8-sided Mirror Feng Shui

8-Sided Mirror Feng Shui

What is 8-Sided Mirror Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice used to create harmonious environment in any living space. 8-Sided Mirror Feng Shui is an application of Feng Shui principles, leveraging the reflective properties of 8-Sided mirrors to help create balance and harmony in homes and workspaces.

How Can 8-Sided Mirrors be Used?

Although the 8-Sided mirror is the most commonly used object for 8-Sided Mirror Feng Shui, other objects such as plants and decorations can also be used.

Mirrors: 8-Sided mirrors can be used to deflect negative energy and can be placed on any wall in the house. In addition, they can also be used to create a visual distraction and bring balance and harmony to the space.

Plants: The reflective properties of plants can bring a calming energy to the space and also be of practical use to add life to a room.

Decorations: Decorations with 8-sided shapes can be used to create a pleasant visual distraction that can help with relaxation.

The Benefits of 8-Sided Mirror Feng Shui

Energy: 8-Sided Feng Shui is believed to deflect and transform negative energy, creating a more harmonious energy in any room.

Balance: With the use of 8-Sided Mirrors, Feng Shui helps to create a balanced and peaceful environment.

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Clarity: 8-Sided Mirrors can help bring clarity to any space, especially in a workplace setting, where productivity and creativity is crucial.

Invigoration: The reflective properties of 8-Sided Mirrors can help invigorate and energize any space.

Tips for Using 8-Sided Mirror Feng Shui

Location: 8-Sided Mirrors can be placed anywhere in the house or office, however, it is believed to be most powerful when placed on the North or South wall. It’s also important to place the mirrors away from direct sunlight, so as to avoid too much glare.

Symmetry: 8-Sided Mirrors should be placed symmetrically, as not to create an imbalance in the room.

Angles: 8-sided Mirrors should be placed at an angle in the room, as this is believed to help deflect or block any negative or stagnant energy.

Size: 8-sided Mirrors should be around two to three feet long and wide. It’s important to ensure the size of the mirror is appropriate for the room.


8-Sided Mirror Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice used to create balance and harmony in homes and workspaces. The use of 8-Sided Mirrors, Plants and Decorations can help deflect negative energy and create a more peaceful and inviting environment. When implemented correctly, 8-Sided Mirror Feng Shui can help bring clarity to any space, invigorate and energize a room and provide balance and harmony in any home or workspace.

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