Show Me A Feng Shui Bedroom

Feng Shui is an ancient practice that originated in China some 3,000 years ago. It is a philosophical system emphasizing the harmony of energy and living in accordance with nature’s laws. The goal of Feng Shui in the home is to create an environment that will bring about a healthy flow of energy, known as Chi, for greater health and prosperity. Applying these principles to the bedroom creates the potential for improved relationships, restful sleep and enhanced creativity.

Layout: How To Set Up A Feng Shui Bedroom When setting up a bedroom according to feng shui principles, it is important to observe how natural light comes into the room, as well as ensuring that large pieces of furniture are oriented correctly. A bed should never face away from the doorway; ideally, it should be placed diagonally in the corner of the room or against a wall opposite the door.

Additionally, remove any obstructions near or around your bed; having furniture too close causes energy within the space to become stagnant.

Furniture: Types Of Furniture For A Feng Shui Bedroom When considering furniture pieces, look for items made from organic materials with curved lines rather than sharp angles. Wood is considered an ideal choice due to its ability to absorb energy readily and keep it flowing throughout the room; metal does not promote positive chi transition so it should be avoided whenever possible.

When selecting nightstands on either side of the bedframe, ensure they are even heights and that there is ample side space: tables placed too near can interfere with movement and disrupt sleep quality; creating distance supports both mental clarity and physical balance within the space. Lighting matters too – soft warm lighting promotes relaxation and produces fewer shadows across surfaces in comparison to fluorescent bulbs which can be harsh on your eyes during dark hours before sleep.

Positioning the Bed for Balance and Flow

Positioning the bed according to Feng Shui principles is one of the most important aspects of creating a bedroom with good energy. It has to be placed in ways that make sure it, as well as the other vital furniture pieces – from nightstands to dressers – are laid out in such a way that provide an unhindered flow of chi through the room.

Below is a list of tips on how to create balance and allow for good chi flow in your bedroom with a Feng Shui bed:

  • Center the headboard against any solid wall away from direct doors or pathways.
  • Keep the headboard low so you can easily see outside your window while you’re lying in bed.
  • Add two nightstands or tables to either side of the bed.
  • Make sure there’s ample space between your bed and other large pieces of furniture so chi can circulate properly.

A few other considerations when arranging your bed include making sure it isn’t directly facing doorways or positioned too close to bathroom walls, toilets or bathrooms. Other solutions include adding a folding privacy screen, covering windows with opaque blinds and/or light-filtering curtains, keeping mirrors out of sight, and making sure only gentle colors are used on area rugs and curtains.

Also, if you want Chi energy to radiate throughout your bedroom, consider hanging art with positive messages such as sunrise images, trees or nature scenes over your bed.

Utilizing Artwork and Symbolism

Feng Shui is one of the oldest forms of interior design, which has been around for thousands of years. Its basics are based on creating balance and enhancing positive energy within an environment. This is especially important in bedrooms where occupants need to feel relaxed and safe. Here are some tips to transform your bedroom into a harmonious feng shui space:

  • Incorporate soft colors that evoke feelings of tranquility, such as blue, green, and lavender.
  • Position your bed furthest away from the door so you can easily see who’s entering your room.
  • Hang mirrors opposite windows so natural light is maximized.
  • Add artwork that reflects your personal style and unique interests that will help you feel at home.

Utilizing Natural Elements

Incorporating natural elements into a feng shui bedroom helps promote a calming vibe with plenty of fresh air and positive energy. A few simple tweaks can bring nature indoors by including them in furniture or decor pieces. For instance, placing wood-crafted furniture or pale wooden painted furniture as focal points in the bedroom grounds the space with warmth and enhances chi (positive energy).

Stony accents like marble also bring an abundance of peacefulness to any room. Finally, incorporating real plants will improve the atmosphere by bringing both beauty and fresh air into a bedroom while also filling it with gentle energy.

Adding Symbolic Objects

The ancient art of Feng Shui is about more than just creating a utilitarian living space – it’s about transforming the mundane energies in an area to appeal to good luck. Adding symbolic objects like Chinese coins, statues depicting powerful gods/goddesses or beneficial animals (such as money frogs or prosperity cats), crystals and gemstones help cultivate strong life forces.

