How Much Do Feng Shui Consultants Make


Feng Shui is an ancient and traditional Chinese practice of managing the flow of energy in a home and environment. This energy, known as qi, is believed to bring harmony and balance to the people living there. By understanding and applying principles of Feng Shui, your home can be designed and organized in such a way that it supports positive energy flow, allowing for greater health, wealth, luck, and happiness. As such, Feng Shui has become increasingly popular over recent years among those looking to maximize their well-being.

Given its widespread acceptance as a helpful tool in creating a harmonious home or workspace, it stands to reason that many individuals opt to seek out specialized help from professional Feng Shui consultants. These consultants are generally knowledgeable individuals who have studied the subject extensively and are certified experts on it. They provide services ranging from simple consultative advice on furniture placement to full overhauls of homes or offices. But what does it cost to hire one of these knowledgeable professionals? And how much do they get paid for their efforts? The amount depends highly on factors including the size of the project, type of consultation requested (e.g., residential vs commercial), geographical location, and more; however on average fees range from around $200 – $600 per hour with some consultants charging up to $1000 per hour or even more for very high-end or extensive jobs. Additionally, there is often an initial setup cost associated with hiring a consultant which may also include travel expenses if they are required to visit multiple sites.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Feng Shui Consultant

Feng shui consultants provide many benefits. They help you to create an optimal living space for yourself and your family by assessing the energy of a home or business and applying remedies accordingly. The best consultants are knowledgeable about interior design, holistic healing, and energy work to give comprehensive advice on restructuring or decorating a space so that it is in balance with its environment.

A professional feng shui consultant can also assist in eliminating negative influences such as chaotic color combinations, improper furniture arrangements, unhealthy practices such as smoking in the house, and general disorganization. They do this by suggesting ways to bring positive energies into the home or business including reframing pictures on the wall, rearranging furniture and design elements in the room, and using specific crystals for different purposes. Professional feng shui consultations can help individuals restore harmony to their lives and enhance prosperity.

The compensation of a feng shui consultant varies depending on experience level, employer or clientele. However, due to its increasing popularity, these professionals are finding higher pay rates from experienced clients who understand the importance of harmonizing their personal energy fields. Some typical rates can range from $50 – $500 per consultation with potentially higher fees for ongoing services being negotiated. Ultimately though it depends on how much value you find in engaging a professional’s services – helping you attain more peace of mind ultimately outweighs any potential costs incurred!

How Feng Shui Enhances Your Space and Your Life

Feng shui is a practice of deploying different elements in an environment to bring balance and improve the life of the inhabitants. Feng shui consultants evaluate a space and utilize the knowledge of this ancient Chinese system to make the best use of positive energy or “chi” by placing items such as furniture, artwork, water features and other fixtures in the most auspicious locations.

It is believed that by incorporating specific items into the environment in particular places, feng shui can help transfer chi for better outcomes such as increased financial luck, career success and personal relationships. Besides physically rearranging furnishings and accessories, feng shui consultants often suggest simple recommendations such as avoiding clutter, adding mirrors and positioning furniture to create more open movement.

The salary of a feng shui consultant can vary significantly depending on their experience, expertise, location and type of work they perform. Some may freelance while others may work full-time with clients interested in applying this age-old practice to their lives; some may simply provide consultations while others offer full-service packages that involve examining blueprints of one’s floor plan, inspecting physical layouts and even suggesting changes to a space like mobilizing fresh paint colors or redesigning wall hangings. Rates for these services tend to range between $100 – $500 per hour on average; however some may charge substantially more depending on their credentials. In general though, many clients appreciate the benefits associated with feng shui so its practitioners are often able to find steady streams of business in residential spaces or public areas such as hotels, shops or office buildings. Furthermore, because the results associated with using this system are typically subtle but positive over time – providing an airy invigorating atmosphere – numerous people are willing to invest in proper advice from experienced consultants.

