Where to Place Dresser in Bedroom Feng Shui


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that is deeply rooted in the principles of balance and harmony within a space. By honoring and designing with this basic principle, feng shui can be used to bring order, beauty, and peace into one’s home. Since bedroom furniture such as a dresser contributes both to the form and function of a room, it is important to place them in accordance with feng shui principles.

When deciding where to place the dresser in your bedroom according to feng shui guidelines, it is essential first determine its best location based on your personal energetic preferences while considering any other existing furniture items that may affect its positioning. Generally speaking, dressers should be placed on walls opposite or perpendicular to the bed without blocking any doors or windows. Placing your dresser closer than seven feet from your bed will create a feeling of crowding and heaviness within your sleeping space, so try not to place it any closer than this distance. Additionally, if possible avoid having your dresser face the front door – instead opt for positioning it against another wall so that the energy has more opportunity to flow throughout the room naturally. Furthermore, when selecting clothing drawers for your dresser make sure they are all closing properly and are organized neatly– this will aid in keeping a balanced chi flow within your bedroom environment.

Placement of Dresser in Bedroom

The placement of a dresser in a bedroom according to Feng Shui is an important part of creating harmonious energy within the space. To position the dresser, it should not be placed directly against the wall but more towards the center of the room. When facing outward, it should be pointing either east or south, as these directions are said to bring good luck and wealth. It is best to keep the dresser away from walls that contain doors and windows because those areas may possess a type of energy that disrupts balance.

When furnishing a bedroom using Feng Shui principles, it’s important to consider where best to place each piece of furniture as different directions represent different meanings in terms of how they affect overall chi. A good practice when deciding on where exactly to put a dresser is to visualize three imaginary lines across the room – north-south, east-west, and northeast-southwest – in alignment with natural patterns and cardinal directions which can help one determine physical energy flow for any particular space. Ideally, one should try to find a spot for the dresser at one of these cross-sectional points so it will remain energized and balanced throughout its entire use. Additionally, placing items like jewelry boxes or other decorative accents on top aligns with traditional Feng Shui practices as they activate wealth potential in the wearer while also attracted prosperity into the home itself due to their sacred symbolism. Furthermore, keep electronic items off the surface if possible since technology often holds yin energy which disrupts balance in a space otherwise filled with yang chi

Dresser Height

When placing a dresser in your bedroom in accordance with Feng shui guidelines, the most important aspect to keep in mind is the height at which it should be placed. Ideally, the top of the dresser should be at or just below eye level when standing on the floor. This encourages balance and comfort for anyone in the bedroom, since it eliminates any glaring disparity between where people are standing and where they have to look up or down at the dresser. Try placing a full-size mirror next to or above your dresser to ensure that you maintain visual balance when looking at yourself in the reflection. At all times, avoid keeping a dresser beneath windows or disrupting air flow throughout the space. Proper placement of a dresser according to Feng shui principles can make your room inviting, pleasant and aesthetically pleasing.

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Dresser Content

When utilizing Feng Shui principles to place a dresser in the bedroom, it is important to consider the type of energy each corner of the bedroom holds. According to traditional Feng Shui wisdom, a person’s bed should be placed as far away as possible from the door for maximum rest. Leaving adequate space between the bed and the dresser enables proper chi (energy) flow throughout the room. Dressers should also be placed away from windows, which can cause disruption and agitation both symbolically and from outside disturbances like noise. Additionally, taking inventory of all the items stored in a dresser is important for maintaining its Feng Shui energy. Too many items can clutter a space and reduce its effectiveness. To enhance positive vibes in a bedroom with a dresser, it is recommended to employ one or more pieces that are meaningful as well as pleasing aesthetically. Artwork or photographs hung around or above the dressers can make them appear less bulky while providing good energy symbols infused with personal intention. Also, removing anything considered broken within the room will keep energies free-flowing and unencumbered. Finally, diffusing calming scents like lemongrass or rosemary while tidying up a dresser can invoke an energetic shift towards serenity that will linger long after an individual has finished organizing their wardrobe.