Feng Shui Money Plant in Bedroom

These items often impart additional beneficial energies when placed in certain areas based upon their cultural significances; however, be sure not to overwhelm any particular area with too many ornamental objects as clutter can impede good energy flow.

Determining the Right Colors for Your Bedroom

When creating a Feng Shui bedroom, one of the first things you need to consider is the color of the walls and bedding. Colors are an essential element when it comes to creating a balanced and harmonious room. It is important to think about how each color will affect the energy in your space.

The colors used should create a feeling of tranquility and relaxation in your bedroom while still providing good energy flow throughout the room. One of the most popular choices for bedrooms is to use light neutrals such as tan, beige or cream along with shades of blues or greens as accents. Using soft colors on walls can provide balance and create a calming effect while still making sure there is enough contrast to make the room visually interesting.

In addition to wall colors, bedding can also have an impact on the Feng Shui in your bedroom. Bedding fabrics should be made from natural materials such as cotton or silk which provide comfort and breathability. It is best to avoid patterned fabrics as these can be too stimulating for restful sleep. In terms of color, those that promote feelings of wellbeing are best – blues, greens, purples or pinks all work well in a Feng Shui bedroom.

  • Light neutrals such as tan, beige or cream
  • Shades of blues or greens as accents
  • Bedding fabrics made from natural materials such as cotton or silk
  • Avoid patterned fabrics
  • Colors that promote feelings of wellbeing (e.g., blues, greens, purples or pinks)

Choosing Materials for Your Bedroom Walls

Feng Shui places emphasis on what surrounds us in our homes, so the materials we choose for our bedroom walls is an important factor when creating a Feng Shui bedroom. It is generally advised to favour light and neutral tones such as beige or white as these are considered calming and evoke feelings of relaxation and tranquillity.

However, if you would prefer some bolder colours, the rule or thumb is to select shades that will represent your desired intentions for the room, so for example red can symbolise passion or blue can invoke trust and loyalty. Additionally whilst not typical wall colour choices, incorporating classic mosaic tiles into a wall feature or surface panelling with bamboo adornments can create an aesthetically pleasing yet authentic splash of Feng Shui in any bedroom.

Plants: Adding Nature To Your Bedroom

No Feng Shui inspired bedroom would be quite complete without introducing plants into the environment. Having potted plants in your room gives it instant warmth and adds vital energy that can provide physical, emotional and spiritual nourishment. You may also want to think about items like air purifying houseplants to further improve air quality indoors; particularly beneficial if there are any issues with moisture or dampness in your home already.

Fabrics: Balance Through Texture

Picking the right fabrics for upholstery works together with other features such as bedding fabric textures to create visual balance within the walls of your bedroom too. The firmness of mattress must be taken into consideration when deciding on bed boxtspace fabrics too; firmer mattresses should accompany harder draped materials (like velvet), whereas softer mattresses work best with softer draping (like linen).

Overall however simplify is certainly key whose looking to create a welcoming space with full harmony; one way this could be achieved would be through selecting sheets and duvet covers made from breathable cotton which are easier to maintain while still providing a sense of cosiness within the environment for optimum relaxation effects.

Organizing Your Bedroom for Function and Balance

Feng shui principles are based on the idea of balance, harmony, and energy flow in a room. For those looking to design their bedroom according to these principles, there are certain guidelines they should consider. Begin by decluttering the room so that it looks open and spacious. Place items such as furniture away from the doors of the bedroom. Make sure they are not blocking pathways. This will help create an even flow of energy within the room.

Bed Placement

The bed should be placed against a solid wall facing away from the entrance door for optimal energy flow. Avoid placing it under a window or directly across from one as this can destabilize energies in the room and cause feelings of restlessness or anxiety upon waking.

Instead, you can add a headboard arranged with backed cushions in order to direct Qi (life force) upward instead. Besides this try not to have mirrors directly opposite the bed as this can disrupt sleep and create insomnia or confusion while sleeping or upon waking up in the morning.


