Wall Clock Feng Shui

## Wall Clock Feng Shui
Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice used to help create harmony within your environment. Many people believe that strategically placing objects, such as wall clocks, in their home or office can help bring better balance and energy into their lives. Since wall clocks are one way to affect the flow of qi (positive energy) in a space, here are some pointers for wall clock feng shui.

### Discerning Placement
When placing your wall clock, it is important that you take in to account the respective elements and directions that are associated with wall clock feng shui. Place the clock:

– **East**: for family harmony and good health
– **South**: for fame and recognition
– **Southwest**: for relationship and marriage
– **West**: for creativity and children
– **North**: for career and knowledge
– **Northeast**: for wisdom and spirituality

### Two Main Types of Clocks
When it comes to clock types, there are two general styles when it comes to wall clock feng shui: round and square. The round shape is believed to bring balance and harmony to a space and encourage positive energy to flow. The square shape is traditionally believed to accentuate the four cardinal directions – east, south, west, and north.

### Other Notes
In addition to placement and shape, there are several other elements of wall clock feng shui that can be taken into account when choosing the clock you place in your home or office. Here are a few tips to consider when selecting a wall clock for your space:

Atraer Prosperidad Y Abundancia Feng Shui

– Choose a clock with Roman numerals as opposed to Arabic numerals.
– Look for a clock whose hands move in a clockwise direction to promote positive energy flow.
– Have the clock face positioned at eye-level.
– Choose a clock that is geared and not electronic for better energy flow.

By taking all of the recommendations above in to account, you can choose a wall clock to maximize the positive energy flowing through your home or office.

### Know The Clock
Wall clock feng shui is an important part of creating a harmonious living space. When selecting a clock to place in your home or office, keep in mind the type and placement of the clock, as well as the other tips mentioned above. After doing so, you should be able to create a positive flow of qi, and bring balance and happiness in to your environment.

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