or rugs on the stairs to invite Chi up while keeping a balanced flow. Finally plants are a great way of creating life in the home; it will also promote Fu (good luck) in occupants which is key for creating a harmonious environment with stairs facing the door

Utilize Infographics

Infographics are one of the most useful tools to use when adding Feng Shui to an entry with stairs facing the door. With infographics, you can easily display and explain the process quickly and visually. For example, you can create an infographic that breaks down each area of the entry and outlines its feng shui properties. You can illustrate activities that energize each area, colors or items to bring in for improved chi flow and directions of elements like lighting or plants. Additionally, including tips on how to avoid common mistakes with stairs facing east or west can be helpful in avoiding direction clashes. Overall, with a couple informative illustrations and diagrams, you can help your readers make the most out of their space without needing a degree in interior design!

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