Is There A Feng Shui For Back Doors


Feng Shui, which literally translates to “wind-water” in English, is a practice that originated in ancient China as a study of the physical environment and its energies. Its philosophy is based on the idea that we are all interconnected and our personal wellbeing is tied to the energy of our surroundings. The goal of Feng Shui is to create harmony within spaces by making changes that promote positive energy flow. By creating this balance, it creates harmony with people and their environment leading to increased health, well-being, and success.

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Having good Feng Shui for your back door can be an important part of ensuring proper energy flow throughout your home. Your back door should be unobstructed so the Chi (positive energy) can easily flow through it without being blocked or trapped by clutter or other obstacles. Additionally, if you want Chi to enter your home from outside sources such as nature and external influences, then having a clear path to your back door allows this type of Chi power in as well. It also gives off an inviting feel when someone approaches the door since good vibes will emit from it. Lastly, having excellent Feng Shui at the back door will bring out the best qualities in people living there while complimenting their health and overall quality of life.

Exploring Feng Shui and Back Doors

Feng Shui, which emphasizes the importance of harmonizing our living space with nature to bring balance and prosperity into our lives, is a complex philosophy. It can be applied to better optimize back doors in one’s home. While front entryways often correspond to success and prosperity in all aspects of life, back doors can encourage different facets such as rest, relaxation, and retreat.

When it comes to wealth, Feng Shui practitioners might suggest avoiding clutter near the backdoor or painting the door with green for abundance luck. To attract good health energy it is important for the back door to have plenty of natural light and air. Moreover, having an open view outside may help keep things balanced psychologically. Additionally, using Feng Shui principles near back doors can also create greater happiness if one adds decoration that supports positive emotions and intentions in their lives. As for luck and protection, adding a bell by the entrance invites good news while placing crystals beside or around your entrance will act as protective shields from unwanted energies coming in through your door.

Back Door Color

Feng Shui gives us color guidance for various aspects of our home. When it comes to back doors, the choice of color should be based on the location of the door and what area lies behind it. Ideally, Feng Shui back door colors should draw positive energy into your home and encourage stability and flow. Colors that are said to represent wealth, hope, and opportunity are excellent for back doors because they support good luck. Some suggested colors include green (abundance), blue (tranquility), white (clarity & purity) and brown (nurturing). Brown is especially great as an entrance to a garden or patio. Bold or bright colors like red should be used sparingly as they can also bring in too much energy at once. Lastly, when painting a back door in Feng Shui design always try and include elements such as a vertical window or stripes in complementary Feng Shui colors to promote balance in the environment.

Chinese Mountains Feng Shui That Look Like Animals

Placement of Back Door

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that emphasizes the use of energy to cultivate balance and harmony in the home. The placement of back doors can have a major impact on chi or energy flow. When it comes to Feng Shui, the front door is not always considered the most important when looking for proper alignment of chi. Just as much importance should be placed on back doors—including entrances from a backyard, garage, or gate—as they can introduce a lot of potent energies into your space which could disrupt the overall harmony in your home.

The middle door is where you will want to make sure any negative energy flows out versus lodging inside your home. To do this, consider placing a bell at the top of the door to move stagnant energy through while ringing when opened or closed. Plants are also helpful; not only will they add beauty to your living space but also promote cleansing energy circulation in and outside of your home.

For back doors that lead to an alleyway, pathways, or neighbors’ property avoid having them face that direction directly as this could encourage chaotic and unbalanced energy into your space. Alternatively, paint these openings with red paint to help create stability and protection from undesirable energies entering through the backdoor entrance. Lastly make sure these types of exterior entries are equipped with good quality locks and security features as not all energy is meant for welcoming entry into one’s living space!

Symbolism of Back Doors

According to Feng Shui, a back door can be symbolic of many different aspects such as chances, unexpected luck, opportunities, perceived weakness and danger. The back door symbolizes an area that is largely ignored and overlooked. It serves as a reminder for us to take the time to open ourselves up to the new possibilities hidden within these areas. To attract opportunities it’s believed that your back door should be in good repair and balance with the rest of your home.

Feng Shui also considers the symbolism of where the back door is located or facing — if the rear of your house faces a cemetery or graveyard that can signify death, an area of stagnation or spiritual blindness; if you have a back-door entry into a forest then this could mean riches in wealth and opportunity likely coming from something unexpected.

What Does Feng Shui Mean

In addition to being mindful of what’s behind our doors, Feng shui teaches us to pay attention to how we greet visitors at our backdoor. A clean entryway with bright colorful decor always emits positive signals and invites those opportunities in. Keeping emergency exits free of clutter and keeping the doorway in good condition will ensure bad chi won’t enter through the backdoor either.

Other Feng Shui Tips for Back Doors

There are many ways to use Feng Shui for back doors. First, it’s important to identify the direction your back door faces and if there is a window near it. The flow of energy can be blocked depending on this orientation, so an area with loose energy should have a locking or unsecured door. Choose materials that will act as barriers against any negative energies such as solid wooden doors instead of glass, as glass can let in potentially harmful rays from outside sources. If possible, opt for natural materials such as wood or stone to increase long-term stability. These doors should be properly aligned and spaced from the entrance, usually 6 inches away from it. Additionally, installing locks and alarms can protect you from unwanted visitors coming through your back door and add an extra layer of security. Last but not least, decorating your back door with symbols and vibrant colors may increase its positive energy flow by reflecting good vibes into the home environment.


The answer to this question is yes, there is a Feng Shui for backdoors. Good Feng Shui practices of doorways can help maximize the energy passing through them and enhance the environment at home. For back doors, it’s important to pay attention to the colors of that area and make sure it creates a harmonious atmosphere. It’s further important to closely assess the outlook — ensure that no one bringing bad energy or a negative outlook enters through this entrance. To maximize positive feelings and opportunity into one’s life, mirrors should be hung facing those doors or looking out, so as to reflect positive images from all angles surrounding your home. This should be done along with activities in and around your homes, such as adding plants like bamboos for good luck.

Overall, taking a Feng shui approach to our back doors helps create balance in our lives and enhance harmony within our environments. The careful assessment of these entrances coupled with practices like color coordination, mirror placement and wishful activities will guide us toward creating an enriched ambiance in our homes that can help bring greater peace and serenity into our lives.

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