Avoiding Positioning Pitfalls

When it comes to Feng Shui dresser placement in the bedroom, there are some basic guidelines that should be followed to ensure energy flow is balanced and optimized. One of the most important things to keep in mind is to refrain from placing a dresser directly underneath or aligned with a window. This might not seem like a major issue but this positioning can cause unbalanced energy flow, which can then lead to negative emotions being generated within the room such as feelings of depression, unhappiness and unease. It is also advised not to position a dresser close to or lining up with the headboard of your bed as this could create a feeling of pressure on both sides when you sleep, causing restlessness. Furthermore, if possible avoid placing your dresser opposite your bed as this could impede your restful night’s sleep and lead to issues with productivity during the day. Finally, positioning your dresser close to doorways or entrance/ exits should be avoided as this can disrupt the smooth flow of natural energy when entering or exiting the bedroom.

Dresser Design & Color

In bedroom feng shui, the dresser should not be placed in a way that blocks the unobstructed flow of energy or interrupts energies coming from essential bedroom fixtures such as the bed, closet and door. The best position for a dresser is on a wall opposite but perpendicular to the bedroom door. A dresser in this positioning will maximize available space and promote positive circulation of chi around the bed.

The design and color of your dresser should complement the existing decor of your room. Adding an accessory like a mirror can help create balance in the space while bringing forth positive energy, making sure you create a reflection that balace with yourintention. Consider painting it in soft colors that connect to your overall interior design scheme — bright colors symbolize joy, pink stands for love and understanding, yellow promotes creativity and spiritual energy, pale blue stands for health and growth etcetera. Also remember to place meaningful items on top of the dresser such as framed photos or art prints; these small details can generate much-needed focus in your life.

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Placing Other Bedroom Furniture

When it comes to bedroom furniture and feng shui, the dresser is an important item that should be placed in the correct spot. The goal is to balance both energy and flow in your bedroom. Ideally, the dresser should be at a diagonal angle from the bed itself. This will create positive energy for sleeping. If there isn’t enough space for this, make sure the dresser doesn’t block any passageways or entries as this will disrupt the flow of energy. Additionally, make sure all items on top of the dresser arebalance and remain organized as clutter can disrupt energy and create feelings of restlessness and anxiety. Streamline décor and keep only items that bring you joy – any items left out without purpose can be distracting or agitating, so think before you display it! Opt for wood dressers if possible – these provide grounding energy when used in moderation. Avoid positioning photos with long hallways behind them as this could lead to feeling stuck or longing for another life. Lastly, avoid pointing windows directly towards your bed; leave room for natural light but not too much as it can cause restless sleeping in certain cases (too hot/cold). With these tips in mind, you’ll give your bedroom Feng Shui an upgrade!

Symbolism & Placement

When it comes to bedroom feng shui, the dresser is a very important piece of furniture. Not only does it serve a practical purpose in storing clothing and other items, but its symbolism and placement can also bring luck into your life. The dresser is often seen as representing both wealth and prosperity, so designing the room accordingly can enhance these qualities in your home. One tip when it comes to the placement of a dresser with respect to feng shui is that you should avoid placing it directly opposite or next to the bed. This can create an imbalance which will lead to feelings of restlessness or stress. Instead, try positioning the dresser along the wall spaced apart from both the bed and closet. This allows space for air circulation throughout the room and helps generate positive energy for good sleep at night.


To end, it’s important to understand that the power of dresser placement in a bedroom should not be underestimated. Placing your furniture according to feng shui principles–or just using common sense–can create a space of balance and harmony within your home, while also providing the necessary storage you need. Pay attention to the location and angles of your dresser; where you place it can determine how much positive energy exists in your bedroom. Consult with a feng shui specialist or conduct independent research if you’re uncertain which way offers the greatest benefit. With proper planning, you’ll enjoy the balm of restorative sleep for years to come!

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