When it comes to lighting in feng shui bedrooms choose illumination that is warm and inviting as opposed to harsh forms like fluorescent lighting which will disrupt flow of energy throughout the space. Utilize table lamps on either side of your bed and floor lamps around other furniture pieces for an ambient feel in your bedroom decorations. Dim lighting is believed to bring more balance into any space, promoting slumber while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing look at the same time.

Feng Shui Bedroom Mountain Picture

Accessories & Decor

Accessories such as vases, plants, artwork, photographs and sculptures can help bring energetic vibrancy into your feng shui bedroom without making it too cluttered or overwhelming; incorporating inspirational quotes as opposed to having too much clutter around them allows for proper air circulation keeping positive energies flowing freely about our home’s most intimate space.

Choose lively colors that invite good fortune into your life such as vibrant oranges, pinks, yellows and greens which signify happiness and joy while steering clear of darker tones like black or grey that often stand for gloominess & sorrows instead.

Incorporating Natural Elements for Added Serenity

The main goal of Feng Shui is to create an energy flow, known as Chi, that will promote relaxation and a peaceful environment. In order to achieve this, there are certain principles and techniques used in the practice. Here are some elements you can incorporate into a Feng Shui bedroom to create a space that radiates serenity:

Natural Light

Natural light provides many benefits that revitalize the mind and body. It helps balance serotonin levels in our bodies which helps us sleep better at night. To get maximum benefit from the natural light, open windows during the day or consider using sheer curtains or blinds instead of heavy drapes.

Organic Bedding

It is believed that organic materials inspire more positive energy and thus should be chosen for bedding materials such as sheets, comforters and mattress cases. Cotton is a great option as it’s breathable and very soft; bamboo is another excellent choice because it has antibacterial properties which help with allergies.

Light Colors & Soft Textures

Using light colors in the bedroom will give off a calming effect; similarly soft textures provide warmth and comfort to the space. Choose bedding sets, window treatments and wall art with soft tones to bring warmth into your bedroom space. Incorporating some texture adds depth to a room while creating an inviting atmosphere. Examples include velvet pillows or blankets on the bed, cotton curtains for windows, jute rugs for flooring etc.

Plants & Nature-Inspired Artwork

Greenery brings life into any space by adding a touch of nature which creates more positive energy into your home environment. Incorporate green plants into your bedroom such as hanging pothos and snake plants to purify air naturally adding research proven mood boosting vibes too. Alternatively add nature-inspired art prints as wall accents such as pictures of landscapes knowing art brings comfort even if you didn’t take you own vacation photos yourself.

Essential Oils & Scents

Candles are associated with providing more serenity into a space but essential oils work well too. Essential oils have countless health benefits from improving immunity, promoting healing process, reducing stress levels among many other advantages like being an insect repellent. Try lavender based oilscents that could enhance relaxation,better sleep when diffused during meditation or before going to sleep.


Having a bedroom that is designed with the principles of feng shui can be incredibly beneficial. Feng shui is a Chinese philosophical system that promotes optimal balance and harmony between people and their environment.

It takes into account elements such as topography, local climate, and the placement of objects to create environments that stimulate positive qi or Chi energy flow. When it comes to designing a show me a feng shui bedroom, there are certain principles you should follow, including using calming colors, avoiding clutter, arranging furniture for balance and symmetry, utilizing air-purifying plants, and positioning your bed strategically for ideal energy flow.

There are many benefits to creating a show me a feng shui bedroom, including improved personal well-being and peace of mind. In such an environment, the objective is to increase positive energy flow which helps focus the mind and encourage restful sleep – two essential elements for overall health. The environment can also promote relationships within the family by encouraging harmonious interactions in the home.

Furthermore, implementing feng shui principles into your living space can lead to greater financial prosperity due to increased productivity in both work life and at home. With an organized and energized personal living environment absorbing good chi energies from nature as part of design schemes, better decision-making may help individuals advance in their careers or other diverse areas of interest by being more productive in their affairs.

Therefore it’s clear that making your bedroom conducive to feng shui practices will bring immense real life benefits whether social or professional – improving overall happiness with one’s personal environment certainly leading to more positivity than negativity over time.

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