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Feng Shui, or the ancient Chinese art of energy alignment, has been around for centuries. Horse Picture Feng Shui, a form of Feng Shui involving the placement of seven horses in a specific pattern in order to maximize harmony, is one aspect of Feng Shui that has endured and enjoyed great popularity throughout its history. The origin of Horse Picture Feng Shui date backmany years ago to an ancient Chinese General named Yuan who used it as his secret weapon in battle.

When Yuan applied this practice to his battles he was said to have become invincible, driving the enemy from territory with ease. Because of the perceived effectiveness of this technique it slowly spread throughout China and developed into the common practice we know today as Horse Picture Feng Shui. The reason for its success at the time is widely believed to be attributed to its ability to create harmony and balance between yin and yang forces which allowed people living within its presence to feel more at peace with their environment.

Today, Horse Picture FengShui remains a very popular system due to its aesthetic appeal as well as its spiritual significance in many cultures. It is often used by believers in Yangshuo FengShuiat home or on special occasions such as weddings or anniversaries in order to manifest good fortune in their lives. In addition, many use it as a form of divination by interpreting the various symbols associated with what is known as ‘horse talk’ thereby allowing themto gain insight into possible future events that may occur in their lives. As such, it still continues to be seen by many as an important part of traditional Chinese culture.

The Meaning of Horses

Horses have long been considered as a powerful symbol of strength, determination and freedom. Physically, the horse is an impressive creature with its large body, long legs, and beautiful mane. Spiritually it represents energy and movement – something that can take us to places we never thought were possible.

In astrology, horses are associated with Air and Fire signs such as Aquarius, Aries, Gemini and Sagittarius. They are characterized by enthusiasm and adventurous spirit, which are strong attributes connected to these elements. Seasonally, horses are often associated with springtime – a season of new growth and exciting possibilities.

More than just representing physical strength, the horse also has symbolic importance in many cultures worldwide. In ancient Egypt they were seen as symbols of power inherent in every ruler or god-king. In China they’re highly valued as symbols of grace and control that can be used both for war circumstances and for peaceful travel purposes on the Silk Road. In some cultures the horse is a mythological figure linked with death – but in most cases it’s believed to carry the soul into the afterlife (in this sense spiritual liberty). In some Native American tribes horses represent powerful totems of wisdom that help us transcend our difficulties and guide us on our journey to spiritual enlightenment or freedom from suffering.

The number seven is also significant when it comes to Horses Picture Feng Shui as it carries profound meaning within spirituality. Seven is believed to be the number of completion or ‘wholeness’ so when seven horses appear in artwork their symbolism often relates to inspiration gained through spiritual journeying towards fulfillment (without missing any details along the way). Thus making seven-horse pictures excellent Feng Shui objects that can encourage energetic harmony in your home environment!

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The 7 Horse Picture Types

1. Horses at Play: Horses at play can be a symbol of liberation, excitement, joy and freedom. In a feng shui context, this type of horse picture would be great for any space seeking positive energy or even for energizing stagnant energies. It would also be beneficial in spaces seeking new beginnings or refreshment.

2. Horse Racing: This type of horse picture represents ambition, success and progress. If you are looking to get ahead with your career or business projects, this could be the perfect picture for your office walls or desks . It symbolizes speed and pacing oneself to the finish line!

3. Herd of Horses: A herd of horses symbolizes unity, team spirit and strength in numbers! This type of horse image would be great for conference rooms, break rooms and other spaces that require group collaboration. It can bring good energy and cohesion among team members.

4. Majestic Horse: A majestic horse evokes power and authority. Use this in an executive office – it serves as a reminder that high standards must always be maintained while leading others to the top.

5. Prancing Horse: The prancing horse is associated with physical strength and agility – great for health club areas where athletes hone their skills! It symbolizes overcoming obstacles fearlessly and can inspire people to pursue their aspirations with vigor!

