Tikas Feng Shui

Introduction to Tikas Feng Shui

Tikas Feng Shui is a Chinese form of energy management that dates back to thousands of years ago in the Far East. It has been used for thousands of years to manage the energy of spaces, allowing for more harmonious living and better health. The practice uses various principles and strategies to create an environment conducive for a specific purpose or goal – wealth, health, family happiness, career success, etc. Tikas Feng Shui focuses on five elements – water, fire, earth, wood and metal – which must be balanced in relation to the people currently in the space. According to Tikas Feng Shui masters, these elements can often be seen visually as they represent different types of energy characteristics.

The main goal of Tikas Feng Shui is to create harmony and balance within an area by decreasing negative energies and increasing positive energies through simple changes such as altering décor elements like furniture placement or colors used in the room. In addition to physical elements like furniture placement, complex strategies such as ba-gua (energy mapping) are also used to ensure that any modifications made have their desired effect on the environment’s energy field. Through this practice, it is believed that one can access greater abundance, health and inspiration on all levels by creating an environment filled with positive energy.

Examples of successful results include improved relationships between family members resulting from improved overall household harmony; greater creativity in workspace; better career advancement due to an motivating working environment; and increased financial gain through wise use of resources or investments towards achievable goals. Finally, a home full of good energy will also lead to healthier sleep habits ensuring individuals get enough restorative rest throughout the night helping them function at maximum efficiency during their waking hours!

The History of Tikas Feng Shui

Tikas Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of arranging objects to promote good fortune and spiritual harmony in your home and workplace. According to the oldest documents, this practice arose five thousand years ago during the reign of Emperor Huangdi. During this time, Chinese philosophers developed various theories about how energy could be harnessed for positive outcomes. These theories were drawn from nature, mathematics, the five elements (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal), and other principles of Chinese culture.

Tikas Feng Shui was originally used to design homes so that energy could move freely throughout them without negative disruptions or blockages. This idea also extended to villages as well as cities which were planned with similar harmonic energy principles in mind. Over the centuries, this practice was refined until it became widely accepted among all social classes and soon spread through Southeast Asia. Its popularity eventually made its way to Europe in the 1800s and has continued to grow ever since.

Today Tikas Feng Shui is seen as a powerful tool for creating peace and balance both within oneself and one’s living space. The belief is that by arranging furniture and structures according to these principles of harmony can create a more inviting environment filled with positive energies that can encourage health, abundance, prosperity, luck, relationships balance in life , etc. Stay tuned for further research on this ancient art!

Different Approaches to Implementing Tikas Feng Shui

Tikas Feng Shui is an old Chinese philosophy which aims to create a harmonious balance of nature and humanity in one’s life. This ancient system of natural energy placement is based on the belief that by positioning things in certain ways, one can improve their lives and increase luck and prosperity. Though quite complex, this practice offers many different approaches to implementation.

The first way is to consult a professional Tikas Feng Shui consultant who will assess your home or office environment, analysing various elements such as color schemes, furniture placement, water features and other items. Based on their findings they can make specific recommendations for changes or enhancements to the space.

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An alternative approach is to observe the traditional five elements which create a balance when incorporated into a space (earth, fire, metal, water and wood). For example, placing crystals around a room creates positive energy flow while adding plants increases the level of oxygen in the area.

A third option is to focus on classical Chinese arithmetic theory which involves arranging items in patterns based on mathematics rather than symbolism. This approach requires a greater understanding of how numbers interact with each other and how each number affects the individual’s chi (life force). Through this method one can use specific placements for gems or statues which provide larger gains in good fortune.

Finally there are those who prefer more modern interpretations of Tikas Feng Shui involving online resources and increasing awareness of ones energy field through mindfulness practices such as yoga and meditation. By mastering these habits one can become sensitive to changing energies around them as well as be better able to find harmony within themselves while exploring external methods too.

In conclusion it is important to remember that no matter which method chosen for implementing Tikas Feng Shui balance should be kept at the heart of all decisions made when creating an environment conducive to success and happiness.

The Benefits of Tikas Feng Shui


Tikas Feng Shui has many potential physical benefits. It can promote good health and vitality by helping to balance the natural energies of a space. The principles of Tikas Feng Shui can help to improve air quality and create an environment that is calm and calming, relieving stress and creating a healing atmosphere. The layout of a space can make it feel comfortable or inviting, while introducing elements of nature such as plants, water features, wind chimes, etc., can make a room look more attractive and promote positivity.