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Different Types of Feng Shui Services Offered

Feng Shui consultants can offer a variety of services that depend on their level of experience and expertise. At the most basic level, many offer consultations in which they assess a client’s home or office space to determine what could be done to improve the Feng Shui flow and energy of the space. This may include examining furniture placement, color choice, artwork placement, and other details in order to make suggestions that may positively impact a person’s life.

At more advanced levels, Feng Shui consultants often provide detective-style services in finding ‘problem areas’ by using traditional methods such as Flying Stars analysis and 8 Mansions techniques or annual Chinese astrology predictions. They can also advise clients on advanced remedies such as special charms and talismans for specific problems. Some experts also offer life coaching that helps invigorate personal energy flows with meditation techniques and holistic healing practices. Additionally, there are some Feng Shui practitioners who specialize in financial and career advisory services as well as teachings about creating abundance through Feng Shui principles.

Feng Shui consultants typically charge an hourly rate for their services but the actual amount varies depending on their location and expertise. Moreover, consultancy fees vary if clients need something more than basic recommendations; for example when additional services such as specialized bazi readings or flying stars analyses have to be performed it is often necessary to pay an extra fee.

Factors Influencing How Much Feng Shui Consultants Make

Feng shui consultants can make a broad range of salaries, depending on factors such as the experience and credentials of the practitioner, geographical location, and the scope of services being provided.

Experience is a major factor when determining how much feng shui consultants can make. Generally, the more experienced the consultant, the more money they will draw in for their services. This comes with an increase in confidence in clients which leads to increased demand. Consultants who have been practising feng shui for an extended period of time often charge higher rates due to their knowledge and expertise.

Geographical location also plays a role in how much feng shui consultants can make. The cost of living varies by region, and so fees charged by practitioners tend to vary accordingly. In larger cities where services are typically more expensive, clients should expect to pay more than if they were looking for an expert closer to their home town or city area.

The scope or complexity of services provided by a feng shui consultant also determine how much that person can make. Simple advice for minor changes typically does not cost as much as full consultations with detailed plans and recommendations based on more complex calculations and analysis. Feng shui consultants may offer multiple levels of service at various prices points depending on client needs and budget constraints.

Average Hourly Rates for Feng Shui Consultants

The average hourly rate for Feng Shui Consultants breaks down across three main categories:

• Beginner/Junior Consultants: These consultants can generally charge $35 per hour and up.

• Experienced Consultants: Feng Shui Consultants who have been practicing the art of Feng Shui for several years typically charge an hourly rate of over $50.

• Highly seasoned professionals and experts in their field: Those with many years of experience can often command a rate as high as $90 or even more per hour.

In almost all cases, a Feng Shui consultation will include travel expenses and potentially extra fees (such as knowledge-sharing on specialized topics). Rates may also vary depending on the geographic location and cost of living in that particular region. As such, consultation rates tend to be higher in affluent areas than in economically depressed ones. Additionally, some Feng Shui practitioners may offer discounts if their clients agree to purchase services in bulk packages or sign-up for more than one appointment.

Common Payment Structures for Feng Shui Services

Feng shui consultants typically charge fees for their services on a case-by-case basis, but there are several common payment structures that service providers may use. The most basic and popular structure is an hourly rate; clients pay the consultant to assess their space at whatever the agreed upon hourly rate is.

Another typical payment structure is a flat fee. Clients receive an itemized list of services that the consultant will provide such as decluttering, color selection, or furniture arranging and they pay the consultant a single fee based on their budget and the value of what’s being provided.

Some Feng shui consultants also offer package plans. Clients can opt to select different features in order to get what they need done at an affordable price. For example, they could select furniture rearranging and room cleansing, with an additional decoration consultation at a discounted rate per session if all three are ordered together.

In addition to these traditional methods of payment for Feng Shui services, more creative payment solutions may be available depending on the individual needs of the client and provider. For example, some consultants might prefer bartering services instead of cash payments – offering energy healing sessions in exchange for a Feng Shui consultation – or charging by appointment rather than requiring upfront payment for multiple sessions at once.

