Which Feng Shui Animal Goes on Southside of the Ho

Expanded Introduction

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese spiritual practice that seeks to create harmony within a dwelling by harmoniously arranging the elements and animals. Originating from ancient China, it was originally practiced to bring in positive chi energy into living spaces, thus creating balance and prosperity for inhabitants. With the use of placement and orientation of objects like furniture, artwork, plants and other décor to create a certain energy flow between a person and their environment. The practice is especially important when arranging the Southern side of one’s home. This is because according to Feng Shui concepts, the Southside has connections to fame, career success and overall recognition. Therefore, here is where it’s believed you should place a Feng Shui animal – such as cricket statues or crystal representations of frogs or cranes – in order to help maximize potential success in life pathways found on this side of your home.

More Detailed Animal Symbolism

The south side of the house can be associated with the white tiger, who brings gentleness and luck in this position. The white tiger is also believed to ward off evil spirits in the south position. A symbol of power, the white tiger symbolizes strength and courage. It is also a reminder of responsibility and that one should use their power wisely and honorably. In some cases, it is said that the placement of a white tiger in the south direction can help solve disputes between family members. Additionally, such a placement has been said to bring forth qualities exemplified by tigers such as organization and loyalty. Furthermore, it may help eliminate problems or disturbances caused by external influences, bringing balance to whatever residence it’s placed in.

Lifestyle Tips

According to Chinese Feng Shui, the South side of your home should be occupied by an elephant or mouse for optimal energy flow. An elephant placed in front of the entrance to the house, or in any part of your living room is believed to bring good luck and protection from negative energy. It can also be used as a symbol of strength, stability, authority and wisdom. A mouse or rat is thought to bring prosperity, abundance and wealth. If placed in front or beside the front door it symbolizes new beginnings and overcoming obstacles. It can also act as a guard against bad luck or jealousy as well as deter thieves from entering your home. For harmony it’s recommended that two animals are placed facing each other, one representing yin energy. The Southside of a home should also be decorated with things that represent fire such as red furniture, mirrors and candles. Fire helps feed earth energy which makes this area extra welcoming and desirable for contemporary core energies like creativity and liveliness.

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Case Studies

A case study involving a family that decided to hang the air-faring Feng Shui animal in the south side of their home is an inspiring example of how Feng Shui can significantly change lives. This family was struggling with communication issues and general unhappiness. After discovering what animal should be placed on which side of their house, they hung an eagle on the southside, which symbolizes strength and power, according to Feng Shui philosophy.

Very quickly, this family noticed drastic improvements in both their relationships and overall happiness levels. The eagle helped remind them of the importance of speaking truthfully and from the heart, reminding them to be more mindful of their words rather than resorting to hurtful behaviors out of frustration. It also helped increase positive energies within the home, resulting in improved luck for everyone living there. The family has been able to maintain this newfound sense of harmony since introducing Feng Shui into their home over two years ago.

Q&A Session

Q: What type of animal should I place on the South side of my home in order to bring good Feng Shui?

A: The type of animal that you should place on the South side of your home will depend largely on the kind of energy you want to attract. For example, if you are looking for love and luck, you may want to consider a symbol such as two red fish or a pair of mandarin ducks, which represent harmonious relationships. If you are seeking scholarly success and fame, a symbol like a stag or donkey is an excellent choice. You may also want to consider symbols that represent protection, such as lions or elephants. There are many other Feng Shui symbols that can bring different kinds of positive energy depending on what your goals are. Ultimately, it is important to choose a symbol that has meaning and significance for you so that it resonates with the energy you want to attract.

Cultural Impact

When discussing the impact of Feng Shui animal placement on the south side of a home, it is important to consider how that placement can influence the overall energy balance in a household as well as in the community at large. This knowledge can act as an inspiration for people to create positive energy flows in their homes, which encourages a sense of peacefulness and contentment throughout the home and can help foster greater connections with family and friends. In addition, this practice may lead to more harmonious and respectful relationships within the larger community, as it can be seen as an expression of respect for all living things. Furthermore, by expressing this attitude outwardly through Feng Shui practices, we may be able to set an example for others to work towards maintaining mutual respect from everyone within our communities.

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