9 Red Candles Feng Shui


Nine red candles Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that dates back thousands of years. It is based on the belief that the Universe and its energy can be directed in a specific way to bring luck and prosperity. The practice revolves around the use of nine red candles arranged in a certain configuration and burned in order to bring success into one’s life.

The core definition of 9 Red Candles Feng Shui is that it uses spiritual energy as a light source to transform and create positive energy. According to this traditional Chinese practice, color and candle placement have their own unique meanings. For instance, since red is associated with power, love and strength, using 9 red candles increases those positive attributes tenfold. Additionally, red symbolizes good luck and profound wealth. Burning all nine candles together symbolizes drawing fortune from all four corners of Heaven for maximum protection and abundance.

Nine red candles Feng Shui can be beneficial in multiple ways from wealth generation to improving relationships. People practicing this method have found success in promoting healthy marital relationships, opening doors for higher career opportunities, attaining better health, enhancing educational prospects and overall financial security. Moreover, many believe that burning 9 Red Candles feng shui releases stress by reducing anxiety levels which further opens up new opportunities for prosperity within individuals lives when properly invoked into the Universe by 9 Red Candles feng shui practitioners.

Origins and Background of 9 Red Candles Feng Shui

Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese practice of using elements in the environment to create harmony and balance in one’s life, has been widely used for thousands of years. One of its most popular techniques is the use of 9 red candles to attract wealth and abundance. According to this method, a line of nine red candles should be lit in order to bring blessings or luck into a person’s life.

The original practice of this tradition likely dates back over two thousand years and originates from Taoist masters who believed that placing nine red candles on an altar would help tap into the creative forces of yin (dark principle) and yang (light principle) energies. They believed that the wax from the burning candles would activate energy patterns which could bring forth the desired outcome; whether it be protection, success, harmony or even love.

Some practitioners believe that to successfully use the 9 Red Candle Feng Shui technique, one must first cleanse their space with incense and purify their heart by chanting mantras like “Om Mani Padme Hum” three times while sitting in front of their altar before lighting the nine red candles. The individual must then focus their thoughts and prayers on what they wish to manifest into reality while gazing at all nine burning flames for five minutes every day. Buddhists view these nine red candles as representing abundance and blessings from different directions — North representing increased family fortune and South representing career growth — allowing individuals to harness divine power more quickly than other forms of Feng Shui methods do.

Beliefs and Philosophy Behind 9 Red Candles Feng Shui

9 Red Candles Feng Shui is a unique form of Chinese metaphysical practice which involves the ritualistic burning of nine red candles. This practice is generally used to bring luck and prosperity into one’s life. It is believed that by burning these nine candles in a particular formation, or pattern, one can create an atmosphere that brings success, good fortune and abundance into one’s life. The nine red candles are believed to be filled with Chi energy: the active force of Yin and Yang which balances the universe. According to 9 Red Candle Feng Shui philosophy, the balance of Yang and Yin energy enables people to manifest their intentions in manifesting their physical reality.

The type of configuration chosen when setting up the nine red candles dictates what sort of luck or good fortune is being activated in one’s life. While some practitioners use traditional formations recommended by ancient scholars, others create their own personal configurations based on intuition as well as trial and error. Many practitioners will light the red candles using incense sticks while chanting certain mantras to enhance their intent along with focusing on positive visualization exercises.

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Overall, it is said that this form of Feng Shui assists in activating a person’s personal power and intensity so they can access their inner resources desired for wealth building, health improvement, career advancement or other personal matters that could use assistance in achieving fruition.

Types of 9 Red Candles Feng Shui Practices

1. Bagua Practice: Using nine red candles to create a protective force field around a home, business, or self. They are often placed in a grid pattern around the perimeter of the area that needs protection. This is traditionally done to ward off negative energies and promote good luck and overall wellbeing.

2. Guan Yin Practice: Nine red candles are arranged in the form of an inverted U shape (like an arch) with offerings such as fruits, seeds and flowers placed in the center of the candles as offerings for guidance from the Goddess Guan Yin.

3. Spirit Protection & Blessing Practice: Nine red candles lit in prayer for spiritual protection, blessing and abundance for oneself or others.

4. Career Success Practice: Nine red candles lit to bring successes in one’s career by attracting good luck and opportunities from valued professionals. Often times a wish is written on a piece of paper which would then be burned along with the nine red candle ritual and prayer.

5. Health Healing Practice: A ritual where nine red candles are lit to bring healing energy and enlightenment into one’s physical body and emotional being so their health is restored, creating transformation within ourselves and our environment we live in each day.