Potential Earnings for Feng Shui Consultants

The earning potential that feng shui consultants may receive range greatly depending on many factors such as location, experience, specialization and the type of services they offer. Some earn approximately $35 to $50 per hour, while rates in larger cities or for more experienced consultants may be up to $150 to $250 per hour. A consultant may also charge a flat fee for a complete service package, typically ranging from $500 to over $3000. Additionally, some consultants may receive commission for referring clients to other services or by receiving incentives from manufacturers of feng shui products that they recommend during their consultations. In larger cities full-time consultants can typically make anywhere from 45K – 100K+ annually.

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How to Get Started As a Feng Shui Consultant

Feng shui consultants are professionals who specialize in providing advice to clients on how to use the ancient Chinese practice of balancing energy, called chi. Many people turn to feng shui consultants when they want assistance creating a space that promotes good health and prosperity. While it is impossible to predict exactly how much money you can make as a feng shui consultant, there are some steps you can take to maximize your earning potential right from the start.

The first step for becoming a successful feng shui consultant is getting the training and education necessary for understanding the principles of this Chinese art form. It is recommended that aspiring feng shui practitioners attend workshops or classes specifically tailored for teaching these practices. Proper certification from reputable schools or organizations will help ensure success as a professional and can play a major role in increasing earning capacity.

Additionally, having knowledge about architecture, physics, and landscaping can be very helpful in helping clients identify the most effective ways of implementing feng shui within their homes and offices. Getting hands-on experience through internships or apprenticeships is also advised as these experiences can provide valuable insight into how different strategies work in different situations.

Experience may be what really sets one’s consulting fees apart from another. Building up an expansive portfolio of past transformations along with an impressive list of client recommendations will help pave way for higher fees over time and increase one’s overall income potential as a feng shui consultant. Furthermore, many experts suggest leveraging connections with like minded professionals in related fields such as interior design, architecture or construction which could result in easier access to larger projects that often pay more.

Finally, taking advantage of marketing services such as search engine optimization and local advertising platforms can go along way towards generating interest from prospective clients and ultimately boosting profits as well!

Additional Resources for Becoming a Feng Shui Professional

For those looking to become a certified Feng Shui professional, there are several resources available. Certain universities, such as the International College of Oriental Medicine and the Middlesex University, offer courses in feng shui principles and practice. Additionally, independent organizations like the American Feng Shui Institute and the Black Hat School of Feng Shui provide comprehensive certification programs for individuals looking to specialize in feng shui practice. Such workshops and classes typically cost between $500 and $1,500 per module or course. On completion, participants are typically awarded a certificate or diploma that is recognized by various institutions in the professional field.

In terms of median income though, job postings on various website reported that feng shui consultants earn anywhere from $30-$60 an hour on average based on geographical location, experience and education level. Depending on the scope of work they are hired to do, they may also charge a project fee instead of an hourly rate. However, many experienced feng shui consultants choose to set their own rates depending on the complexity of their client’s needs and experience level. In addition to direct informational services such as consulting sessions or classes about feng shui principles some consultants will even create extensive designs for entire buildings or homes accordingly for clients that usually entails higher fees per job.


The amount that a feng shui consultant can make for their services will depend on their experience level, the number and types of clients they serve, and their geographic location. Qualified feng shui consultants typically charge a flat fee with an hourly rate for additional visits, materials, or services. Some may even arrange for long-term contracts or stipends.

It is possible for a successful feng shui consultant to make a lucrative living if the right steps are taken. Starting out as an independent contractor is often the best way to get your foot in the door, as this option allows you to determine your own rates and work hours based on your expertise and clientele demand. Many experienced feng shui consultants also have secondary services such as Feng Shui de-cluttering, life coaching or Interior decorating which can help increase their overall earnings. Finally, having a marketing strategy that captures potential clients’ attention through social media and other outlets can be instrumental in making money as a Feng Shui consultant.

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