Tikas Feng Shui can be beneficial emotionally because it focuses on improving energy flow in the home or workspace. This includes both positive and negative energies coming from within yourself, your workplace environment, and even from outside forces that may be affecting you. By focusing on arranging things in an aesthetic way according to specific principles in place, it helps cultivate a sense of belonging as well as inspiration for tackling projects with success.


The practice of Tikas Feng Shui helps promote improved mental clarity and productivity through its rearrangement of items in the home or workspace. This also serves to stimulate creativity by encouraging new ideas while boosting focus as you organize objects in a pleasing manner to appease both Yin and Yang energies. Additionally, its reflective nature allows for evaluation of oneself both physically and spiritually giving a greater understanding of yourself through examining your immediate surroundings without overthinking the situation too much.

The spiritual implications for using Tikas Feng Shui have far reaching effects that seek out anything disrupting natural energy patterns throughout our living spaces. Negative energy accumulation resides often enough thanks to chaos in our lives so using this form of energy manipulation seeks out ways to bring about peace between chaos resulting from family issues or tensions in the workplace which often arise from crossed wires due to complicated emotions beneath the surface . Through purification rituals involving burning incense or chanting mantras by choice brings harmony into any kind of social structure thereby increasing inner security just as clear air pollution-free homes rather than heaps of unnecessary clutter creates order amongst daily life flow restoring mental equilibrium towards mental wellbeing effortlessly bringing purpose back into your day-to-day accomplishments..

Successful Practicing of Tikas Feng Shui

There have been many successful practical examples of the application of Tikas Feng Shui. For example, an elderly couple used this philosophy to boost their marriage and health fortunes. They rearranged their home according to directions given in Tikas Feng Shui regarding furniture placement as well as adding certain symbols, such as paintings or images that appropriately represented their goals. After two years of hard work, they were able to adapt their life energy towards a positive aspect and attract positive wealth fortune into their lives.

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Additionally, many enterprises have also utilized the way of Tikas Feng Shui to bring them luck in business. Companies have correctly placed items all around their offices and workspaces in accordance with Tikas Fushu principles like attaining balance and harmony existed between helpful spirits, family members or partners. As a result, these businesses have seen greater business success due to increased harmony that allows for easier problem solving and better communication between co-workers. Finally, residential property owners have turned to the help of Tikas Feng Shui when constructing new buildings or renovating existing ones in order to enhance the overall sense of tranquility and inner peace within the space. By bringing in a type of balance between one’s chi and destiny through design elements like element color or twelve animal symbols, homeowners are able tap into powerful cosmic forces which improve luck for everyone living in the home.

Myths and Misconceptions About Tikas Feng Shui

Myth 1: Luck and fortune can be “bought” using Tikas Feng Shui

It is not possible to purchase luck and fortune with Tikas Feng Shui. Scholars have interpreted the practice as an approach emphasizing the importance of how individuals interact with their environment, and how they take advantage of its energy to bring balance and harmony into all aspects of life. The approach focuses on promoting positive energy which can create improvements in a person’s life. It does not involve any tangible goods that can guarantee luck or fortune.

Myth 2: People should do Tikas Feng Shui all the time

Tikas Feng Shui should be practiced in moderation according to each individual’s personal needs and goals. Too much reliance on it can become detrimental in some cases, as one may become overly-dependent on it for guidance or luck. There is also a danger of becoming unbalanced if one relies too heavily on techniques to bring about positive change without first making sure that fundamental rules of conduct, such as honesty, respect for others and benevolence, are being followed.

Myth 3: There is only one path to success with Tikas Feng Shui

Tikas Feng Shui does not stipulate one single path towards achieving success or wealth; instead, it affords a wide range of possibilities depending on the individual goals and needs of each practitioner. As such, a satisfactory result may come from various approaches utilizing different elements specific to each situation while following the core principles provided by Tikas Feng Shui.


Tikas Feng Shui is designed to bring harmonious balance and peace into the home, focusing on five key elements: nature, space, time, energy and spirit. The idea is to create an environment that promotes positive energy flow and reduces stress. As d?cor and items are shifted and rearranged according to these principles, the amount of beneficial chi that flows in each area of your home can be significantly increased.

Ultimately, the power of Tikas Feng Shui is all about creating an uplifting atmosphere – physically and mentally – by manipulating the available energies in a home or office setting. With a properly balanced environment comes a sense of contentment, inner harmony and connection with the greater powers at work in all aspects of life.

In conclusion, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by clutter and conflict in your life or looking for ways to improve your wellbeing within your home or office space then it could be worth taking some time to explore Tikas Feng Shui. Focusing on those five principles – nature, time, space, energy and spirit – can have a big impact on the way you approach everyday tasks as well as any larger goals you may have in life. Good luck!

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