Preparations Required For 9 Red Candles Feng Shui

In order to incorporate the 9 Red Candles Feng Shui practice into the home, there are several steps that should be taken beforehand. First, create a peaceful and serene atmosphere in your space by calming the mind and body and clearing out any clutter from the area where the candles will be placed. Decide on a suitable place for nine red candles to be added within your home or office, making sure that they have enough room and can reach one another without blocking any exits while they are burning. Gather all your materials and tools such as nine pieces of long-stemmed candles of varying lengths; matches or a lighter; something to catch melted wax; a metal tray if you prefer to use one; decorations such as rocks, crystals, plants or images of interest that you connect with positivity. Place your assorted items near one another and take some time to contemplate before embarking on this soothing ritual.

Choosing and Placing the Candles

When it comes to selecting the right 9 red candles for Feng Shui, be sure to get a variety of sizes, shapes and colors of candles. Place them in areas of your home and even your office where the energy can be balanced. For example, you can place one candle in each corner of the room and another in the center as a focal point. Be sure not to have too much fire energy around an area since having too much can cause chaos in your life. When picking out these candles keep you intention in mind while feeling this divine connection with them. This will ensure that they are providing the good luck and protection you’re after when crafting this Feng Shui spell.

When placing the 9 red candles around the house or office, think about where would be best suited for your desired outcome. For instance if it’s for protection against negative influences then look for place where there is no direct sunlight coming into contact with them – also make sure to never leave them unattended when lit! It’s also important that you create a sacred space for them; think about cleansing the area either with incense or smudging herbs such as sage and palo santo prior to placing them in specific places within the home or office. Additionally, be mindful of not creating large clusters of candles so they don’t overpower a particular area; instead create smaller groupings of three scattered across different areas – this should help balance out their positive energy throughout.

Incorporating Meditations and Activities with 9 Red Candles

The nine red candles feng shui is a powerful tool to create balance and harmony in a home using the sacred power of fire. It is believed that the energy of fire can heal, nurture and activate positive Chi. The 9 candles draw strength from the fire elements in order to influence energies within a home. Each candle stands for one section of the Bagua Chart, which encompasses eight directions and nine sectors of life.

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To practice this physical meditative activity, an individual should select candles that are bright red in color as they are said to be better conductors of energy. Place all 9 candles around your body or at least near you in their respective orientation according to their purpose on the Bagua chart, with each candle representing its own area such as love, wealth or career success. Light them all together starting from east going clockwise with the intention of your overall goal for example for increased love and friendship.

After lighting all 9 candles, focus on each area represented by the candle and take deep breaths with intention towards that certain element of life – love, wealth etcetera. Afterward one should remain seated in stillness until all 9 candles have burned out completely. This meditation is often used to start new projects or set intentions for the coming year when done close to New Year time. Individuals may also use it during any stressful times they may encounter throughout life, such as job transition period or a break-up.. Regardless of when it is practiced this activity allows individuals to harness energies exposed by Fire Element practices thus bringing about increased clarity and balance into ones home environment as well as personal life experiences.

Warnings and Precautions When Practicing 9 Red Candles Feng Shui

When practicing 9 red candles Feng Shui, it is important to remember to take certain safety precautions. It is essential that the candles are never left unattended or in close proximity to flammable objects. Ensure that all candles are placed in secure holders and not in direct drafts which could cause them to burn unevenly or become extinguished. Keep them away from children and pets as a precaution against accidental ignitions. Before lighting the candles, it is important to read through the directions carefully so you understand exactly how you should proceed and what type of environment would be required for the meditation session.

Tips for Obtaining the Most Out of 9 Red Candles Feng Shui

1. Place the 9 red candles in your home and light each one for at least an hour per day. This will ensure that the energy from these candles will keep your environment in balance and enhance the positive energy in your home.

2. Choose a spot that allows you to view the candles from anywhere in your home – it should be somewhere that’s easy to get to and is well-ventilated. Make sure they are away from flammable objects, like furniture or rugs.

3. To bring good luck and healing to yourself and those who live with you, use intention when lighting each candle. Think of something positive each time you light a candle such as prosperity, joy, love, success or protection – whatever fits best for what you need in that moment.

4. Use a blessing-illuminating incense before lighting the 9 red candles every day as this will further increase their power to bring abundance into your life.

5. In addition, it’s helpful to meditate near the 9 red candles for an extra spiritual boost; this practice will create even more vitality throughout your space.


The practice of 9 Red Candles Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese healing technique used to restore balance and harmony in the home. This practice involves placing nine red candles—each with a different meaning—in the center of your house. These nine candles are said to provide protection, emotional clarity, and abundance when lit. The amount of time each candle should be lit independently is up to you, as they can be lit whenever needed. It is important to remember that you should always keep the candles in a safe place away from fire hazards and treat them with respect. Additionally, if at any point you become overwhelmed by your surroundings or feel stuck in life, lighting these nine red candles has been known to bring positive energy into your life, helping to open pathways for change.

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