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Feng shui is an ancient Chinese method of philosophy and practice that uses the laws of both heaven and earth to help people achieve balance, harmony, and wellbeing in their lives. It is a complex system that relies on all five elements for its principles: wood, fire, earth, metal, water. When these elements are combined properly within a specific space it creates positive energy. This positive energy has many beneficial effects, including better health and prosperity.

When using the practice of Feng Shui it is important to pay attention to the different geographical directions and what kinds of objects should be placed in each area in order to properly harness the energy flow. One of these key areas is the South-East area or Wealth Corner because it brings wealth and good fortune into your life. Some things that can be placed in this area to improve your luck include a fish aquarium (filled with 8 goldfishes and 1 black fish), certain crystals such as Quartz or Citrine, plants like Lucky bamboo or money plants, wind chimes, coins on strings and other images related to success such as gold ingots or banknotes. The colors associated with this direction are reds and greens which symbolize the presence of luck so use those colors prevalently when furnishing this corner. Other items like mirrors are also believed to activate this portion since they can reflect light back confirming the flow of wealth vibes throughout the house

Determining the Southeast Area of Your Home

1. In order to properly identify the Southeast area of your home, start by facing and entering from the main front door (or the main entrance of your home)

2. Then determine the direction that you are facing – be sure to note if this direction is North, South, East, or West.

3. Once you have determined which direction you face when entering your home, locate the opposite corner from where you entered (this will be the Southeast area)

4. To further double check if you are in fact located in the Southeast Area of your home, use a compass to confirm that the direction is indeed in line with South-East

It is important to consider what elements or objects to place in the Southeast Area for good Feng Shui. This can include round shapes such as a fish tank to represent wealth or prosperity; items related to wood energy such as plants and a bamboo fountain; items associated with metal energy such as wind chimes; and water element related items such as fountains and paintings with water depictions. It is also beneficial to place items associated with fame luck such as mirrors and symbols of royalty like crowns or statues. As long as these items correspond with positive energies and create balance within other surrounding areas of your home, then they can help create good Feng Shui for all occupants in their wake!

Activating the Southeast Area

When attempting to activate the Southeast area for good Feng Shui, there are a few best practices to follow. Firstly, it is recommended to decorate the southeast area with symbols of wealth and prosperity, such as coins or artwork depicting birds of prey, like eagles, cranes or sparrows, because these animals are all associated with financial abundance. Other suitable items can be a potted money tree plant, which is thought to bring luck in finances and career opportunities. Additionally, placing items that emit strong yang energy helps to boost productivity in this area. Examples are metal wind chimes, mirrors, crystals and candles. To further foster success in business ventures and career opportunities it is suggested to display images of influential people from history who have achieved great things or symbolize determination and perseverance (like Mahatma Gandhi). Similarly, images of deities represent good governance and heroic feats; these could line the walls of a living room equalizing work-personal space oppression in order to attain balance in life. Finally, live plants such as bamboo create vibrant energy enhancing overall prosperity and wealth.

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What to Place and How

– Wealth: Place coins, money frogs and auspicious symbols such as the tree of wealth in the southeast area. According to feng shui, this will attract more abundance into your life.

– Kids: The southeast is a great place to cultivate independence, study skills and your children’s general academic capabilities. Place items like bookshelves and wishes trees in the southeastern corner to support scholastic pursuits.

– Family: To focus on family harmony, put a display cabinet or family photo in the southeastern corner of your home – this symbolizes unity that everybody can benefit from. Having what’s known as a “bambootikaya” (a bamboo forest) there is also believed to bring togetherness and mental peace to all living under one roof.

– Romance: If you’re looking for more love in your life, you might want to consider placing a pair of Mandarin ducks by the wall where the southeast sector rests; it is believed that these ducks represent courtship, loyalty and commitment between partners. Additionally, symbolic representations of sweethearts are recommended for that part of the house, such as two pink mandarin ducks facing each other with their beaks touching

Enhancing the Wealth Corner

Crystals: Crystals are a great way to increase the energy of the Southeast area and bring in prosperity. Clear quartz, pyrite, green aventurine, golden citrine, and red jasper are all good choices for attracting abundance.

Images: Place images of coins, cash registers, gold bars or other symbols of wealth in the corner to boost positive energy.

Plants: Lucky bamboo is particularly beneficial to place in this corner because it can represent both financial stability and health. Additionally, plants that are light in color such as white lilies or lilac can be used to promote inner peace and spiritual growth.

Lamp: Placing a lamp with a red bulb in this part of the house can help to attract even more wealth energy into your living environment. It’s also believed to create an environment that is conducive for making wise decisions which could ultimately lead you to taking better financial risks.

Statues: Place a golden frog statue near the door of your southeast area home entrance or office as it’s believed that frogs attract wealth luck when they continually croak outside someone’s home or office. Additionally, placing an elephant statuette facing towards the outside of your house is said to open up pathways for money flow into your life.

Wind Chimes: A polished metal wind chime placed somewhere near doors and windows may help attract positive chi from outside that brings better energies inside which could further enable you on your journey toward achieving more moneyflows.

Adding Other Elements for Symbolism and Support

The Southeast area of your home naturally relates to abundance and wealth, so in terms of decoration there are several elements that can be used to support the flow of energy here. The most powerful symbols and objects that enhance good fortune include coins, images or statues of koi fish, monuments or buildings with pointed roofs, the pagada symbol, elephants with trunks up for prosperity luck, round mirrors for magnifying positive chi, blue crystals for soothing vibrations and invigorating green plants like bamboos to create a more balanced atmosphere. Furthermore, accessories such as fountains or water themed decorations will activate Chi in this area since Water and Metal are the main elements associated with it. Finally for brightening the environment in this section colorful pieces displayed along with warm yellow hues will honor Fire Energy as well as attract blessing luck.

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The Southeast area of your home is considered the area of wealth and abundance in Feng Shui. To activate this energy and make use of its potential for prosperity, it is important to be mindful about what you place in this sector. Some suggested items are:

– Plants or water features: Placing natural elements such as plants, water fountains or even a fish tank can help bring positive Chi into the environment and symbolize new beginnings and growth.

– Money Boxes: A piggy bank or money box placed in this sector will attract more money into your life. A picture related to financial success would also work well here.

– Crystals: Crystals magnify the energy in your home, adding extra potency to any Feng Shui efforts. Place crystals like citrine, jade or amethyst around the Southeast area to magnify its potential for wealth accumulation.

By following these simple Feng Shui tips, you can create a powerful space which will draw in more prosperity and abundance for you, your family and your business. By placing plants, money boxes, crystals and/or other objects related to wealth/success in the Southeast area of your home or office, you will be able to take advantage of this pursuit boosting energy flow and get one step closer towards reaching all your goals!


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