How To Organize Bedroom Feng Shui

## How To Organize Bedroom Feng Shui
Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that is associated with the arrangement of furniture and objects in space in a specific manner designed to bring about balance and harmony. The goal of Bedroom Feng Shui is to create a space that encourages positive energy to flow, where relaxation and rest can be achieved.

The following tips will help you organize your bedroom in a way that will promote good energy and make your space a more comfortable one.

### Wooden Headboard

A wooden headboard is an essential element when organizing your bedroom Feng Shui. It should be placed so that the head of the bed has equal support on both sides and always situated against a solid wall. This will help redirect the positive chi that enters the room and keep it in the space.

### Furniture Orientation

Another important part of bedroom Feng Shui is furnishing orientation. The placement of furniture should encourage a strong flow of energy throughout the space. Place beds and chairs so that they are not aligned against the walls. This will open up the space and leave more room for the energy to move around.

### De-Clutter Your Space

Remove any unnecessary objects from the bedroom and make sure that it is neatly organized. Clutter can block the energy from moving through the room and create an overwhelming environment.

### Strategically Place Mirrors

Mirrors are considered lucky objects when used correctly in bedroom Feng Shui. Place one near the entryway and another opposite the window, levering both light and energy in the bedroom.

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### Incorporate Plants

Plants can be highly beneficial to bedroom Feng Shui as they help to purify the air. They also bring in the vitamins and minerals that sync with the flow of energy.

### Use Symbolic Objects

As a finishing touch you can use symbolic objects that represent a positive energy. Place a buddha or a symbol of love in the east or south sector of the bedroom to boost energy in these areas.

With these Bedroom Feng Shui tips you can transform your space into a tranquil and harmonious environment for relaxation. By incorporating these elements you will be sure to experience a more peaceful and energetic atmosphere.

How do you practice bedroom feng shui?

1. Limit electronic devices in the bedroom. Put phones and laptops in another room to avoid feeling overwhelmed by electronic energy.

2. Choose the colour of your walls carefully. Feng shui suggests painting them with cool colours like blues and greens to invite serenity into the room.

3. Place the bed in the “power” spot. This is typically in the corner diagonally opposite the door. Make sure you can see the door from the bed.

4. Use a headboard. A headboard helps create a feeling of stability and safety.

5. Declutter the room. Keep any furniture to the bare essentials and make sure it is organized and tidy.

6. Strategically place mirrors. If a mirror is placed directly across the bed it can help create restorative yin energy.

7. Bring in plants. They act as natural air purifiers and they provide an abundance of pleasing energy.

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8. Hang inspirational artwork. Artwork can be a wonderful way to fill up negative spaces and create positive energy in the bedroom.

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