6. Stunning Landscape Background: If your room needs a touch of romance then this combination is perfect – an enchanting landscape paired with a beautiful equine friend photographed against it makes for a stunning mural! Envision it hanging from your living room wall as an added glamour piece set amidst all your furniture pieces —nothing quite like artful yet strong imagery to complete the overall style aesthetic of your refuge from the world outside!

7. Wild Stallions: The wild stallion galloping through an expansive prairie is definitely an iconic image associated with freedom, independence and courage. Hang it over your mantelpiece as part of family memories – a reminder to practice free will and heart-driven decisions in life journeys together as one unit!

How to Choose a Horse Picture

When choosing a horse picture for use in feng shui, it is important to review several different design styles, as well as color and size considerations. Horses traditionally symbolize strength, power and freedom, so you may want to consider if the chosen image accurately conveys the type of energy that would be most beneficial in your space.

Horse pictures can typically be found in black and white, sepia tones and full-color versions; each conveying a unique message about the energy desired. Bold strokes or bright colors may convey an emotion of excitement, while subtle hues and intricate patterns can give off a feeling of peace or serenity. In some cases, artistically abstracted horses may send expressions of good luck or growth rather than physical activity. However you decide to portray this majestic animal make sure that you select one with a messaged that compliments your space.

Size should also be taken into consideration when selecting a horse picture for feng shui purposes. Large images will dominate their space while tiny figures may get lost against the background. As such it is important to ensure that this dynamic creature presents itself with prominence while still complimenting the surroundings. A perfect balance between those two elements will ensure that the room has proper feng shui flow throughout it – something everyone can appreciate!

Hanging the Picture

There are several tips and tricks to displaying a 7 Horse Picture Feng Shui painting in an optimal fashion. Firstly, it is important to choose an area in your home that will not incur bad energies or disrupt the balance of the environment. An ideal spot for such a painting would be near your front door, as this is considered a symbolic point of entry into your home which allows good fortune to enter with you. If placing near the door is not suitable, other areas such as the living room, bedroom, and kitchen are also great spots to hang the painting.

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When hanging the picture, make sure that it is placed at eye-level (about 5 feet off the ground) so that all members of your family can appreciate it. According to Feng Shui tradition, it is also advised to place seven horses with their heads facing towards outwards in order to attract good luck and prosperity into your home. Another option is arranging them into two columns of three horses each and having one solitary horse off on its own at either side.

Finally, decorating around the painting is encouraged to create a balanced atmosphere for positive energy flow. Items such as flameless candles or mini rock gardens can help promote bounty and abundance around your piece of artwork!

Where to Buy Horse Pictures

Online sources such as Ebay, Etsy, and Craigslist can be excellent places to search for 7 Horse pictures for Feng Shui. The vast selection available on the internet offers convenience and a wide range of options at various prices. Additionally, these websites provide reviews and ratings that can help inform your decision on where to purchase an item as well as offer guidance on verifying the quality of products bought online.

Offline sources such as flea markets may provide access to rare items that wouldn’t be available online. The unique character of items found offline make them valuable commodities in the market for 7 Horse Pictures for Feng Shui and could result in higher resell values than their online counterparts. Additionally, offline sales people are often more knowledgeable about their products and tend to have personal relationships with owners from which they purchase merchandise from, increasing your chances of finding a unique gem. Before buying from any seller it is important to do research about them in order to ensure you are getting a quality product at a good price.


Horse Picture Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese practice that involves decorating homes and other structures with pictorial representations of galloping horses, is believed to bring good luck to the home and its inhabitants. The placement of these horse artwork can be used to attract wealth, enhance relationships, overcome obstacles, encourage success in work or academic endeavors, and reach your highest potential. Proper placement of the picture is important and should be done considering principles like the Five Elemental Theory and Taoism philosophy. Additionally, it is advised to select paintings with vibrant colors to further boost its energizing effect in your home. Overall, Horse Picture Feng Shui provides a unique perspective into how energy can be created or enhanced within homes or other spaces through visuals. By following the principles of traditional Feng Shui techniques combined with modern aesthetics trends it is possible to optimize the power of Horse Picture Feng Shui in one’s own home for personal flourishing or aligned goals.

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