Orange Color Wallet Feng Shui


Orange Color Wallet Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice designed to positively affect a person’s life energy through the use of colors. It has its origins in the principles of Yin and Yang, as well as the principles of feng shui. In China, different colors were traditionally associated with different aspects of a person’s life and destiny, carrying with them unique meanings. By employing orange color wallet feng shui, it is believed that these meanings will manifest in a user’s life by bringing about good fortune and prosperity. Based on this system of thought, placing an orange color wallet in certain areas or points in the home can attract luck and wealth into a person’s life. The power of orange color wallet feng shui lies not just in its symbolism but also in its ability to draw positive energy from the environment into a person’s home. The practice can be employed by simply changing an already existing wallet from another color to orange or by acquiring a new orange-colored wallet altogether.

The Benefits

• Brings good fortune, positive energy, and abundance
• Increases motivation and stimulates creativity
• Enhances organizational skills, ability to stay focused on achieving goals
• Helps break through obstacles to success
• Inspires feelings of joy and happiness
• Eliminates stress and anxiety
• Strengthens relationships
• Builds financial stability for the present and future


10 Easy Steps to Get Started with Orange Color Wallet Feng Shui
1. Find a source of natural or synthetic orange fabric or a wallet made from solid orange leather or other material. Make sure the choice of orange fits your personal aesthetic.
2. Place the wallet in the south sector of your living space, as this is the area most closely associated with wealth and abundance according to traditional feng shui beliefs.
3. Take some time to clear away any clutter within close proximity of the wallet, such as papers or other items that may be blocking its energy flow.
4. Place a few coins inside the wallet to represent prosperity or a gift certificate/voucher for money-related items as an additional reminder for abundant wealth.
5. If possible, use a three-legged frog figurine in front of the wallet facing towards it – this will invite financial luck and attract positive qi into your home according to Chinese culture’s collective experience with feng shui principles.
6. Have your wallet light up by positioning a candle behind it – use citrus scented candles for extra luck when dealing with financial matters!
7. Hang an auspicious painting above or near the location of your orange color wallet feng shui creation – depicting mountains and an ocean can symbolize success plus positive endings if you are dealing with frustration or hardships related to finances.
8. During special holidays (such as Chinese New Year) make sure to place red envelopes filled with cash on top of it – use actual paper money rather than coupons when doing so; this will bring in more luck and blessings into your life!
9. Cleanse your orange color wallet once per month by wiping it down with cold water infused sage smoke – take some time every now and again to evoke a mantra that speaks directly towards inviting abundance into one’s life while repeating three times: “Prosperity and Wealth Flow Naturally Into My Life”
10 Every once in awhile (recommended no more than twice per year), move the position of your orange color wallet around – this allows energy around you to stay fresh and vibrant, leading for continuous influxes of prosperous energy into all areas related not just finance but also personal relationships, emotional well being etc..

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This infographic illustrates how to use Orange Color Wallet Feng Shui in your life.

Step 1: Place your wallet in your Wealth bagua area or carry it with you whenever possible.

Step 2: Use a bright and cheerful orange for the exterior of the wallet.

Step 3: Include symbols in the design of the wallet that attract abundance such as coins, diamonds or other shapes related to wealth.

Step 4: Cleanse your wallet by rubbing incense on it while chanting auspicious mantras such as ‘om ah hum’ or ‘om mani padme hum’.

In this video, learn how to leverage Orange Color Wallet Feng Shui to attract abundance into your life. Watch along as we illustrate each step and provide useful tips for maximizing this practice. See how introducing an orange wallet in your wealth area creates positive energy for prosperity!


Getting started with Orange Color Wallet Feng Shui is easy and fun! Begin by purchasing an orange wallet to represent wealth and abundance in your life. You can find a variety of wallets in various shapes, sizes and materials in stores or online. Additionally, add symbols of money along with items that bring you joy into your wallet such as coins, banknotes, photos and trading cards. Place your wallet in the southeast corner of your living space for maximum luck. Finally, use meditation techniques to clear away any negative energy surrounding your wallet practice. Visit websites such as or for more information on specific steps that you can take to align yourself with this amazing practice.

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